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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Turkey's Hour

A few weeks ago an idiotic politician blandly dismissed any threat from returning Jihadis; all they would want to do, he pontificated, would be to take up their NVQ in IT Administration at the local Tech college and settle down to life as responsible British citizens. I wish I could grab the moron by the scruff of his suit and rub his nose in it. Whatever the Jihadis now being held by the police were planning - sawing the heads off pensioners at a bus stop, a shopping mall gun and grenade massacre, firebombing churches - I'd gladly hand over this idiot politician to their comrades to discover very personally the reality of the danger they pose.

And now of course ISIS are succeeding in causing instability in Turkey. As an indication of just how little it takes to cause civil unrest, schism and sectarianism on Europe's eastern edge - threatening the government - it also raises once again the question of whether Turkey is reprising its role as the Sick Man of Europe.

And, er, what of the much heralded Euro Army, or joint reaction force or whatever? That Franco-German thing that was supposed to leap to rapid deployment in the event of such threats to the EU? Why aren't they being rushed to assist in the defence of Kobani? Cyprus, an EU nation, is just a spit away from the combat ... Ah, I see - it's a NATO thing, which means the French and Germans will be relying on the US to send troops. 


Ed P said...

Only the small top left part of Turkey, "our" side of the Bosphorus, is in Europe.

Bloke In Italy said...

Ah the famous ISIS plot which the plod have so bravely and skillfully discovered... to the paranoid it's most likely just a largely imaginary and blown out of proportion nothing.

You are right about Turkey - all this airy talk of arming the kurds will really go down like a bucket of cold sick in Ankara.

We should always be extremely cycnical about this eternal war the pols are conjuring up - for reasons that Orwell could tell us about.

Anonymous said...

The enemy is within, Britain, we don't need to go far to fight it.

The strategists and propagandists within the ranks of Isis are no mugs, the western media shows the black flag flying - the fall of Kobane would be one in the eye for NATO, the EU and Camoron and Obummer.

On Turkey, is it not partly a problem of their making? We know that, they hate the Shia.
The PPK Kurds have long been a problem for Ankara [stick or twist?]. Further, which way do they [the Turks] look - east or west? For they have played both ends against the middle, wanting al-Bashar ousted they freely allowed [encouraged] their porous borders and Med tourist resorts and airports to be used as a halfway house, a recruitment base, a way station, shelter and R+R region for tired Jihadists.
Erdogan, who plays fast and loose with the truth, is he not a hardline Sunni with designs on leading the Sunni Muslims of the world?
Just whose side is he on, I don't think he really has decided and I wonder what the Turkish Army think?

In the theatre - what a major clusterfuck it all is, bombing Isis has produced nothing tangible and meanwhile the black flat flies over Kobane.

Thus, when all said and done, it is a local problem, What we have to do in Britain, is to clean up our own backyard - on our streets.
To immediately inform the house of Saud to halt funding Mosque building and augmenting subversive Islamic culture. Britain must Kick out all Wahhabist preachers and eject known nutters would be a start.
Plus, is the Gulf [sovereign funds and various billionaires] still funding Isis, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are. Just like they fund the Pakistani Taliban, Afghans, al Shabab, Boko Haram, any and all nutters in Eygpt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Indonesia, et cetera.

G. Tingey said...

You are correct in at least one important aspect
Where is ISIS' money all coming form, that they can buy expensive weaponry?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"To immediately inform the house of Saud to halt funding Mosque building "

It's a bit late for that.

Several years ago I sailed along the North coast of Turkey, from Istanbul to Trabzon. Every single dirt-poor village had a brand-new shining mosque. Every one. All paid for by the Saudis.

I wonder if the "colleagues" are still so keen to see Turkey admitted to the EU? Being self-aggrandising idiots, I expect they are.

Anonymous said...

Sick Man of Europe? Are there any Healthy Men of Europe left at this point?

Dr Evil said...

Turkey isn't in Europe. the only bit in Europe is Byzantium that they stole, aided by Venetian scumbag pirates. Attaturk must be spinning in his grave because Erdogan is an Islamist and is hoping the Northern Kurds get their arses kicked by ISIS. The Kurds in Erbil don't really want the Northern commies much either. Unfortunately the Turks will allow a massacre to occur and won't stop it.

Dean said...

Do you think that the Saudis would pay for a mosque for me? Badly in need of somewhere uncluttered and free of furniture.
Also need lessons in how to hate people who do not agree with me - must not relapse into that forgiveness-with-shrug thing

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm a great believer in asymmetric warfare. While they fund our enemies covertly and deploy terrorists we could drop a few MOABs on 'em, pour encourager les autres. After all, it worked for the Red Army all the way from Berlin in '45 to Grozny in '95. Strong horses don't worry about what Orwell's pansy self-hating left thinks.

Oh, wait a minute - Cameron abolished the armed forces, so there's fuck all we can do about it.

Cascadian said...

Sebastian Weetabix

The imaginary yUK armed forces are presently deployed with the imaginary EU rapid reaction force.
camoron and the european council believe this mighty imaginary force strikes fear into the heart of enemies. Meanwhile dropouts from yUK's much vaunted edjucation system ignore the imaginary, take a holiday in Syria, pick up an AK, and cammy pees his panties.
All funded of course by your generous welfare system the cheques are rolling in while mohammed/muhammed/mahummad (might just as well have three identifications DPW never checks therefore three cheques per month) is in Syria.
Meanwhile the security services are beclowning themselves pretending they know who Jihad John is, then pleading for information a week later.
These bunch of clowns are your bulwark against islamic rule-frightening!
Get yourself a shotgun while you still can, a promise of protection by the likes of camoron is worthless.

visc said...

Turkey is not the sick man of Europe, it is merely playing the longer game. Erdogan does not wish to provide material support to the PKK and so is happy to let ISIS do what they will - they will be a passing fad. The Turkish military has the manpower and wherewithall to help but why should they? They have still have their eyes on some of the older Ottoman provinces. It is the "West" that is deluded in what the fuck it thinks it is trying to achieve. Besides. "we" were wanting fund ISIS hardly a year ago. As to the security theatre it is to scare the children. I expect there may hav ebeen some nefarioous ply but not much, but look at the security sevices play the fearful, and take away everyfreedom they hold dear, it;'s not ISIS that are tyhe threat to "our way of life" .

TrT said...

An M2 .50cal hmg costs about $15,000 brand new in box
A 20year old FSU gun is neither rare nor expensive.

Machetes, rifles, machine guns, mortars, these are all cheap and easily found, mortars and their bombs built by any any low end metal shop.

Not to mention the gear left behind when the Iraqi collapsed.