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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cameron buggers it up

The entire political class appears to be in self-destruct mode. With the election only weeks away, they're falling off their perches in droves. And now Cameron, whose crap judgement far more than his ill intention has been responsible for any number of policy blunders during his term, has shot himself. He really isn't very bright. Even Gove on Newsnight couldn't resist chuckling away at the stupidity of it.

The sole glimmer of hope is that the Commons have a new clerk. Bercow is pretending to be in agreement with the appointment of the old Clerk Assistant, David Natzler, as the replacement for Sir Robert Rogers. Whether the poison dwarf will be able to control his ill manners sufficiently to allow Mr Natzler to get on with the job will be another matter. However, with the potential for a hung parliament, at least we have someone familiar with Bagehot. 

Every week now brings some new turn, like a music hall that gives and gives. Hey ho.


john miller said...

We are continually told that politicians are hugely intelligent. Brains the size of a planet. Brown, Balls, Milliband, Cameron, Osborne.

We then have to assume that their chronic cock-ups are somehow part of some darker plan. A more sophisticated plot lying beneath the surface stupidity.

Of course, it's a load of old bollocks. Having a brain is not a requirement for being a politician and, at times, must be a positive hindrance.

Except at moments like this...Cameron hasn't so much shot himself in the foot so much as, Sweeney-style, put both barrels of the sawn-off in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Juliet 46 said...

Divide and rule? May, Osborne and Bojo all at each others' throats for the next few months?

DtP said...

Erskine May, surely?

Budgie said...

I concur, I cannot think of a single major issue that Cameron has got right.

Cascadian said...

The implication that camoron will serve a second term is pure farce, entirely suited to music hall.

I especially like the UKIP poster at Guido-"I doubled the national debt, let me do it again!" And what has been achieved with such monstrous spending?