Tuesday, 18 November 2014

MP explains how he works 120 hours a week

The Indie has a go this morning at MP Geoffrey Cox for his earnings as a commercial QC whilst sitting as an MP. To be frank, having an MP with a real job or a farm to run is always better than having some jumped-up teenage mutant researcher with a 2:1 PPE who has never done a stroke of real work in their lives, so here's Raedwald's rebuttal of the Indie's allegations that Mr Cox can't himself make

In total he has spent the equivalent of more than 100 10-hour days on legal work during recess but also when Parliament was sitting, earning as much as £1,333 per hour to make a total of £452,545
"This shows that you really don't understand the basis on which barristers charge. For example, I have a minimum charge threshold of 15 minutes - so even if I only speak with my instructing solicitor on the phone for 20 seconds to acknowledge receipt of a document, this is recorded as 15 minutes. 
Then there is reading time. This is calculated at the traditional rate of ten hours per pound avoirdupois of documents for all papers received, whether I read them or not. In a complex commercial case when several boxes of papers are delivered on a sack-barrow, this can be recorded as hundreds of hours. 

Then there are my refreshers, hourly charges for refreshing my memory on the contents of documents that I may or may not have read. On top of these, you must allow for case review charges, a standard charge of fifty hours, which comes into effect every time your papers find themselves on top of the pile of briefs on my desk. And meetings with instructing solicitors sometimes extend to three courses, with stickies several hours. 

So you see, for every hundred hours charged for my legal time, it's unlikely I actually spend more than an hour of 'real world' time away from my Parliamentary duties. I hope that this is now the end of the matter."


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Sebastian Weetabix said...

Was it Ogden Nash who said of lawyers "professional men, they have no cares, whatever happens -they get theirs"

Lilith said...

Sebastian, the CPS solicitor bragged to my daughter at her appeal (which she won) that he got paid either way so he didn't care.

andy said...

and lawyers wonder why they`re held in such contempt.