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Thursday, 16 April 2015

10 Things the election won't change

10 Things the election won't change

1. Outrageous and bare-faced robbery of public funds by senior public sector bosses will continue unchallenged; no manager paid from tax funds should earn more than £150k or 12x the pay of the lowest paid tier in their organisation.

2. An electoral system as corrupt as third world nations, with an electoral quotient for constituencies way beyond the widest +/-5% mark, let alone the +/-3% mark that advanced first world democracies attain. 

3. An electoral system corrupted with (according to Michael Pinto-Duschinsky) 3m on the voting register who shouldn't be and 3m missing from the register who should be

4. Lowest ever level of party political membership; fewer than one in a hundred voters are now members of a political party

5. Deserted by the public, parties will now steal tax money to pay for themselves. This will include UKIP as willing participants; with 15% of the vote share, they are set to gain £12m a year in tax funds under current proposals

6. Fake charities - those getting more than 40% of their funds from tax, lottery or EU funds - will continue to thrive as corrupt adjuncts to the centralising State

7. The global corporates - the biggest fans of the EU as a body that by expensive over-regulation restricts, distorts and blocks competition in favour the biggest firms - will turn profits from mass consumers into covert political action to support the EU Federation

8. The loathed metropolitan political class will continue to rule the UK whoever wins the election; the politicos, journos, BBC and all their dags will break out the champagne whatever happens. As long as voter turnout is above 35%, they'll live.

9. All parties will smother any moves towards Direct Democracy, Localism and Tax Devolution as soon as the election is over, just as in 2010 they broke every promise made in the campaign to tackle the Rotten Parliament crisis. Don't expect any power of recall either.

10. Bloody Blair will rack up more millions by prostituting his jaded reputation to assorted tyrants, dictators and Arabian misanthropes whilst continuing to evade justice; Chilcot will never be published.   

Post Scriptum
And the loathsome and despicable child abuser and paedophile Greville Janner will continue to escape justice before the grave as yet another DPP declines to prosecute one of their own.  


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Hear! Hear! Excellent rant.

Just a couple of quibbles:

No manager paid from public funds should earn more than the Prime Minister. And "earn" includes all bonuses and every kind of troughing they come up with, now and in the future.

Some reasonably good causes get their money from the Lottery funds...they aren't all part of the political class.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Join the Chartists. Here’s our Charter

1. No foreign power has any authority in the UK. No UK tax money is to be sent abroad.
2. All are equal under one law
3. Citizenship is the right only of those born here. Residency status is available to those not born here.
4. Debt may not be used as money. Money is created by fiat, not by fractional reserve banking
5. It is a breach of the peace to utter prayers or speech containing the name Mohamed in public. No one may be known by that name. It may not be used in public prayer or speech or to sign documents with legal significance.
6. No one may proselytise for the name Mohammed. All who utter the name Mohamed may do so only within a mosque registered with and inspected by the Home Office, and they themselves must be registered to that mosque. Collective responsibility requires collective financial penalties and forfeiture of citizenship. All mosques must be OFSTED-ed by non-Muslims.

It’s a work in progress. Let me have your suggestions…

cuffleyburgers said...

DEan Ditch - what a load of illiberal nonsense.

formertory said...

Cuffleyburgers - +1 from me. Nuttier than the Greens, even - and matching them seems to require stupidity, ignorance and the desire to oppress in galactic quantities.

Anonymous said...

Good piece Raedwald... If you mull over your blogs with a nice cup of coffee, you might benefit from a look at the Londinium Espresso machine. (Not an advert, a genuine recommendation!).

Dean, if you want to encourage Muslims to become more like CofE Brits, that s the wrong way... Remember what happened after the soviet empire collapsed... Religions that had been suppressed for over 70 years reappeared, with even more devotees than would be normal in a modern society.

Apart from that, there is no way that freedom can be real if it is achieved at the expense of others.

Anonymous said...

Full marks from me Raedwald - sad thing is you could have added more, but I suspect you were sick of writing by the time you'd finished.

Modern Britain

An extremely rare trip to my local council office yesterday had me spinning with the way it looked and felt. The last time I walked through those Municipal doors was 32 years ago.

It was like walking into a US city police station: foul language and steel bars everywhere.

Three decades ago it had the style and feel of a 1950's branch railway waiting room: flowers and gentle chatter.

I'm 57.


Michael said...

Excellent points Raedwald.

My poll tax bill always has a premium of several per cent to pay for the pensions of all the useless individuals that dreadful Brown bloke stole from my own private pot, which I'd spent years trying to build up.

These same feeble people live in luxury, while I continue to work - albeit now retired - to make sure my family get a life.

Anonymous said...

The bigger question is, how long will the UK public put up with this crumbling crap?

It's come to a point, where the likes of the new public sector, taxpayer funded self appointed aristocracy, of Common Purpose are starting to abuse their power and gilded positions and to dictate their whims to the masses and that's taking the piss.

It won't be long before a deeply disgruntled public start to bypass democracy and take matters into their own hands.

The English are slow to rouse but when it happens the dogs of war are unleashed and hell has no hiding place and our memories are long.

Anonymous said...

The only reason the establishment protects Janner - isn't it obvious?

Janner knows where all the 'corpses are buried' he can name those who were complicit and fellow Paedo's, it stands to reason that the establishment would wish to see that old Grev' has a happy and contented retirement free from grassing on his old mates and the interference [of the Britons aka the plebeians].
Furthermore, and who would wish to have visited upon our 'noble lords' a world wide public audience - certainly it is decreed that: the public can go hang.
Up for hanging though, the likes of Paul Gadd, Dave Lee Travis and anyone else they can impugn, via crass fishing expeditions to besmear [Cliff] and arrest; just so that TPTB can be seen to be on top of the "paedo sex scandal".

Finally, it deflects nicely attention away from the Pakistani gang rapists and the blatant cover up of all the complicit British authorities not least "the Filth".

Justice in Britain? Is buggered.

Dean Ditchbank said...

To remain liberal, you have to defend a liberal culture, firmly & actively. And of course you have to acknowledge that there are threats to, and enemies of, our liberal culture.
Here's one of today's headlines -
Muslims threw Christians overboard during Med voyage
Let's not deny that there is a threat - ostensibly 'religious'- to our liberal British polity.

Anonymous said...

Dean - got to be born here? That rules me out, then, born in Germany to parents descended from nearly a millenium of traceable British ancestry, but with one parent serving in the Army of Occupation - but would include (to your distaste) millions of Muslims!

G. Tingey said...

Your "Top Salary" for a public offical would mean tha many posts would be unfilled
(Sir) Peter Hendy, unlike some of the others, really is worth what he's paid ....

G. Tingey said...

At least one totally corrupt politician has been found out & disbarred from standing again ....