Monday, 16 March 2015

Blair to lose diplomatic immunity?

Amid pressure from all sides to jump before he's pushed out of his risible 'Mid East Peace Envoy' role, Blair is reported to be fighting to retain not only some semblance of dignity but an element of diplomatic immunity that currently protects him from any possible arrest and arraignment on war crime charges.

All concerned (except Blair himself of course) now realise that the job is helping Blair accrue a global fortune more than Blair is helping to secure a peace deal - the peace process is frozen, and Blair's history of mendacity, obfuscation and double-dealing doesn't inspire either side to trust him. Without the cover of the Quartet role, Blair's globetrotting will be starkly exposed as just moneygrubbing, selling his name to whichever perverted despot has the dollars to pay. 


Rush-is-Right said...

"All concerned (except Blair himself of course)......"

On the contrary, Blair is fully aware of his own mendacity. I never fell for that "when he tells an untruth he's not lying because he really believes what he says is true" schtick. He is a calculating manipulative scumbag.

Anonymous said...

I read the other day somewhere that his amassed fortune is currently around £100m.

This is a man who only sells his words...

Name another that has sold his words so dearly?

Either that, or he is conning some impressionable people.

Well he seems to have conned most of the British electorate, so I will assume the latter.

It won't be long until a representative of one/some of the conees will come looking for redress.

G. Tingey said...

Wire, nighttime, lamp-post.

mikebravo said...

Blimey! Tingey and I are in absolute agreement.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Blair 'illegally' bombed Serbia and invaded Sierra Leone without UN authorisation, but no one minded because these were successful. That's the real problem, isn't it? Iraq was a disaster. Him being a lying cunt is neither here nor there; they all are. There aren't any honest men in Parliament.

But did anyone really believe Bliar at the time? The 45 minute claim for WMD was patently bollocks even before the war turned into a catastrophe, so much so millions marched against the war. And yet nearly all the Commons voted for war. Focusing on Bliar just excuses the hundreds of slimy unprincipled deadheads who infest Parliament.

I could almost respect Galloway except for my nagging suspicion he is a dhimmi bought and paid for by Tehran rather than a principled opponent of Neo-con stupidity.

Ed P said...

Piano wire is too good (& too quick) for the ghastly shit. He should rot in (preferably a Turkish) jail for his remaining decades.

The Prangwizard said...

Whatever grisly fate is meted out to Blair, Alistair Campbell should go with him.

Budgie said...

SW, I think few believed the 45 minute claim even at the time - the MSM carried news of its origins, and it was joked about. However, for my sins, I did believe there were (chemical/biological) WMD. How foolish that seems now - and I was that fool.

I think many other people are in the same position, though they may not like to admit it. Hence the immense opposition to Cameron's putative anti-Assad adventure.

Another significant problem is the worldview of the Americans - they are blindly anti-empire building (its antecedents being their own revolutionary propaganda), and hence do not (indeed cannot) think that, after their latest destruction, they would be the sole power able to impose a necessary new government. That would be an American Empire, akin to the hated British Empire, and that would never do.

Anonymous said...

I hope to wake up one day (soon), turn on the radio and hear this:

".. in other news Tony Blair, the former prime minster of the United Kingdom, was shot dead today outside his London home.

Police attended the scene some hours later and confirmed Mr Blair would not be making any statements as he was dead."


john cheshire said...

Mr Blair has brought nothing but shame onto the British people; or more specifically, onto the Scottish people. After all, wasn't he just the leader of the Scottish mafia who ruled over us English for 13years?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Sebastian Weetabix

I think you are selling "gorgeous GeorgeG" short.

Bought and 'ansomely paid by:

Pakistan (who declared war on us for 12 hours in 1991 Gulf War 1)
Iranian Mullahs (What do they want?)
Saddam's Iraq (We know what they wanted)
Qatar (Who don't know what they want and can pay for it)
The Sunday Mail (???)

Quite a list .... GG is a talented soul eh?

Don't forget his libel takedown of The Daily Telegraph wasn't because the stories weren't true - Conrad Black was too stupid to give him a right of reply.

Even eevil dictators want something for their money - Blair on the face of it isn't delivering - or what he is delivering isn't for public consumption.


Dave_G said...

".. in other news Tony Blair, the former prime minster of the United Kingdom, was shot dead today outside his London home.

Police attended the scene some hours later and confirmed Mr Blair would not be making any statements as he was dead."

I can add...

"The police currently have 65 million suspects in custody"

DeeDee99 said...

Blair is a disgrace to the nation.
I cannot think of a single policy he enacted which has been of lasting benefit to this country.

Everything he did has been negative.

As he will never be dragged before a court of law, I hope he gets a summary execution. But not before he has been roundly humiliated by losing his "Peace Envoy" role and shown up for the lying shyster he is.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Tony, he is stewing in his own juices and basted and trussed up too, there is no escape from his conscience - ever.

mikebravo said...

TB doesn't have a conscience. He is the classic example of a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Take all the money that he has amassed, as proceeds of crime. The death sentence is too quick. Solitary confinement for the rest of his life may be more appropriate. It would give him time to think about how evil he is.