Thursday, 29 January 2015

Durham alumnus to run Halal-free McDonald's

We congratulate Mr Steven Easterbrook on taking over as Chief Executive and President of McDonalds. Mr Easterbrook (Durham) is credited with the company's high street rebranding in the UK from garish plastic red and yellow to a muted dark Brunswick Green.

McDonalds remains the only major global fast food retailer to certify all of its products Halal-free in the UK, much to the frustration of Muslims who lobby continuously for halal menu items from the store. The all-Halal KFC therefore remains the outlet of choice for the Friday people whilst those not wanting burgers blessed by imams prefer McD's.  

Incidently, of the two biggest supermarket chains it is Sainsbury's that seems the safest for non-halal meat; the PR departments of the supermarkets responded to queries as follows:-

"Like all other major UK supermarkets, we source from suppliers who serve Muslim as well as non-Muslim customers.  Some of these suppliers process all their meat to Halal standards. For example, all our New Zealand lamb meets Halal standards. In these cases, all of our processes still meet the same stringent animal welfare requirements and all animals are stunned prior to slaughter whether the meat is sold as Halal or non-Halal. With this in mind we also understand that some customers do not want to eat meat that has been blessed. For these customers, we are able to guarantee that our British Organic lamb as well as British Organic, Willow Farm and Finest Free Range chicken has not received a Halal blessing."
 "We are committed to high standards of animal welfare throughout our supply chain. All of our own brand meat, including all processed products such as ready meals, is from animals stunned before slaughter. The only abattoirs included in our own brand supply chain are single method abattoirs which use stunning before slaughter and do not supply any non-stunned meat. We do sell a selection of branded halal and kosher products in some stores, all of which is very clearly labelled. So only meat branded as such will have been sourced via halal or kosher methods."


Mike Spilligan said...

In the recent past, Morrisons has been halal-free, and as far as I know as a company policy.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Tesco's rubric: "all animals are stunned prior to slaughter whether the meat is sold as Halal or non-Halal" makes no sense.

afaik Halal meat it not stunned by definition, that is the problem with it: our normally rigorous animal welfare standards are relaxed for religious reasons, and our law is bent (yet again) for the benefit of the religion of peace and its Dark Ages practices.

Tesco speak with forked tongue, methinks.

Anonymous said...

V Tesco, up here in t' frozen north Sainsbury's their [fresh] stuff is mostly superior in most items. Halal swings it every time though.


What ever happened to honest to goodness fresh bread though, is anybodies guess but don't buy it at a supermarket [Sainsbury's or whoever else].
The big trouble is, the supermarkets and Greggs between them have all but killed off local independent bakeries, oh yeah and shite wheat brands [strains] of course.

Anonymous said...

Morrisons halal free?
With partnerships like this?

Anonymous said...

Sikhs may not eat Halal meat.

The rest of us should refuse to touch it: Jews and Muslims should learn to live in the modern world: all Halal Butchers AND these vile supermarkets should be prosecuted on animal welfare grounds.

G. Tingey said...

You actually buy meat from a supermarket?
That stuff's PINK!

( I know, Veal is supposed to be pink ... )

Martin said...

Eat Pork - it's never halal :)

Bloke In Italy said...

Halal or not MacDonalds still tastes like shit.

proglodyte said...


Bloke In Italy said...

The animal welfare issue is important. We need have no doubt that if let's say methodist doctrine insisted that animals be slaughtered with out prior stunning there would have been an outcry, a twitterstorm and god only knows what leading to its immediate banning.

Why is this not the case with Halal meat?

Besides which, as far as I can see and I stand to be corrected if necessary, halal killing doesn't require the absence of prior stunning.

Therefore it is quite absurd to me that there is any question at all of an abbattoir being allowed to open proposing to kill in this manner.

Finally, I am informed, and stand to be corrected etc etc that it is also explicitly permitted for Muslims to eat food conformant to Christian or Jewish standards, and in the absence of anything else it is also permitted to eat non halal food.

Therefore, it is evident that if animal welfare is in place insisting that animals be stunned prior to slaughter this does not impose insuperable problems for British muslims, and frankly even if it did it is their problem not that of not muslims.

Caring about animal welfare is a cornerstone of our culture, and it definitely comes before the preferences of any religious cult.

Budgie said...

It makes sense in hot mid-eastern countries to ban pig meat, and insist food animals bleed to death. But with modern hygiene and especially in temperate countries this is simply not necessary.

I will not buy halal meat. But then the supermarkets labelled horse as beef so I don't think they can be trusted.

As for "local" butchers, their meat is usually from the same abattoirs that supply supermarket meat as a result of EU legislation that shut down small and local abattoirs. And that is the case even if the meat is sold in a local farm shop from animals kept on that farm.

john cheshire said...

I see no reason why all so-called halal food should not be clearly labeled as such, other than the supermarkets are afraid to do so because they know they would have a lot of unsold produce or would have to stop favouring muslims.

Scrobs... said...

Halal slaughter is brutal and disgraceful to many people who live here.

My local butcher just supplies meat for us to eat, without the crap fed to us by other religions.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no interest in Muhammadans, not their superstitions; their attire; modes of speech, or eating habits. And definately not their opinions.

Nowhere on this planet do they add value when they enter a settled host population - on the contrary they increasingly fuck it them up when they reach a certain number.

I simply want them to leave England.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

All you need to know abour halal

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Greg, no, I never buy meat from supermarkets.

Farmers' market where I know the people, or a friend who raises sheep and pigs.

It's the way to go, if you can.

G. Tingey said...

Not my local butcher ... I'm very glad to say.
But then he specialises in pork sausages as well as "general" meat, so I don't think I need worry.