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Monday, 23 March 2015

Alan B'Stard rides again!

Not even Marks and Gran could have invented a script-plot as twisted as this one; Tory boy spends 27 hours in discussion with head of violent fascist street-group and is recorded plotting a fake white-knight scam to win Tory votes, then complains when the recording is released that the plot is taken 'out of context'. You'd need a heart of stone not to chortle at Afzal Amin squirming in a doomed effort to save his candidature. 

All he lacks is Neil Hamilton popping up to excuse him ...


Malcolm Stevas said...

I don't actively support the EDL but it seems OTT to describe them as a "violent fascist street-group" is unfair. The media routinely describe EDL as "far right" and that too is absurd: "far right" signifies paramilitary uniforms like the SA, and wanting to ship ethnic minorities to the Gulag. The only excuse for our media folk is that most of them are probably too lazy & stupid to think of a more sensible, accurate description.
But I agree about the Sandhurst-trained Amin - silly B'Stard...

oldrightie said...

Malcolm, language, in the absence of educational standards, morphs daily. For example "less" has replaced "fewer". We constantly have less police, less bananas, less intelligent people. Ergo, "far right" is now an Establishment phrase to describe any and all contrarian views on life, society and decency.

We need "less arseholes" in our Establishment and more common sense, with fewer rubbish, brainwashing lickspittles. What do we get? An unelected PM and EUSSR Commissariat.

Raedwald said...

I've got no time for EDL because they deliberately target and intimidate immigrants by using a threatening street presence - this is the tactic of thugs and bullies throughout history.

I've written many times that immigration isn't the fault of the immigrants. If EDL want to be taken seriously, they need to be picketing the bloody politicians who opened the gates, not the immigrants who merely took advantage of it. And if they don't want a new mosque built, they need to oppose planning consent, start petitions, appeals and legal actions and chain themselves to railings - not try to start fights in the street with Moslems.

Sorry, I will never condone or support the sort of tactics used by the brownshirts.

Anonymous said...

One has only to look at Afzal Amin’s ethnicity to understand that democracy means something completely different to him than our knowledge of how it used to be practiced in this country.

Tower Hamlets & Bradford are other shining examples. Along with the abuses of the postal votes.

Of course I'll be labelled a Racist but if a spade is a spade ...

Anonymous said...

And if they don't want a new mosque built, they need to oppose planning consent, start petitions, appeals and legal actions and chain themselves to railings - not try to start fights in the street with Moslems.

And the pakis use democratic methods to get their domain built?


I am surprised and disappointed, this is not a name calling effort.

The EDL is a kickback, not really my cup of tea but I understand it and to lump them with the nutters of the UAF/SWP [extremism neither left nor right] is feeble minded and very crass imitation of the Socialist illiberal media - on your part.
Ask yourself why do the thugs who march for the SWP and UAF always get an easy ride from the media - for crying out loud: don't fall into the same trap.

Anonymous said...

As an observer for English Witness I was present at three major English Defence League outings (2011-12). My job was to record each side in the conflict and I can tell you the real violence was coming from the UAF/SWP.

Actions ignored by the police included: the throwing of broken bottles, ball bearing, darts and sharpened metal discs. The EDL were kettled by the police then the 'rain' started.

The EDL are generally too young and ill-educated to know what fascism really means; are not political animals and, in the main, are former Labour voters.

The real defenders of the English you will not know as they are self-named. Operations will begin when the time is right.


Quiet_Man said...

The EDL have never targeted immigrants, you clearly do not have a clue about them, they are made up from all walks of life, religions and colours. They are far more multicultural than those opposing them. They stood against militant Islam, child grooming and the absurdity of the state telling people that Islamic extremism had nothing to do with Islam. Oddly enough, most violence at an EDL demo came fr their opponents.

Wildgoose said...

It seems to me that the EDL are a multi-ethnic grouping who oppose the preferential racism and double-standards applied to the Moslem community. For this "thought crime" they are denounced as "far-right thugs", whilst their violent opponents (who really do deserve the epithet "brown-shirts") are then whitewashed by the media.

There's good and bad on all sides, but you seem to be following the Establishment line and taking a very one-sided view when it comes to the EDL.