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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bunny boiler Bolter bags Bird

I don't know why alarm bells weren't going off in Roger Bird's head when the weird and obsessive tone of texts from Natasha Bolter became clear, but suspect that the usual male Achilles' heels of vanity and pride at bedding a trophy were to blame. Anyway, what should have been and should have remained a very private little affair is now the gift that goes on giving - in this case, wry amusement to the nation.


DeeDee99 said...

Can't help thinking that Mr Bird should look in the mirror and ask himself if a very good-looking lady like Ms Bolter would really be attracted to him?

She was using him.

Harsh, but true I'm afraid.

Mike Spilligan said...

Yes, DeeDee; so many of these problems (?) - not only the sexual ones - get out-of-control because of complete lack of self-awareness.

JohnM said...

There is no accounting for the attraction of one person for another.

Here in France our little, rolly-polly President has attracted four 'copines'. One (a very attractive lady) had four children by him, the latest is a stunner.

There's nowt so queer as folks.

Anonymous said...

I say good for him for giving her one given the chance

Anonymous said...

Tom Mangold diminished himself by agreeing to conduct that bizarre interview on 'Newsnight'.

oldrightie said...

Bunny boiler, such an apt phrase for the leftie, foolish at so many levels, woman!

Anonymous said...

'Amusement/entertainment' indeed - for those small-minded enough to even care.

Anonymous said...

Amusing story which could, were the full facts known, be very serious.

What do we know?

1. All three of the legacy parties are deep, deep into borrowed time with the electorate.

2. A new party has entered the fray and the aformentioned three are bricking it.

3. Tactics to resolve these unsheduled bowel movements would include smears (no pun intended), strange statistical information (3 million jobs lost if UK withdraws from the EU) and 'vibrant' totty operating on a delayed fuse, for effect.

The dark world of the LibLabCon.