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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Emerging media meme: Women are the enemies of Freedom

There's an emerging theme about, or perhaps, as they say, just a random concatenation of stories, that when deconstructed is suggesting that women are the enemies of free speech. Tim Stanley reports in the Telegraph how the foetal-killing rights movements shut down an Oxford debate on abortion; the Guardian itself has reported on women's use of social media to launch burning brands and pitchforks against targets such as convicted rapist Ched Evans and ESA Loud Shirt Scientist - the tone suggesting millions of frazzled pre-menstrual women poised in fury over their keyboards for the next victim to appear - including women. The Standard reports how Tory councillor Susan Hall has been bitched online for calling TOWIE contestant Gemma Collins, an obese woman of no great intelligence, 'stupid and fat', the story being the vicious backlash rather than a politician's review of some dross TV. And of course a rather vulgar chap called Julien Blanc, sounding rather like the vegetable constituent of a French dish, has been banned after an online fury for having sex with lots of women. Many of them, no doubt, fat and stupid.



Anonymous said...

Women are natural communitarians in regard to raising children, it is built into the DNA.

Trouble is, some do not seem to realise that every man, woman and child, do need extra communitarian care, so they beaver away at every single apparent danger...

...Especially as they now get paid for it.

Anonymous said...

Women, Raedwald, or what used to be termed "wimmin"? :-)

meltemian said...

James Higham posted this at OOL the other day.
I think, as a woman, it's what most of us really think.

Nick Drew said...

You'll be telling me Polly Toynbee and Laurie Penny are women next

G. Tingey said...

You have to remember that the torygraph writer is a totally brainwashed roman catholic & he is pushing the line that said evil, corrupt, murderous & lying organisation has always done.
There is no "abortion debate" except from ultra-christians, determined to try to shove women back to the 19th C - why these shits don't just convert to islam ( even more misogynistic ) is beyond me.
Remember, that slavery was long-justified by biblical references, but is no longer acceptable.

Incidentally, I am of the opinion that abortion should be a last resort - proper birth control in the first place is much better ...
But the vile RC hates that, as well, because it removes their blackmailing control too!

Nigel Sedgwick said...

G. Tingey (20 November 2014 10:56) writes "Rubbish". It is not clear to me whether he is criticising Raedwald's main post, part of it, or one of the other previous comments. A little bit more quoting and/or cross reference would be helpful.

Best regards

Nigel Sedgwick said...

G. Tingey (20 November 2014 10:56) writes 'There is no "abortion debate" except from ultra-christians, determined to try to shove women back to the 19th C'.

I beg to differ, having strong points to make relating to the current scheme in the UK, and also its continuing applicability in the light of advances in medical science, and in moral and social standards. And there is nothing in my view that can be labelled ultra-Christian, RC or anything similar.

I am concerned to preserve sentient life, including life in the womb, as much as practical - given all the other considerations. The later the termination, the more there is of the extinguishing of sentience. This means that I am against late terminations, in circumstances in which earlier terminations should have occurred.

I am also keen not to to impose unwanted and life-damaging obligations on women (and families) where accident or error has led unfortunately to an unwanted pregnancy. Thus abortion should be allowed, as a matter of choice, providing it is done soon enough.

Here in the UK, the current scheme requires the agreement of 2 doctors that the continuation of the pregnancy is life damaging to the mother. But this is now (more than ever before, though it has been for some time) a legal and medical joke.

It would be far better to allow abortions as a matter of choice, solely by the mother/family, up to some point in time, I suspect between 12 and 16 weeks from conception. Thereafter abortions should require strong and real medical reasons: mostly physiological and not mental or societal.

Such a reduced time period for pregnancy to be detected, a decision to be make and abortion to be carried out is more practical than ever before. In fact, I doubt consensual sexual intercourse should be undertaken without the contingent decision having already been made by the participants (with the female's view being dominant outside of marriage).

There are several significant factors in the need to reduce the time period. Foetuses of age increasingly close to 16 weeks can now receive sufficient medical care to survive: and the gradient continues in the same direction. Pregnancy detection is becoming more reliable at an earlier stage, and less relatively costly. Pregnancy outside of wedlock no longer attracts (much) social stigma.

There is one aspect on which I have, so far, failed to reach a firm conclusion. That is on whether the sex of the foetus should be allowed as a reason for abortion. The relevant issues on this need another whole set of postings.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

If freedom includes the right to
exterminate a human foetus whilst still developing in the mothers womb,just because nobody wants it, then abandon hope.

Cascadian said...

I doubt that women are trying to shut-down free speech, however I am totally convinced that womyn or wimmin frequently try to shut-down free speech.

We have to be careful to distinguish between the two.

Given the three examples, university-trained womyn who have no doubt been indoctrinated by the mandatory grievance studies often stifle sane discussion about abortion. Once again the grievance studies alumni also seem to be in the forefront of the criticims of the ESA scientist, the initial protest led by a "science" reporter with no discernable science knowledge. Lastly we have an example of a Tory councillor who deems that her followers need to be apprised of the goings on on dross TV (as Raedwald no doubt correctly describes it) it is hard to discern whether she falls into the woman or womyn category. What we can tell is that popular media is full of the permanently and ill-informed offended.

As to Julien Blanc, his viewpoints seem a little bizarre but then again I have not studied what he propounds, it does seem highly dangerous though that people can be shunned for thought crime. Whether this online petition was led by womyn is undetermined but it sounds like the nonsense they would crowd-source.

Thank you Nigel Sedgewick for your thoughtful views on abortion, I tend to the same opinions but it does not address who makes the final decision.

Ian Hills said...

Wimmin will finally shut up when they realise that no-one wants to shag them anymore. And the same goes for G Tingey.

Budgie said...

Humans are a viviparous species, G Tingey, get over it. The unborn baby is human (it's not a rabbit), with its own separate human DNA; and alive (otherwise there would be no "need" to "terminate" it).

According to research women who have abortions (sometimes imposed on them by male partners): have doubled anxiety disorders, have 30% higher mental health problems, were twice as likely to drink alcohol at dangerous levels, 3 times as likely to be addicted to illegal drugs, and were twice as likely to suffer major depression, compared to other women.

G. Tingey said...

A simple bit of well-known biology, OK?
Well over 50% of all "successful" fertilisations, in humans, result in an abortion, with no human intervention.
[ The RC church would much rather you didn't know this, what a surprise! ]
The egg is fertilised, so according to the RC it is a full human being from that point ...
Unfortunately, quite a few don't implant & the rest "drop out" in the fist 1015 days after implantation.
Which makes "god" the biggest abortionist of all - IF you are stupid & gullible enough to believe what the priests tell you.

I repeat that abortion is a second-rate solution, though. Proper birth control - something the RC are also against, is a much better rout to go, if at all possible.

Budgie said...

Sorry, G Tingey, if some thug (who you don't believe exists anyway) kills your child, that doesn't magically give you the right to kill your second child.

Mr Ecks said...

To return to the main issue--feminism (which is a Marxist doctrine that likes to pretend it is about equality between the sexes but is in fact about hatred of men and western type freedom in general) is at the cutting edge of attacks on not just free speech but almost every other manifestation of freedom you can think of.
Twenty years of paedo-hysteria have culminated in the bogus Saville panic and trials of old men jailed on zero hard evidence (and indeed less than that in some cases--the accusers only had their tales and they often couldn't even get them straight) Now we have a situation where any man in the UK can now be jailed on unsupported accusation alone.
Add to that the bogus horseshit about sex trafficking and demands for ever more bureaucratic tyranny to "counter" a problem that exists only in the minds of femministas. That halfwitted cow Thrasher May believes that 100,000 underage Vietnamese prostitutes have been "trafficked" into this country (by landing craft?) and are now being held prisoner and forced to work out of UK nail salons. There are only 1500 nail salons in the whole UK. That's 66 girls per.There is a nail salon in my town. It isn't big enough for 6 people standing up. 60-odd girls would have to stand in the street outside. Jesus H Christ on a bike--how stupid are this country's political scum?

And the anti-porn horseshit as well--providing a golden chance to attack the Internet. The one place people can swop ideas and share how much hatred we have for the scum who steal from and lord it over us.