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Monday, 23 February 2015

Bent Bastards

"I charge £5,000 a day. That's my going rate"
"Of course I'm abusing a position of trust - that's what I'm selling. I've got credibility"
"Look, I can get you access to serving government ministers - a quiet lunch in Pimlico"
"Just pay me and tell me what you want me to do"
"My MP's salary is just a sort of retainer - being an MP doesn't create any sort of time obligation"
"If you want to influence legislation, the going rate is much higher. We need to square the committee."
"Ha ha no there are limits .... I wouldn't kill someone for example"
"Yep £1,500 an hour - paid into my Lichtenstein HSBC account"
"I know just about everyone in government who matters - my reach is very long"
"No, I've no particular objection to that ... after all, he was cleared of the last charges, wasn't he?"


DeeDee99 said...

And they wonder why we loathe them.

Just one more reason to vote UKIP and have a clear-out of the bastards.

Mike Spilligan said...

They're clearly desperate to find another gravy train before heading off to obscurity and safety from public wrath.
I wonder what reaction we'll get from Hacked Off?

Brightside Bob said...

Who cares? More important stuff going on Radders.

What's the latest on Harry & Emily? I hear the interweb is in "meltdown".

I wish I was an "Irredeemable Optimist". ;)

meltemian said...

"Self Employed"???
The MP's salary he receives obviously doesn't count!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

They really are as thick as pigshit, aren't they? If some teenage bint allegedly representing a "Hong Kong Based communications agency" contacted me, my bullshit detectors would be on overdrive, possibly to the point of typing something into google, so I might find out that the alleged company doesn't exist. But apparently two former Foreign Secretaries don't have the wit. Can you imagine those two negotiating with Brussels?

I can't decide what's worse, the venality or the bone-headed brain dead stupidity.

oldrightie said...

Is loathing these scum a hate crime? These "part timers" are the same people who happily allow mass rape and abuse of white children, obviously outside their part time hours.

They should be made to repay their MP salaries and expenses for the last four years, at least. After all, Rifkind regards that income as peanuts. Bastards all.

Budgie said...

I agree with all commenters so far. I cannot believe they could think their venality could remain secret which means they are not only corrupt chisellers, but they don't care who knows it. And that means this sort of behaviour is a commonplace in the establishment.

Anonymous said...

In more important noos, The famous three are in Istanbul, longing for Arabian nights.

Dave says, bring them home, we say who?

.....and charge those lads chanting lads chants - or, all footy fans with murder, pillage and sedition.

Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, Putin....ooops the irregular Russians will march on Mariupol and we all knew T[he]Y would, well everyone except Dave, Angie, Herman, Manny and White House - Bam Bam that is.
And as things go from tits up to Armageddon in Libya - good job 'we' sorted them out - eh Dave!

Anonymous said...

According to the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP:

"The English as a race are not worth saving."

Would he have said that about any other ethnicity? No.

Creatures like Straw calculate the whole time, they want to know how much they can get away with - politics being the 'art of the possible' - so they push the envelope (no pun intended).

Amongst his peers he is a highly respected former minister of the Crown, however history will record him as one of a small group of men and women who did their best to destroy an ethnic group.


kailyard rules said...

This is why Scotland never votes Tory and why Scotland increasingly detests Labour. SNP MP's will fumigate these noxious scum.

G. Tingey said...

Meanwhile, someone on "social Security" fiddling a piddling £50 or so will be threatened with jail.
There seems to be a lack of proportionality here, doesn't there?

plantman said...

"But,But, we haven't broken the rules" they cry.

Who makes the rules.

It's on a par with Feudal Overlords making rules about serfdom and their "rights" and "entitlements"

What we need is to get rid of this aristocracy like the French - and if we have to use the same methods............

Brightside Bob said...

So HS3 won't go through Sheffield? B@stards!!!!

Brightside Bob said...

Ps: Forgot to mention: Arry 'n' Emily aren't after all.