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Friday, 27 March 2015

Gove screws it up for Cameron on Bercow

I am second to none in my disapprobation of our First Commoner, the egregious poison dwarf Bercow. His preening self-love, acidic bitchiness, partisanship, unpleasantness and monstrous ego all make him utterly unsuited to be a neutral, self-effacing, universally regarded Speaker of Parliament. Cunning rather than clever, and with the manner of a bullying young master at a third-rate school picking on second-formers ( "Are those zits, Cameron, or have they been throwing custard at you again?") he will not have endeared himself to any MP committed to the dignity of the Commons. Yesterday as the result of the vote was announced he put his face through any number of pubescent contortions for the cameras, none adding a millimetre to his stature. 

Yet I agree wholeheartedly with the result of yesterday's vote. Gove screwed it up for Cameron - possibly deliberately? - and condemned Hague, who deserved a warm valedictory, to slink out of the House like a bad odour. It was clear his heart just wasn't in the motion, and prior to the vote when he was invited to escape the humiliation by withdrawing it, I'm sure he gave the idea serious consideration. The whole plot of a last minute vote was absurd, unparliamentary and partisan. Gove, no stranger to pomposity and self-love, has felt the rough edge of Bercow's tongue and it must have hurt. By stooping to Bercow's level in attempting to be rid of him, he mistook the strange ability of the Commons to do the right thing at the most unlikely moments.   


Edward Spalton said...

To have deliberately selected one partisan incompetent like Gorbals Mick as Speaker might have been an aberration. To choose an equally, or possibly more obnoxious replacement was worse than carelessness: it was contemptuous of the institution of Parliament and of the people it supposedly represents. It is not as if there were no other possible candidates available. Someone like Frank Field would have commanded respect and affection in the House and the country - as did Betty Boothroyd and George Thomas. But Labour decided it would be fun to appoint a specimen like Bercow. This attempt to unseat him by introducing the alien concept of MPs voting in secret shows a similar contempt for Parliament and People - a hole-in-the-corner device which makes MPs utterly unaccountable to anyone in this matter and would certainly be extended further. It was badlly done. But what should we expect from a corrupt EU County Council?

Mike Spilligan said...

Slightly o/t if I may; the more fundamental question or enigma, is why the good (but probably "thick") voters in Buckingham voted for him as a fake-Conservative, especially as many of them must know of his dubious political record.

Cascadian said...

I am always happy to see camoron's shower reveal their massive ineptitude.
The recent campaign showing home loving camoron is a hint to how desperate their situation is, he will be out of his job by May 10 and will have plenty of time to cook and houseclean.
How anybody could suggest that UKIP is unsuitable in the face of such evidence is laughable, they might bumble and stumble occasionally but that would be a distinct improvement on camoron's record.

DAD said...

"Gove screws it up for Cameron on Bercow"

Was it deliberate ?

Niall Warry said...

At the start of the next Parliament why should the Speaker not be confirmed in his position by a SECRET ballot?