Friday, 20 March 2015

Primitive Afghan natives kill woman over tribal fetish

A mob of tribal Afghan savages is reported to have beaten to death a fellow native woman for allegedly damaging their tribal fetish - an Islamic koran. The act is reminiscent of the accidental deaths of British explorers and missionaries in the century before the last one, who overturned old woodland rocks or heaps of sticks, only to find that these primitive tribal fetishes were worshipped as gods by the natives.

In an age of globalisation the difference of course is that these same primitive natives are likely tomorrow to be queueing at Calais, wearing trainers, jeans and parkas indistinguishable from returning Brits, for the chance to jump into the back of a lorry bound for London. 

Hey ho.


Anonymous said...

They would only be joining up with the millions of religious fanatics already here mate.

I used to laugh when Tony's lot, yer know "the Marxist scum party" used to roll out the confection of lies and bollocks, spinning the lie that "fighting the Taliban was necessary to prosecute a war on terror".

Where, all the time they [Nu labour] were inviting in millions of Pakis and Pakis army Intelligence.
Who were, all along the problem in Afghan.... the real terrorists overlords who were backing up the Taliban warlords from their hideouts in what was once a British Empire bufferno go zone and is now the Waziristani tribal export terror zone.

Pakistan and indirectly India who have always stuck their oar in were always the real story and in the UK both expat Indian and Pakistani Muslims are the main problem - they don't integrate they didn't have to because Bliar's government allowed them free rein to do as the bloody well pleased and we are still bending over backwards because they are so many ffs.
And yet that lying clown, still can't perceive a problem with multiculturalism - he was still in denial about multiculti even on the TV last night, may God damn him.

Tony Blair, either he is a total fuckwit, or he is psychotic - either or, a very dangerous man.

DAD said...

What is the difference between a Fetish and an Idol ?

When one is worshiped the other is destroyed.

Anonymous said...

I notice Tony B-Lair doesn't spend much time in this great and fair multi-cultural land he and his cronies created here.

prawnster said...

Blair is doomed to be a perpetual political albatross never able to be grounded in one place for fear of a .762mm in back of the head. He has a lifetime of insecurity to look forward to.

john cheshire said...

From the Bible, the word Beliar is one of the names for satan.

Anonymous said...

7.62cal would be too quick for the fecker. I want him to die a slow lingering death, in as much pain as possible and in full public view.

Cascadian said...

Farkhunda was an extremely brave woman, and has further exposed the savagery of Islam.

Perhaps we can expect that camoron can organize a meeting of Euro heads of state all walking arms linked along Whitehall each burning a Koran in her (and many millions of previous victims) memory, a la Charlie Hebdo.

No-did not think so. The truth is unbearable for these appeasers.