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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cameron's thickness fosters Islamism

I've mentioned before that Cameron is a bit thick. However, what he lacks in intelligence, he gains in low cunning and artifice. After having comprehensively misunderstood  the situation in Syria to the extent of losing a parliamentary vote, he compounded his stupidity by failing to correct the path on which he's embarked - a policy line that has fostered Islamism and inspired Jihadists in the UK and has caused queues of Syrian migrants to pile up at Calais. Yes, they're Dave's fault - though you'd hardly know it. 

At the same time he's done absolutely nothing about Islamist snakes such as CAGE's Asim Qureshi, spreading the poison of Islamist hate with carefully crafted phrases that stay just inside hate-speech laws. It is not wrong in the eyes of Islam to lie to and deceive we Kaffirs for Islam's sake; there is no guilt associated with the poison that drips from Qureshi's bulbous lips if it furthers the Moslem Ummah. 

Peter Hitchens is on the case in the MOS, but if you want to read the whole unexpurgated condemnation of Cameron's foreign policy stupidity by none other than Peter Ford, former ambassador of the Court of St James to the Republic of Syria, it's in the Guardian here


Budgie said...

Less than good ol' Dave has a track record of saying one thing and doing another: defence, immigration, Islamic terrorists, the EU. Looking closely he is just plain untrustworthy. It seems, though, that many will reluctantly vote for him out of fear of Labour.

The reality is that many policies Cameron has promoted are social-democrat, not Tory, and some even Labour may not have dared to do (eg defence cuts but foreign aid increases). Vote Cameron get social democrat, whatever porkies he is regurgitating for the campaign trail.

I see only a continued downward spiral with Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, which is why I am supporting UKIP. They are the only party not offering more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is looking beyond his current job. Western leaders today are not like the national political leaders of the past, they are internationalist leaders, or globalists for short.

What we got from the likes of Major, Blair, Brown and now Cameron are filtered policies for domestic use. The big stuff is decided elsewhere: EU/UN

This is the system they've plugged us into. By design it will not change no matter which party is in power. Real change is breaking the system and restoring democracy.

NB The 'system' dumped democracy when it was created.


Martin said...

Do not for a moment think that Cameron is "a bit thick"

He has had the benefit of a first class eduacation. He excelled at Brasenose Oxford where he graduated with a first class honours degree in PPE. His tutor,Professor Vernon Bogdanor, has said that he is one of the ablest students he has taught.

We therefore have to assume that he is fully aware of his actions and their consequences - they make perfect sense to him !

Arthur Foxake said...

Dave is only one part of DaveEdNick, the complete consensus politician, he would not be allowed to display any understanding of the situations in Syria, Ukraine or Iraq were he able to form his own opinions.
The corporate lobbyists own them all.