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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Labour: Party before Democracy

Labour's deeply corrupt fundament is showing again. This is a Party that is quite clear that its priorities are Party first and second, nation and democracy a poor third. Labour's recent sabotage of perfectly fair and reasonable measures to bring the Electoral Quotient within a very broad measure of +/- 5% when just about every developed nation in the world achieves +/- 3% is an utter disgrace, and a reason by itself why no voter who values democracy and freedom should ever again vote for this Party of chiselling, rapacious crooks. There are also some 3m voters on the electoral rolls who shouldn't be, and some 3m missing who should be; the former largely a result of Labour's decision to make voting fraud simpler by introducing a universal postal vote, a measure that benefits the Party greatly, most frauds and crooks in the nation preferring to vote Labour. And they tried hard to stop the introduction of electoral checks that would help prevent impersonation and stolen and false identities, on the grounds that this would deprive the party of votes.

Now of course they are attempting to sabotage Home Rule adjustments for England to place our nation on parity with Scotland, and they are trying to block the moves purely for Party interest, because they would lose Scots Labour votes in the Commons. Shame on Labour, shame on Miliband - that this creepy little fraud puts his nasty corrupt party before the interests of 38,597,137 English voters.


DeeDee99 said...

And what have Cameron/Clegg done to stop the corrupt postal voting system..... nothing.

What did they do to correct the gerrymandered Constituency boundaries..... nothing. Cameron should have scrapped the coalition when Clegg reneged on the deal. But it was more important to Cameron to remain PM.

Are any of them prepared to create an English Parliament. NO.

Are any of them prepared to adopt the same kind of PR system in use in Scotland for the "English Parliament" in Westminster? NO.

Labour is truly an utter disgrace: they would sell their mothers for votes. So would the LibDems and the Cons are little better.

Anonymous said...

@ DeeDee99

I feel your last sentence should read:

"Labour is truly an utter disgrace, they would sell the very heart & soul of our country for votes."

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'that this creepy little fraud puts his nasty corrupt party before the interests of 38,597,137 English voters.'

That should read 38, 597,137 voters in England - the English are about 33 million, including those not eligible to vote.

At current rates of replacement are due to become a majority/minority ethnic group between 2050 and 2060.

An absolute minority, at current rates of replacement, from 2080 onwards.

Will cease to be recognizable as nation, at current rates of replacement, by the first decade of the 22nd century.

Will cease to exist as an ethnic group by the end of the 22nd century even if all immigration stopped tomorrow.

(From: Genocide for Dummies compiled by the LibLabCon with figures supplied by ONS)


Cascadian said...

"When all is said and done. More will be said than done"

camoron got you into this mess with his full-time ambivalence for hard work which resulted in juvenile pandering to the scots.

As DeeDee correctly points out the three major parties only see issues of self-interest and ignore issues of fair governance.

Nothing will be achieved for the 2015 election.

With the impending upgrade of the Westminster buildings being studied perhaps it is time to consider selling the property to a proper property management company-it could be a nice hotel. Requisitioning one of the useless universities in the black country as a new English-only Parliament. Student dorms are OK for MPs lecture theatres are suitable for debating chambers, budget for implementation less than 20 million quid. That would be the permanent English parliament.

Tell the scots they have taxing power over their population and hence forth the Barnett formulae is non-applicable.

Then get to the business of discussing English votes for an English Parliament. I favour no postal votes, paper ballots, every voter gets index finger marked with coloured ink, roving ballot vans for the incapacitated voters.

G. Tingey said...

My local (Labour) MP does a very good job & is both personally popular & nice to know.
However, even she really didn't like it when I told her:
1: "War Criminal Blair, how nice"
2: "English votes for English laws"

She IS young enough to learn - will she?

Anonymous said...

The final solution is in train, what set it in motion was the [Labour] scum party, with their allies and friends; the horde of the eastern creed. Britain, is nearing the end of days.

The scum party exists for the benefit and perpetuation of itself: the scum party hegemony and its patricians.

The scum party, have been responsible for trashing the nation, industry, culture, mores and education.
There's only one way for the scum party - bankruptcy and morally speaking it was bankrupt long, long ago.
The scum party hates the concept and union of UK but more particularly, the scum party detests the English.

The loathing is mutual, it is reciprocated and with spades.

I wouldn't waste piss on the likes of orgress's Harman, Flint, Eagle, Creagh, Ed the RED Miliband, dodgy dazzler Burnham et al - if they were on fire.

Budgie said...

Anon 15:30
That is 53 million, not 33 million. In England.

Anonymous said...

Budgie said @ 20:18

'That is 53 million, not 33 million. In England.'

The 53 million figure is the population, the 33 million figure is the English ethnic group.


Suffragent said...

@ Steve
"33 million" Have so many of us left? With regards to the 53 million, ask Tesco and the sewerage companies how many and you will realise just how much NU Labur fecked the country and what a minority, right minded folk are.

Raedwald said...

All - 33m is the number of English VOTERS in 2013 as reported by the ONS, not the population. The other 18m are under 18 and as Steve points out, ethnically extremely diverse.

Raedwald said...

Sorry, I meant 38m.

Steve's point being that 5m adult voters aren't ethnically white - I don't agree that this automatically means they're not English.