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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Back to the '70s with Red Ed

Rent controls, Price and Wage controls and central State Economic Planning are three of the failed Socialist dogmas last tried by Labour and the Unions in the UK in the 1970s that led to, er, high unemployment, rationing and economic ruin. Having already screwed the UK economy almost to the point of no recovery once in the past 10 years, wreckers Labour and their mafia Union bullyboys want to do it all again.

Labour have proven time after time that they simply can't be trusted with the welfare of the UK economy. With the best intentions but with incredible stupidity, they have ruined Britain's economy time after time. Labour have never once left government with unemployment lower than when they took power. 

As most readers will know all this I'm probably wasting space writing it, but I'm just astonished - gobsmacked - that Red Ed should be so damn stupid as to propose rent controls at this stage of the campaign. Even Ed Balls knows that all rent controls achieve is a shortage of secure rented accommodation and the degradation of condition of private housing stock as owners can't afford repairs. 

Any idiot not yet convinced should spend a weekend in Porto to see the results of decades of Socialist rent controls; gorgeous 18th century buildings in the city centre roofless and abandoned, others with collapsing facades, defective rainwater pipes, rotten window and doors and sagging, gaping roofs. All because the Socialist idiots thought the levers of power would bring Utopia when we know that what they mostly bring is ruin.  


Anonymous said...

Now, me and thee we are always pretty much on the same page lad and I much admire and respect your opinion - always. But sorry me old mate, I am gonna vehemently disagree with this phrasing:

"With the best intentions but with incredible stupidity"

History, is the sum total of man's mistakes. If we do not read, mark and record our history we will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past - why can't some politicians see that?

Some, they said Macmental was a historian, no, no I cannot believe that and this one..... Miliband [PPE] was taught history - but alas it was at Oxford.

FFS, the collapse of academia into the anarchy of advocacy and imparting prejudice, should be recorded, governmental interference and now foreign funding from the Gulf and the EU has much to answer for here.

Notwithstanding, the insanity of Miliband's proposing so many Communist policies which even he surely must know are clusterfucks waiting to happen.

People tell me, in newspapers, on the box that Miliband is some sort of very intelligent bod', well from where I am observing he is the perpetual student buried in the arcane philosophies of his limited reading, and only able to see the world through a red prism and mainly, always in the abstract.

He, Miliband cannot, more like refuses to attempt to comprehend free market economies. He is thus unable to apply the rules of real world FREE market economies and because, he hates the prospect to the core of his being.

Oh yes is he [Miliband] a bigoted, mean spirited Bolshevik, but is dangerous because he's a manipulator and behind that, the Unions work his strings.

Aye all of that, what's worse than all of the above and is where we must disagree Raedwald.

All of it, the spiteful policy directions of Cultural Marxism and with it the UK desecration,desolation and despoilment.

The enormous and appalling social costs of societal engineering failure of mass immigration coupled with Multiculturalism, the problems which plague Britain.
Policies and statutes mainly installed by Left wing UK politicians......of both Tory and Labour rosettes - lets not kid ourselves that the problems are exclusively of Miliband's party's fashioning. Here, the Tories are complicit, Heath marched us into Europe, Thatcher unforgivably as education minister continued and augmented Croslands 'reforms', Multiculturalism it's foundations were cemented by the Tories. Camoron is the 'son of Heath', wet, leftie with a penchant for all things EU.

The Frankfurt School dogmas run riot, exuded out of the arse of British politics and is 'manna' for the bottom feeding nihilists and shit flies in the Labour [Tory and yellow] party.
Miliband, is the lord of the flies indeed.

"Best intentions", intended it was but intended to disrepair and wreak destruction. Largely it has been done and they got away with it, another five years, And of Miliband now! It would complete the transition, from proud first world nation to basket case third world shit hole in a matter of two and a half generations.

Restoring Britain said...

They have been a lucky party in that the electorate get sick of them to vote them out just in time, leaving someone else to administer the bad medicine needed.

This in turn hands them the advantage of using these consequences to then tell the electorate what a nasty and uncaring lot the new government is.

I sometimes wish they would have won the 2010 election to help smash this notion and left them to try (and probably fail) to fix their own mess.

Cull the Badgers said...

It is a sad reflection on modern society and its superficiality and poor education along with an stupefying and biased media that the majority of people do not understand the dangers they face with Marxist Miliband and his thugs (currently mostly in the shadows, but soon to be moved into the light).

We cannot rely on the Conservatives to explain the dangers - Cameron is probably one of the dumbest PM's we've had for years but he may come up with a sound-bite - after all they are all in favour of State control of wages, via the minimum wage which seems to be have accepted into the orthodoxy. There would be many more people in employment and on better wages if it were abolished and restrictive employment laws relaxed.

GreatScot said...

A more cynical man than me may suspect that Cameron does not want a clear majority. Without a majority he can legitimately renage on the in / out referendum.

john cheshire said...

For what it's worth, I'm in general agreement with all of you. Perhaps if we, as a nation, had insisted on our children being taught our history we'd have a population that better understands how we are being manipulated. Why, for example schools almost exclusively concentrate on Nazi Germany (of course failing to provide the link to socialism) and totally ignore the hundreds of millions of lives ruined and taken away by communists. If you went into school history lessons you'd be forgiven for thinking that soviet Russia never existed. Educate people on the evils of socialism/fascism/communism and maybe the likes of Mr Milliband and his marxist claque would never be allowed near the levers of power.

Flyinthesky said...

CTB, What the left won't entertain is the much hated zero hours contracts are near a direct consequence of draconian employment legislation.

Anonymous said...

What nobody will tell you is that zero hours contracts are brilliant in the right setting. For a person trying to live on one, with a petty-minded boss restricting the hours worked, they must be hell. But for a retired person working as an advisor, and forming a second income stream when they don't want a full time job, they are great. Plus, being over the maximum age for NI, the nett pay is better than the gross would suggest.
Plus, you don't have to have the hassle of being (partly) self-employed if you have one.

Anonymous said...


Wasn't a survey done a while ago that indicated the vast proportion of people on ZHC's were happy with them?

Abolishing ZHC's like most of the rest of Labour's manifesto is knee jerk shit.

Dave_G said...

Prepare thy selves for a Labour/Tory coalition.

Labour don't want the toxicity of the SNP, Tories don't want the demands of UKIP (and the Libdems will be decimated anyway...).

Consequently the ONLY solution open to both sides is a coalition together - for just long enough to negate the threats of SNP/UKIP interference - thereafter another election on clear grounds to decide the 'winner'.

Anonymous said...

Labour (and the SNP) love nothing better than prodding their proddy little prodnoses into our business. Over-burdensome regulation is a hallmark of the loony-left.

And then there's the SNP factor. I hate Scottish politics and politicians - FFS, look what Snotty McDoom did to us! SNP politics is crammed full of spite, sectarianism, racism and bigotry and we'll have none of it in England.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

" Plus, being over the maximum age for NI, the nett pay is better than the gross would suggest."

Huh? There is no maximum age for NI.

What you're probably thinking of is that NI is not (yet) payable on pension income.

Plantman said...

Sorry WY - NI contributions stop when you reach State Pension age. I haven't checked but I suspect if you haven't got your full 45 yrs? in you may be able to carry on voluntarily but there is no legal obligation to do so.

G. Tingey said...

Agree apart from: "mafia Union bullyboys "
Sorry, trades unions are a necesstity - if only to stop zero-hours contracts & serious divisive bullying and read discrimination (not the fake stuff) in the workplace.
Becasue, some employers are total shits & need reigning in, just like any other power-group, OK?

john cheshore
Oh do grow up: WHAT "link to socialism" in Nazi Germany?
Because it was in the NDSAP's name?
Like "Democratic" was in the DDR's name.
Purrrlease, get real.

Anon "zro-hours" as in: "You may not get any work & you are NOT ALLLOWED to take other work for anyone else to make up your income...."
No, that is unfair & unjust.
A contract where you may not get any work, but are not penalised for taking work from others (& thereofe have the right to say: "Sorry but I'm, employed somewhere else that day" is another matter entirely - but that is not a zero-hours contract, is it?
Unless you are using different definitions, of course.