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Thursday, 5 February 2015

How many more Rotherhams?

It was Rotherham's Joyce Thacker, you may recall, who in 2013 decided that a long-standing pair of foster parents with an impeccable and unimpeachable record of care and probity could no longer be trusted to look after the city's children solely on account of their UKIP membership. It was the same Joyce Thacker who was quite happy to see vulnerable children exploited, abused, violated and wounded by Pakistani sex gangs supported and encouraged by her and her colleagues' stupidity, bigotry, venality and incompetence.

Thacker was not alone. Others running this Labour Party maggot heap of evil and exploitation were bullying Labour Leader Roger Stone, complicit Chief Executive Martin Kimber, and 'in denial' besmirched PCC Shaun Wright, Thacker's old boss. Other councillors were sexual abusers and sexual predators themselves - and may now be facing charges. The police were corrupt, complicit and allowed and encouraged child sexual abuse under their own noses. This was a betrayal, a criminal, culpable utter failure of care and responsibility, a despond of Socialist self-interest, deep stupidity and wickedness operating in a Labour culture of bullying, distortion and cover-up that will be familiar to scores of Labour councils across Britain.

How many more Rotherhams are there to find? How many more thousands of vulnerable, confused and unprotected young people are being abused and exploited by Pakistani sex gangs whilst bullying Council Leaders and their lapdog Chief Executives, and self-preserving children's service bosses covering-up Pakistani wrongdoing are still going free? How much does the Labour Party know about the stench of corruption, sexual malfeasance, public maladministration and greed, incompetence and pro-Asian bigotry emanating from Labour's heartlands?

By Christ's blood, these people have much to answer for.  


john miller said...

I often say, we're all socialists now.

Where is the media clamour, the screeching on Twitter, where is the Mob?

No, they're socialists and all their other toadying accomplices are gathering round to practice some good old-fashioned omerta.

Dave Lee Travis might have to undergo a couple of trials as the establishment try to jail him for groping, but I don't think we'll see Joyce suffer any inconvenience whatsoever.

And if there is such a thing as compensation for resigning, or a relocation award, you can bet she'll be gracefully accepting them.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Just like Shoesmith.

mikebravo said...

I smell an enquiry on the horizon.
No doubt that will lance the boil!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Dennis Macshane the former NuLabor MP for Rotherham.

Wildgoose said...

I was born and bred in Rotherham. I've always known just how deeply unlovely Rotherham Council and the other Labour creatures were but even I have been appalled at the sheer extent of the abuse and the direct culpability of the officials in charge.

They need to see gaol time, not just be quietly pensioned off with a handsome severance allowance (as happened with Thacker).

And they knew. They all knew. Ordinary people knew part, but they knew the full extent. It came out that Councillors were all told in 2005 what was going on and told to keep quiet and basically shut down any objections that people aired to them - usually by using the threat of branding anybody complaining as "racist".

Perhaps we should redefine the word "racist" to mean "truth-teller". Better that than allow the Left to continue to use it as their smear accusation of choice.

Anonymous said...

It is such a strange juxtaposition isn't it...?

The idea that the cultural marxists at Rotherham could be excusing the activities of what must be one of the most conservative ideologies on the planet.

Perhaps they have just been using them as a tool to destroy their enemies... It is a classic mistake, anyone that looks at a map of the middle east can see that they are impossible to work with.

It is going to be such a shock when all these followers of their peaceful religion, suddenly decide to make their mark in places like Rotherham.

Anonymous said...

These rapes are not just criminal, they are an expression of political-and-religious Muslim belief.
These Muslims don't believe in the citizenship of English girls and young women. They are the plunder, left out on the street for any of these marauders to take.
The question is whether it is time to award a lower, second-class form of civil status to Muslims. Register each Muslim to a mosque, then levy collective financial penalties on that mosque for each crime committed by any member of it.

Anonymous said...

How many more Rotherhams?

Anywhere in this once fair land that two or more of our fellow Pakistani muslims are gathered.

And it's going to get worse once they realize they outnumber us.

DeeDee99 said...

If this was a Conservative-run Council, the BBC and Labour MPs such as Harriet Harman would be screaming blue murder.

But it wasn't; it was a Labour Council so they are strangely subdued. I expect the other Councils where this kind of abuse has been going on will also be Labour.

I would like to see the advocates of mass immigration and multiculturalism forced to justify the importation of uneducated, misogynist Pakistani men and explain what possible benefit they bring to the UK. They can't; and they also can't claim that this is just a tiny number of men since it seems to be a great deal more.

As for the "public servants" who allowed, encouraged and even participated in the mass rape of vulnerable young girls: they have all failed in their duty of care. They have committed Malfeasance in Public Office and should be prosecuted.

Instead we will get an enquiry, which will take 5 years to report and at the end of it we'll be told "lessons will be learnt."

No they won't. Because the lesson is "You cannot import millions of pig-ignorant, 3rd world, misogynistic Muslims, settle them in a liberal western society and expect them to integrate and conform to the predominent culture - including female equality."

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

In the event that a properly robust and proportionate set of sanctions are emplaced on the facilitators of this I will boil up and dine on my not inconsiderable collection of headwear.

Thacker is the sort of creature I have seen many times over the years and I have no doubt whatsoever that Rotherham is not unique.

Thacker would not have been anywhere as near as aggressive had the legal architecture been different - I'm thinking here about The Court of Protection and the like.

Some shadenfreude on it's way - but the system is mobilising to bore us all off into the head high grass...

Anonymous said...

Vote Labour - get Rotherham!

What a pity that this slogan can't be used (or maybe it can??) near the GE.

Vote Labour - get Lahore!

Coney Island

Budgie said...

Let us get a grip here. I share the general repugnance (I have daughters of my own); and the status quo is not acceptable; and I do not believe that Rotherham is the only area affected; and the establishment guilty should be imprisoned (and not just a token few for a token time as happened with McShane); but ....

I know socially a few Muslims (of Pakistani descent), including Muslim women, and they appear to me to be as peaceable and reasonable people as the rest of the UK population. However it is not just a different religion, more importantly it is a different culture.

DeeDee said: "You cannot import millions of pig-ignorant, 3rd world, misogynistic Muslims, settle them in a liberal western society and expect them to integrate ..."

Firstly, "we" (our establishment) didn't expect them to integrate - that is where the whole problem starts from. Essentially why should we expect Pakistani immigrants to respect our culture if we do not respect it ourselves? Like America we should expect full cultural integration before citizenship, and throw out the ghastly, useless, failed, evil "multicultural" experiment.

Secondly, it tends to be the children (born here) of the 3rd world Muslims who are the most extreme, either purely in religion or as jihadists. Again this is largely a failure of multiculturism.

And thirdly, do we (ie our establishment) respect our own young women? I think not. Have you seen the drunk young women wearing little more than pelmets rolling around the pavements on a Saturday night? I have, albeit from a car. Who opposed the morning after pill for 13 year olds? - and the pill? - and turned a blind eye to underage sex in our own culture? Many of us were silent or feeble in our opposition to those developments.

DeeDee, I hope you can see that I mostly agree with you. But I feel strongly that our society is where it is because of a peculiar inner rottenness of self-hatred by our establishment, rather than just because of immigrants, Muslim or otherwise.

English Pensioner said...

Where were the NSPCC?
Surely they must have been aware of what was going on.
In theory they can act by themselves so one must assume that they too have succumbed to the fear of being called racist.

haddock said...

has anyone any idea of how many children the 'Save the Children' charity saved in these enriched vibrant shitholes?
Of course the charities knew but they are packed to the brim with labour placemen and wimmin. All working to a common purpose.

Mr Ecks said...

The NSPCC were too busy running Operation Yewtree organising show trials to destroy old white show business stars. Who--if you look at the fatuous "evidence" presented-- have very likely done nothing at all. Using legal theatre to destroy old show business hands has a sort of evil irony. But not as evil or ironic as leftist scum who have a hysterical shit fit if a white man so much as looks at a women but deliver stone silence when clients of the left dispense wide-spread abuse.

haddock said...

ahh, that's what they were spending our money on... outraged at the thought of someone using the word gay but, it seems, totally relaxed about child rape.
strange that a 40 year old recollection of a chap copping a feel of a boob is enough evidence to convict yet there is not sufficient evidence to round up hundreds/thousands of child rapists.

Bloke In Italy said...

Well said Budgie.

Michael said...

Wouldn't there have been just a small number of opposition councillors, like the usual scatterbrained 'Independents', or, God forbid, some Tories or Libdems, who could have put their oar in?

No, I thought not...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

BBC news web site landing page presently devoid of the word Rotherham

wonder why?

Wildgoose said...

Until recently Rotherham has been very nearly a one-party state. When I was still living there I stood for Central Ward (as a Lib Dem - sorry), and put out a press-release pointing out that 65 of the 66 Council seats were held by Labour, and the last remaining Tory was up for re-election.

I pointed out that if he lost then Council deliberations would be decided in a Labour Party Meeting and just rubber-stamped in the Council Chamber, just like happened in Eastern Europe at the time.

"Communist Slur" was the headline in the paper the day before the election. (Obviously a slow news day). I didn't get elected, but the lone Tory hung on to his seat.

But then, I have also been attacked by Rotherham Labour for "wasting taxpayers money by standing for election" seeing as "everybody knew that Labour would win". (Many seats at that time weren't even contested).

Furthermore I was the Lib Dem candidate in the 1992 by-election when MacShane entered Parliament. As the only local candidate I used the description "Liberal Democrat Rotherham Born and Bred". MacShane spent the entire election calling me a racist and even after he'd won he wrote an article in the New Statesman saying that describing myself as "Rotherham and Bred" was a "coded message to white voters". Yes, seriously.

I could go on, but I'm sure you're getting the picture.

Mike Spilligan said...

Hardly mentioned, except by Haddock, is the influence (or worse) by the Common Purpose "graduates".
If there is an enquiry - which inevitably will take a long time to arrange as it might otherwise interfere with criminal proceedings - then the role of CP should be brought to the fore as it seems to have a soiled finger in every pie.
This whole process could take years - think of the "establishment" case which has now, after several failed tries, got a chairman - after which time too many from the dung-heap will have disappeared, lost their records, or claim that it was someone else with a similar name.

Raedwald said...

Budgie - excellent points. My polemic was directed towards those responsible for the situation; we need to be clear this isn't a crusade against all Muslims.

Whilst there is no place for Islamism and Jihadism in our society, whilst I am not willing to unknowingly eat halal-contaminated meat, whilst the sight of Muslim women in full-face veil annoys me utterly, and whilst there must be zero tolerance of Muslim no-go areas anywhere in the UK, we must not allow this to affect the right of law-abiding Muslims to practice their religion insofar as it is not in conflict with an integrated western society.

As for Pakistanis in the UK, they are of two kinds. The first, the professionally qualified surveyors, IT bods and accountants who went to western schools and universities and are often more British than the Britiah, albeit Muslim, we all know well and welcome. The second - the ignorant, illiterate village farmers replete with genetic defects from inbreeding, low intelligence, unemployable - the perpetrators of the Rotherham violations and the ones Dee Dee is referring to, well, they simply shouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

In support of Haddock and Mike Spilligan, Common Purpose has so much to answer for.
Pat Condell does a pretty good summary.

With regards to the establishment grooming, Bill Maloney is shaking things up too.
He suffered sexual abuse as a boy in the care system and he won't be silenced.
Anybody that has baggage must be frightened to death of him approaching them. A true warrior for the truth.
He is caustic and I don't blame him.
He has every right.
I hope that the truth will out but I'm not optimistic.

Anonymous said...

It really does make me wonder where this will end, this race replacement business.

Let's not be coy, the brutal truth is there if one cares to look. The UK Muslim population now exceeds the population of Wales - that took what, 55 to 60 years to achieve?

How long did it take to get the population of Wales up to 3 million? Try a millennium, or two, or three.

These Pakistanis felt confident enough to bugger and rape the young white female indigene at only three per cent of the population of Rotherham.

The future is grim so face up to it because no one in authority is and that's the way it will stay.

War is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

You are so right Steve.
I am consumed by the predicament. There's not much I can do about it.
Except make my comments with my identity.
Perhaps I'm on a fifth column muslim list.

So be it.

I have no fear, only contempt.

People need to stand up and be counted. Lose the fear.

If Charlie Hebdo mohammed cartoons had been blitzed with all media publishing, I would sleep better.
We seem to be stumbling in the right way.
The next inevitable atrocity may change the public mood.
I passionately hope so.

Anonymous said...

"Register each Muslim to a mosque, then levy collective financial penalties on that mosque for each crime committed by any member of it."

Great. Make it include compensation for the victims, and make the individuals registered to each mosque jintly responsible for making up any shortfall.

Then make the mosques and their adherents responsible for the costs of security at airports and so on.

Anonymous said...

I find myself amazed to do this but Dan Hodges Column is a must read.

Now I asked him on Twitter -

"So Dan, following your article, do you now acknowledge that Political Correctness is in fact anti-white racism?"

His response: "No. Like I say, anti-white racism isn't political correctness, it's anti-white racism."

I countered "When overbearing political correctness is enforced against white people and not for minorities it is defacto anti-white racism."

He didn't respond to that one.

But my question still stands. As long as PC is the dominant "social" philosophy - for want of a pithier description - the white Natives of this country will be discriminated against, and as Dan Hodges partially admits its anti-white racism.

So what the hell are we going to do about it?

Dave_G said...

The flood gates are opening:


...the usual toe-rag media conveniently reporting Glitter as headline news and NOTHING WHATSOEVER about the two links shown above.

(Scoll down the articles to see WHY this is not being reported i.e. the names of the accused).

TBH if this WAS widely reported I wouldn't be at all surprised to see vigilante white groups out on the streets exacting revenge.

But what's more disturbing is that I'd be supporting them.

If the system won't protect the people then it falls to the people to protect themselves.


Cascadian said...

It is mighty strange that most of the comments here seem to accord with :

And yet the mere mention of the EDL sends most into a swoon.

Liebour politicians are complicit in the disgraceful Rotherham cover-up, the conmen and the limpdicks are too. Similar problems in Oxford-camoron, reportedly worse problems in Sheffield-Clegg.

Considering that Rotherham is merely one location where details have been covered up and there are literally hundreds more,one can only infer that the majority of the brit public are beyond ill-informed, or perhaps they just really don't give a damn.

Truly shameful.

DeeDee99 said...

Budgie - you are quite right that there are elements of modern British "culture" is not to be admired. I loathe seeing young girls tarted up to the nines and visibly drunk, staggering around town centres.

That is something all parents have a duty to try and prevent happening.

The Establishment has spent decades deliberately weakening traditional British values/culture. That is what multiculturalism is about - and they were determined to turn the UK into a multicultural society.

My comments were not directed about all British Pakistanis. I specifically said pig-ignorant, 3rd world, misogynistic Pakistanis: ie the illiterate peasants who have been and are imported to marry British Pakistani women who have no choice in the matter.

Every single one of these rapists should be rounded up and prosecuted.

But they won't be: there are too many. So a few - "the ringleaders" -will probably be jailed as an example to the rest. And the "Law" will instead prosecute every single elderly entertainer who once took advantage of a young fan or two and jail them ..... because they're such a danger to society!

English Pensioner said...

Breitbart today reports that two police forces have made arrests of Grooming Gangs in Halifax and Newcastle.

Most of the media are more concerned about the conviction of an ageing pop star and I can find no mention of these cases in the Mail or Telegraph.

Budgie said...

Raedwald and DeeDee, My experience is that the young men and young women imported from Pakistan (for arranged marriages) are less stridently Muslim, and more in awe of the UK (yes, really) than the UK born cousins they are marrying.

G. Tingey said...

The police were corrupt, complicit and allowed and encouraged child sexual abuse under their own noses.
THIS is the real scandal - & being carefully ignored & swept under the carpet by "the establishment"
I'm reminded of the corrupt & lying police behaviour in the Joanna Yates' murder case, where a completely innocent man was hounded by the press - on the basis of illegal & lying "information" fed to them by local plod.
r w
Err ..islam is not a "conservative" ideology it is an utterly reactionary theology - very akin to (surprise!) 14th/15th -C christianity in its intolerance & brutality.

Almost - I am almost in agreement with you ... except that all religions (excepting communism, I think) all treat women as inferior & subjugate them ... Um.

"One-party state"
Yes - it happened to be Labour, but that is almost certainly a very strong "reason" this happened & went on for so long.
A warning to everyone in a different way.
Are you the person whom the admirable "Private Eye" has highlighted as being persecuted by the Rotherham nutters?
If so, then you have my sympathies, to say the least.

Wildgoose said...

Hi Greg, No, I'm not the person highlighted by Private Eye.

I glad to say I moved a few miles down the road (to Sheffield) when my wife was pregnant with our first child - in part because I wanted to get away from the idiots in charge of Rotherham.