Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Do You Know What, I hate it already

God knows where it came from, but all of a sudden I can't listen to the wireless or watch television news broadcasts without hearing some cretin prefacing a declaratory statement with 'Do you know what ..'. It's ghastly, it's grating, it irritates the Hell out of me. I hate and loathe it. 

Sorry, I should say, do you know what, I hate and loathe it.



john cheshire said...

Not having a TV licence, I no longer watch live TV but in the past, every answer to a question was prefaced with the word well. Has that been replaced with a new verbal tick? I found it so irritating I even sent a message to the bbc asking them to stop it. Of course, the sodding bbc being what it is just ignored me.

oldrightie said...

Exactly, absolutely, well I mean it's the end result of socialist dumbing down educational and social engineering activity. Now, you know what? That is loathsome!

Anonymous said...

So. I was reading Raedwald and it was thought provoking.

So. I decided to write a small reply of my own.

So. All this stuff about diction is all so last century.

So. Staring each sentence with SO has become the norm and its catching.

The French have been doing it for years. Alors!!

Coney Island

Rush is Right said...

"You know what I mean?" usually suffixed to statement of utter banality, does it for me.

Anonymous said...

'So' is not the only irritating word; the other one is 'Look' said at the beginning of each sentence.

Anonymous said...

It's that Nigel Farage - he keeps saying "But d'you know what? ... "

Let's hope it doesn't get coupled with our old friend the upward intonation at the end of the sentence Grrr

Anonymous said...

So, look, you know what I mean interspersed with 'Like' every other word and every sentence sounding like a question.

Anonymous said...

get with the programme, it's