Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What defence against dysfunctional Muslim nutters?

The Islamic fantasist now thankfully shot dead by Australian police is from the same mould as the two African Muslim nut jobs who killed Drummer Lee Rigby. They had a history of public frustration, run-ins with the police, mostly as a result of delusions of worth; they thought they were special, the societies about them didn't accord them the status they imagined they deserved, and eventually they caused the death of others. I'm sure every police force in the UK has a list of this type of Muslim nutter. They push the boundaries as far as possible - ranting at beat coppers, sending offensive letters or being prats on Twitter - and of course make no secret of who they are or their perverse, deviant world views. They are a breed of threat, in other words, in clear sight - and now they are being encouraged to rise up and slaughter the Kaffir (that's us).

They should not be confused with 'professional' terrorists, who make every effort to be invisible, not to stand out, to hide in the anonymity of mass populations. The Jihadi nutter is exactly that - more likely than not to be suffering from a mental disorder, commonly delusional fantasists. Which doesn't mean they can't use a gun or edged weapon to cause havoc. And unless we introduce internment - and our experience from Operation Demetrius in Northern Ireland from 1971 - 1974 has demonstrated how pointless and counter-productive that was - we must wait until they act before taking them down.

And yes, taking them down is about the only logical and sensible way of dealing with them. They must be shot down like mad dogs. There is no defence against such people - we will have to accept a low level of attritional casualties until they expose themselves and can be lawfully culled.


TrT said...

That last sentence is about the best reason I've ever come across to vote for someone BNP like.

DeeDee99 said...

Tragically, every time they "expose themselves" they are likely to kill greater numbers of innocent people than their own life is worth.

We need to identify them before they kill and then place them in a secure mental hospital.

Bloke In Italy said...

Dee dee don't be an idiot.

Everything we have fought for over the years says that you can't lock someone up until they do something or at the very least until you have concrete proof they are planning something.

Raedwald is right.

I also believe that the 24 hour media is partly to blame by bigging up this stuff.

These pathetic losers are undoubtedly inspired by seeing other pathetic losers being hailed as the antichrist when in fact they are just sad hopeless bastards.

Anonymous said...

By denying us the right to carry firearms successive governments have left us at the mercy of these fruitcakes.

I'm sure if any of those lawyers had had a purse gun in Sydney Man Haron Monis would have had second thoughts on even pulling that stunt off.

Even if he had gone ahead with his scheme I'm sure it would have been ended for him before police intervention!

john cheshire said...

1. It should not be illegal to own firearms
2. Sooner or later we will have to expel all muslims from our country- It's happened before as in Spain
3. Our armed services should be used to defend us and our national interests, no one elses.

Anonymous said...

@ John Cheshire

You and I, as well as the majority of the sane minded public can see what you say is spot n the nail.

However, we have our political elites to contend with, protected & insulated from daily life as they are.

The expelling needs to be a two prong attack.

Anonymous said...

What sane government would want to import Islam into a country were it isn't endemic?

The proper response to Islam is ridicule - something like the classic Stan Freberg's treatment of Sir Water Raleigh - "But Mo, why has The All Knowing, All Powerful, chosen you to write His book, you're illiterate aren't you?"

Sebastian Weetabix said...

The obvious answer is to deport them to a country they find more congenial. Saudi Arabia springs to mind. Apropos ridicule.. an Israeli friend of mine came up with a good one. "Jesus saves, Moses invests... but the followers of Muhammad just loot"

Jeff Wood said...

I think it is now about 90 years since the British public were able to freely carry firearms. Not sure when the Aussies could.

Post 1997, it has not even been possible to own a handgun suitable for carry.

Islamist nutters, like the other nutters, see the public as prey just as the politicos do.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't this guy get a large calibre rifle bullet through the head the first time he showed himself at that café window?

Cascadian said...

"we will have to accept a low level of attritional casualties"......rivers of blood, an honest MP once said, and destroyed his career.

How easily the appeasement class sacrifice others, a mother of three here, an unarmed "soldier" with a young son there, some schoolkids in Afghanistan or Pakistan all apparently acceptable losses. Why not outright surrender to the muslims, just as you did the IRA, you could then have a peaceful life for a bit of jizya and prostrating yourselves to the nutters.

Anybody suggesting a possible solution is immediately shouted down as intolerant by the white flag-bloc. Must not be nasty, the muslims only want to kill or enslave non-muslims, it's in their Koran. Who are we to say that our way of life is superior the appeasers mumble and squirm.

There is no hope for yUK, because you have no self-respect, you accept Rotherham and a hundred other cities where young girls are defiled, you accept Rigby, you accept curbs on military uniforms in your streets, mostly you just accept that your style of civilization is not worth fighting for.(there are some notable exceptions here-too few)

Mostly you accept contracting-out your safety to politically correct police forces, who are always minutes away when seconds count. They also seem to believe that the death of two innocents for one nutter is acceptable. Hey-ho three orphaned kids, two families destroyed, another ten or so terrorised a week before Christmas, acceptable, Continue to detain a suspected murderer, unacceptable.

Raedwald styles these guys as fanatics, that's not wrong, what he needs to ask is where this fanaticism is incubated. You all know, but the truth cannot be said in yUK- in the mosques that appear in every community in your land. A solution to your problem could be found in shutting down the mosques, the scum would then find life a little harder and less amenable. But you won't do that.

A determined effort to deport any radicals would also help, but your courts and home office are so thoroughly infected with appeasers and time-servers that is a hopeless recommendation.

So your best option is surrender, it has worked well in Tower Hamlets, Newham and Bradford. Ignore those troublesome chaps like Churchill and Powell, their recommendations take hard work, nobody in parliament signed up for hard work! And certainly do not do anything to secure your own family's safety, the government will advise you when to do that.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Deport nice Mr Choudhury who runs my local curry house, pays his taxes, never says boo to a goose? Fuck off.

I must get my atlas updated. Apparently there is a united ireland! Who knew?

Anonymous said...

" There is no defence against such people - we will have to accept a low level of attritional casualties ..."

After you, old chap.

Cascadian said...

Ahhh, boy weetabix displaying his foul language and ignorance with pride once again.

"A determined effort to deport any radicals"....might not include nice Mr Choudhry. In any event yUK is not capable of effecting deportation, your curry and chips would seem secure.

Apparently in weetabix world surrender always entails transfer of land. Here is a hint-you surrendered your self respect to avoid the IRA killing campaign on mainland yUK. Sound familiar?

Cascadian said...

We will have to accept a low level of attritional casualties....The past 30 days


Acceptable? Why yes of course. For the appeasers, the boy commentors, the yUK politicians who pretend they are horrified. I truly feel sorry for the security and military services neutered by their "leaders" political correctness.

Just don't inconvenience the jihadists by removing them from society.

G. Tingey said...

john cheshire
Do you actually have a brain to engage?
ALL msulims??
Even the Sufi (the muslim equivalent of Quakers) the Ismaili's (Led by the Aga Khan, remember), or the Ahmadhis, who many other muslims reagrd as "non-muslims" (err...)?
After all, all muslims are as uniformly insane & dangerous as all the christians, aren't they?
What a prat.

Actually it has NOT worked in Tower Hamlets - I think the unpleasant & almost-certainly crooked Mr Rahman is going to come unstuck, soon.
He's well-hated, you know....

Actually, Radders is almost right.
They are religious nutters, all of whom are deeply unpleasant, just that this particular sub-set are even worse.
However, as a reminder, the worst atrocity of this sort in a "Western" country was carried out by a christian - look up: Timothy McVeigh

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm sure Cascadian, the deracinated Essex twat, can explain how the IRA won.

mikebravo said...

SW @ 22:56.

Letting them all out of jail, giving them letters stating that they would not be pursued and allowing them into government seems pretty close to surrender to me.
Perhaps I am just a fuc#wit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Choudary?

Twenty years ago Mr Choudary rolled up in a van crossing all the way from the Peshawar, thru the badlands, Af, Iran, Turkey, Greece and Rotterdam, his relations lent him some dosh and he started a curry house, it was bad at first but he soon learned not to pay his rates and water bills and if caught - always hopped it to start again in some other God forsaken hole across in Yorkshire or Lancashire and anyway the heat soon died down, now when that nice Mr. Straw and Tony opened the gates - life became a stroll for Mr. Choudary.

That nice Mr Choudary who now runs a big curry house on the main drag, he puts on banquets for the local filth top brass and the commissioner. Oh yes Mr. Choudary is a local sleb. He also puts all sorts of detritus in his currys...the customers never notice! all that spice and chillis are so hot!

And Mr. Choudary always maximises his cost - profit margins, new 'helpers' from Bangladesh. Are only slave labour and he pays peanuts. Mr. Choudary's son deals with the dodgy visas and passports and his daughter plays the council house game, get a family in, live there for two years then buy it and rent it out to the next slaves - wow wee a property portfolio - easy fucking peasy.

And Mr. Choudary's relatives from Kashmir?

Well, his cousins are running young white girls up to Bradford for a sex party tonight and if you want drugs, well Mr. Choudary's uncle can sort that too, skag, blow, dope, meth - you name it fella!

Mr. Choudary, is very clever and he is always legit, the police are paid for too: insha Allah!

Cascadian said...

Sorry Greg an attempt at humour (or is it satire) I should know better than try. The whole point being muslims have not successfully integrated ANYWHERE least of all Tower Hamlets. Would be interested in your opinion of the mosques in your neck of the housing terraces.

I'll see your Oklahama City and raise you New York City 9 Sept 2001 or even todays attrocity in Pakistan. Christain nutters are pikers when it comes to comparison with the religion of piss.

Thanks Mikebravo you state the IRA case well, there is presently only one fuckwit hereabouts-it ain't you fella.

News latest 175,000 illegals cannot be tracked by Home Office (government estimate I expect the number is closer to 750,000), well done Theresa May prospective leader of the conmen. How can the security services ever be expected to track jihadists?

Weetabix your answer is provided by Mikebravo, never said the IRA won, there were no winners just losers all round. I said yUK surrendered its self respect. Once again your reading comprehension is at primary school level,try harder boy.

Proud to be from Essex (pre ToWIE), smells so much better than appeasementville.

Bloke In Italy said...

Cascadian - you obviously despise the place... why don't you just fuck off?

As it happens I have great liking and respect for the USA. But I also believe that the USA and the UK together have blotted their escutcheon big time by the whole torture-gate/rendition/Guantanamo scenario.

If we are to win this "war" the key ground is the moral high ground, and I am not referring to some politically correct appeasemnt ville, but we must not throw away the gains of 400 years of struggle to achieve the protections and freedoms that distinguish the west from third world shit holes like afghanistan, pakistan, Russia, Saudi etc.

It can be done. we defeated Napoleon, the Kaiser, Hitler and Soviet Russia. These were all existential threats.

The idea that some bunch of half educated ragheads from shitsville are a threat on a par with the foregoing is absurd; and yet many people including your good self seem to be prepared to turn our civilization upside down to recognise them as such.

You're crazy.

Raedwald said...

B in I

I think Cascadian's posturing and incitement on here is just that - and everyone is wise to it. Generally only Greg gets wound up ;)

When I hear he's chosen to detonate himself inside a mosque in Florida or wherever he lived, then I'll believe he was genuine. Until then, it's just noise and flatus - but welcome for all that.

G. Tingey said...

Cascadian & Radders too (!)
The whole point is that ...religion rots the brain.
Once you start believing that BigSkyFairy (or it's equivalent - the "will of the party") can do no wrong, then you are well-away to committing any atrocity.
Bloke in Italy has it right - we are SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOOD GUYS - please remember that?

Yesterday IN Peshawar is also a give-away - all those killed were muslims (or children), murdered by other muslims.
Remind you of 16th-17th C Europe, at all? If not, it should.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I urge you all to read

Fierce Pierce an The Fake Sheik

for some insight into the way the subject is being mishandled by the handsomely rewarded folk who presume to "keep the public safe" - and we pay for that service on pain of imprisonment.....

Cascadian said...


Nothing quite like the passive-aggressive brit, first line, fuck off then your good-self at the end. Hilarious.

Do I despise a place or do I despise recent political doctrine of appeasement and willingness to lose wars to prove some moral point?

Blotted our escutcheon-oh my, bet you long for the days of empire eh!

If you have read some of my previous posts, you will be aware that I am not in favour of the nebulous "we" as used by most brits. If "we" is just yUK then you are fooling yourself, you cannot win against the jihadists yUK has neither the military or political willpower or materiel to succeed. If "we" is some coalition say NATO it is possible (though certainly not guaranteed given recent outings) that success will be achieved only if sane techniques are adopted and ridiculous rules of engagement thrown out.

Once again may I remind you that while the success against Napolean was definitely won by the brits, you required significant support from many sources to beat the Kaiser and Hitler, and your part in the downfall of the USSR was as a bit player of minor consequence.

To succeed against the jihadists you have already given up significant freedoms so I would argue that civilization has been turned upside down for very little benefit and great cost. If you think "half educated ragheads" are not an existential threat then I suggest you have not been paying attentionthe same was said about the IRA with disastrous results.

I'm crazy like a fox. yUK is the prancing pony- the weak horse.

Cascadian said...


Raedwald is not beyond a little incitement himself to boost site hits.

I think it can be honestly said that Greg's contributions have been a model of sanity compared to boy Weetabix.

Noise and flatus you say, well you have to adjust your comments to the available audience and brits are well known for the love of fart jokes and bowel functions.

Now I am off to polish my escutcheon, apparently it got "blotted" recently.

Anonymous said...

It can be done. we defeated Napoleon, the Kaiser, Hitler and Soviet Russia. These were all existential threats.

The idea that some bunch of half educated ragheads from shitsville are a threat on a par with the foregoing is absurd; and yet many people including your good self seem to be prepared to turn our civilization upside down to recognise them as such."

Let me say in retort to that.

A few IRA rag heads kept the British army busy in Armagh and tied down to remote fortified observation posts and occasional armoured patrols.
These days, in the UK there are 4.5 million 'rag heads' more specifically; potentially one in ten maybe say 40,000 quite probably this is a pessimistic lower number. Of, young rag heads ready to pick up arms, these young rag heads want sharia and are being wound up and prepared to battle for it because our craven and conceited authorities sit back and ignore, turn a blind eye for the sake of peace now, how long will it be.....a birth rate of some 84%, half a million coming in every year.....


Recently, the authorities foiled some arms deal [UK jihadis] to do with Libya - funnily enough and from where the IRA used to buy its 'kit'.
A container [or three -how easy could it be?] full of small arms, ammo and heavier calibre machine guns, RPGs.
Then bobs your uncle - a rag head war with no boundaries and civilian casualties running into 100s of thousands.

Finally, just think back in the old days - in NI we had some sort of an army then.

Existential, oh yeah: fucking too right mate.

Cascadian said...

Greg and others, your plea that "we are (purportedly) the good guys" is simplistic.

While I would agree that christian-based society is infinitely more humane than muslim-based society. That system was ALWAYS backed up by an efficient and purposeful military willing to do what was necessary to achieve their ends(and not always in moral way). They were not moral crusaders or the flaccid mostly ceremonial organizations of today. And let me be clear here this is not criticism of the the junior ranks who rightly carry out the orders of their superiors. Like it or not you are in a clash of religions defined by your enemy. You can decide to win that fight or you can proceed down the road of appeasement, taking "attritional casualties" until you surrender. We know which route camoron, obambi, and most euro nations will choose because we and the jihadists have seen the results of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan. Of that group only Egypt has had the balls to accept the situation as they find it and do something practical.

If you stand with the appeasers that is your absolute right, just be willing to pay jizya and prostrate yourself. A defence that all religions are bad is no defence at all. Forget religion and concentrate on survival, and since the collective (political and military) are uninterested in survival perhaps it is up to the individual to do so.

Cascadian said...

Who could predict that?

1. The inquiry, costing taxpayers £31million, completely exonerated the Armed Forces of the all the most serious allegations against Iraqi prisoners - ruling they were 'deliberate and calculated lies'.

31 Million quid pissed away, no money for tanks, no money for aircraft, wonder why?

2. In last four months, five plots have been thwarted and 35 people arrested -Met Police commissioner

Really commissioner? many people are ready for "attritional casualties". Save the money, nobodies gonna complain about a few dead people even if they occur at London Bridge or Cannon Street stations during rush hour. Just the price they are willing to pay.

3. The number of illegal immigrants who have gone missing in Britain after being asked to leave is twice as high as previously thought, a damning borders report revealed today.

Ministers had been told that around 175,000 foreign nationals had disappeared after their Visa had expired.

But the chief inspector of borders John Vine said home office officials had discovered files on another 223,600 foreign nationals lying in boxes unopened.

Mr Vine said: 'Any failure to take action against foreign nationals who overstay their permission to be in the UK has the potential to undermine public confidence in immigration control.'

Oh ho ho, undermine public confidence. Good one. 400,000 overstays. They lie, my estimate of 750,000 still stands, not a one of them will be jihadist though, stands to reason.

Stay calm, don't panic-the government has things fully under control. Really, as soon as Hague has finished surrendering to Scotland he will have a template to use.

G. Tingey said...

While I would agree that christian-based society is infinitely more humane than muslim-based society.
30 years war
Auto da Fe
Thamoa Aikenhead
Witchcraft trials
Jean Calvin (euw)
Massacre @ Carbisdale
etc ad nauseam.

Nothing at all to choose between them.

Cascadian said...

Bollocks...thats quite the argument you have there, all capitals too. Not sure I can match that.

How about poopy-pants!

Enjoy your appeasement.

Cascadian said...

Here is a man who understands the problem, a worldwide problem of western welfare states funding jihadis .

No apologies for copying the whole article:

copyright (presumably) Quadrant.org

G. Tingey said...

You really are a total idiot aren't you?
Look up all the historical incidents/events/conflicts I listed about how not-nice the christians are.