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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Getting at the Truth

So, the CIA and the republican right

1. Have not told and are not telling the truth
2. Believe that torture is an effective way of getting at the truth

There is an inescapable conclusion - that the Senate should have Dick Cheney's rectum forcibly stuffed with pureed hotdog whilst wrapping his head in a sopping wet towel. He will then tell the whole truth about what went on under his watch. Or maybe not - but, heck, he deserves it anyway. 


Anonymous said...

How about stuffing his jacksy with pureed hedgehog instead.

Anyway, "what's sauce for the goose" etc...

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

The Republicans started badly, OBL broke the windows on their watch and the spooks were asleep on the job. Everything went downhill from there. How to clean up the mess? Erect a gibbet in Times Square, a six rope job will do, invite the world's media and then use the gibbet and leave it set up as a permanent memorial to arrogance. A slightly smaller gibbet set up on Tower Green might atone (hint) for the British end of this sorry disaster. That should loosen tongues a bit.

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken America said...

You are worried about how the practitioners of terror are treated?

Do you not think the 3000 or so victims of 9/11 would not trade places with some poor muzzie terrorist that had been water boarded and forced to wear a diaper?

Those poor maltreated terrorists are alive today despite the fact that they were taken under arms and not wearing any uniform that would give any protection under the Laws of War.

I do believe that back when the Western World had any balls between their legs, this was cause for execution.

I agree though. Those poor, poor, muzzie terrorists. They should not have been treated in such bad manner.

They deserve nothing less than the misery they have caused.

Woe is us the world who sits back and appeases those who would kill us and destroy are way of life.

Ooops sorry. I forgot I was talking to eurotards who are experts at appeasement and starting World Wars, then expecting someone else to pull their collective asses out of the fire they started.

I humbly beg your pardon Sirs and Madams.

G. Tingey said...


What happens WHEN you get the wrong people & torture them?
And you will .......

Plus, of course, that victims of torture will (sometimes) say anything, just to get the pain to stop ...
Which gives you wrong answers, which gets you even further up shit creek without a paddle.

IF you have a brain, please engage it?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Mr Davis amply demonstrates why the USA is losing. They are allowing their desire for vengeance to overcome their brains and therefore react in exactly the way their Jihadi opponents want. For 11 years they have needlessly sacrificed blood and treasure in exchange for strategic defeat.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall the USA being particularly concerned about the 3,000 victims of IRA terror in GB and Ireland. They were quite happy to provide safe haven, money and arms to IRA psychopaths.

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken America said...

Ah yes. Let us engage moral equivalence mode.

One point being is that we did "get" the right people. Those poor terrorists you are so concerned over not only would have no problem separating your head from your body, they would smile and laugh while they defecated on it.

Engage brain? I suggest you do the same. As I already pointed out, those that went through waterboarding and being forced to wear diapers, and deprived of sleep, were captured bearing arms on the battlefield. Under no flag. Perfectly good cause for execution without trial under laws that the British had a hand in writing I do believe.

As far as your ira is concerned. Hunt those responsible down and arrange a case of 9mm lead poising for them.

That is how little i care for the life of a terrorist.

I guess it has something to do with reaping and sowing. Maybe one of you could expound on that subject?

Brightside Bob said...

Re: Timothy Cleetus.

"As far as your ira is concerned..."

Nice try boy. Cancelled your subscription to NORAID yet?

Did you salute 'the flag' with pride when the Patriot Act was brought in? Yee Ha!

Cascadian said...

To the uninformed-please go and read the executive (heavily redacted) report, to determine WHY the prisoner was force-fed nutrition.

Perhaps give a thought as to why the Democrat party issued this report.

Then come back, try to shed your school-boy envy of the USA, and explain what you would have said had that prisoner died in custody.

Evoking images of Cheney under torture is all very childishly satisfying for a segment of the appeasement population. When the insurgency gets serious I hope you find comfort in your moral stance, even as it defines you as losers to your enemy.

Anonymous said...


John "Jack" Straw will be standing down as MP for Blackburn at the next election.

David Wright Miliband resigned as MP for South Shields in 2013 and is now CEO of the International Rescue Commitee.

That is all.


Cascadian said...

SW 13:54

Seems to me that camoron and yUK, the weak horse or is that a prancing, my little pony of a country has been right there alongside the other weak horse obambi during the process of losing to the jihadists.

There is nothing to celebrate in either country about their accomplishments since Obambi unilaterally declared defeat in Iraq and has been chased out of Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya in quick order.

The USA has indeed been exposed as a weak-minded power, they however never suffered quite the humiliation of yUK at Basra or though. Benghazi comes close but at least some brave souls put up a hopeless defence.

Thud said...

fuck em all, no pity for our murdering enemies...oh and yes we are better than 'them' regardless of our actions.

Cascadian said...

SW 13:54

An egregious omission of the entities that yUK have surrendered to in humiliation is of course the IRA.

Consider how Irish residents in yUK forced you to humiliation, surrender and shame, then consider how modern day yUK has a high and growing jihadist population.

Can you do that extrapolation SW? See where it might end? Then perhaps consider your moral qualms against survival.

We know camoron is weak, Milliband, Clegg, Prince chuckles and the chiefs of staff too, it is just so dispiriting to see so many residents so easily misled by the appeasement sector.

Quiet_Man said...

Didn't any of you notice in this report that was instituted by Democrat leftards that the CIA were not asked to give their view as to whether the tactics they used worked?
Just saying...

Brightside Bob said...

Re: Cascadian.

I agree with most of what you say as regards the enemies of the UK.

Us ordinary plebs are impotent (especially since the 'convenient' disarming after Dunblane).

Do you really believe that the sane indigineous populace cheered when both 'left' & 'right' governments capitulated to the IRA?

Also, when said quislings opened the borders to 'goddam f@cking lunatics' from 'Asia', did we send notes of praise to whichever puppet was in No 10?

The anger & humiliation runs deep.
What will I be doing about it? Sweet FA. I'm a coward & they've called my bluff.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

@Cascadian: There is not a binary choice between surrender and torture - you are presenting a false dichotomy. But there is a choice between intelligence and stupidity.

Let us review the facts. A bunch of Saudi Wahhabi maniacs, ably assisted by some Egyptians, attacked the USA on 11/9. A sensible response would be to a) recognise who the enemy is; b) isolate them; c) destroy them, in this case via targeted assassination, since it was not a state actor that was responsible. I would argue that a heavy metal conventional war against a country that was not involved was not an intelligent response.

So what did that Malapropic dunce Bush, that man who should not have been promoted beyond assistant village idiot, a man who did not know the difference between Sunni and Shia, actually do? He set about building a spurious justification for attacking Saddam, a secular Baathist who happily hanged Jihadis at every opportunity, merely because he wanted a WW2-style heavy metal shooting war, like in the movies. Al Qaeda's wishes could not have been more clearly fulfilled... One of their mortal enemies, Ba'athism, is removed, their narrative of the great Satan fighting all Muslims gains wide currency and support... I could go on.

We face in the west an existential threat from nihilistic Wahhabi/Salafist/Deobandi muslim nutjobs. All our 'leaders' spout that it is not a war with Islam, religion of peace, etc. Well, they are pretty sure they are at war with us. So the correct response is to recognise that fact and deal with it; we can start by expelling the 5th column in our midst and stopping all further Muslim immigration. And when we catch them engaged in nefarious activities, prosecute them in open court and hang them. Not hide them in dark holes and sodomise them with instruments of torture.

For a guide to how to deal with insurgents I suggest you look up the example of Oman in the 70s (or the Selous Scouts). Torture was not involved.

As for PIRA: Northern Ireland remains part of the UK, and the Republic dropped its constitutional claim to the north. Odd kind of defeat, that.

Now away back to your village. It's missing its idiot.

Cascadian feeds weetabix to his horses to produce manure said...


You surrendered to the IRA-get over it. Just as your kind will surrender to the jihadists.

And get over your childish fascination with sodomy (the English disease). It was a medical procedure.

Then take a look at your finances and decide just who much jizya you can afford to support your moral position, because your conqueror awaits.

Cascadian said...

Brightside Bob at least you are honest.

You ordinary plebs are NOT impotent, self reliance is needed and a massive change of the quislings in Westminster-the yUK surrender monkeys.

Going today to the police for a shotgun license times a couple of hundred thousand of like minded individuals would have a beneficial effect.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

guys... just too sprawling/brawling

Rendition (and one must assume that once "renditted" some robust interrogation) kicked off substantially under Clinton - who also fwiw bombed the bejasus out of Iraq.

The monies irresponsibly hosed into the ME / S Asian antics caused innocents to be sucked into the system via bounties and let's face it mistakes were buried. Successes trumpeted - but not elaborated is always suspicious stuff - it's literally a bloody mess and the blame goes a lot, lot further than a few figureheads.

As for Dubya single handedly doing all the bad things - hell - please provide evidence and along the way read Thomas E Ricks "Fiasco" - and - I'm absolutely no torch bearer for the Bush clan. Sheesh - all this magically stopped under Barry O'Blimey then?

Maybe one day they'll make a movie of Smedley Butler's life... a sampler...

Cascadian said...

And now the experts (as opposed to the armchair colonel Blimps declaring torture NEVER works) get their say.

SAS member says torture is "a moral responsibility" that 'We could moan about tactical interrogation or we could moan about 24-28 people getting blown up on a Tube,' says special forces veteran. Which is as neat a summation as you could hope for.

In fairness he says it should be a battlefield interrogation and not months after the fact.

Oh deary me. How very inconvenient for the moral crusaders with their white flags.

Lets see them criticize the SAS, the last remaining effective organization in yUK's sorry military.