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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Miliband's crass stupidity puts Labour in the gutter

I was once offered a site manager with a severe stammer. I've known so many site managers that I can pretty well size them up straight away - and I thought this bloke was a tosser. However, I stopped myself sending him back on the grounds that I was seeing the disability, not the man. To make headway in an industry short on loving empathy with such a handicap must count for something, so I kept him. It turned out he was a tosser, and I should have followed my instinct and sent him back at the start. 

Miliband's lunatic proposal to make Islamophobia an aggravated crime puts Labour in the gutter in its pursuit of the Muslim vote. Both Allison Pearson in the Telegraph and Douglas Murray in the Speccie do a more than adequate job of Fisking Red Ed's destructive stupidity and I need not repeat the reasons here. 

Those hungriest for political office, those greediest for power, are always exactly the people we should never let anywhere near it. Miliband's betrayal of his brother in his lust for office, his manifold and desperate lying to cohorts of the electorate to achieve it and the dishonestly of the image his dags and cronies are attempting to project on the British public all betoken the strength of his avarice for power. By any means. 

Miliband is a ruthless ideologue who will destroy Britain. Be afraid; be very afraid.  


Horny Thologist said...

Agreed. Similar indications of desperation for power evident in cosying up to that colossal bell-end Russell Brand. Trouble is, Cameron's doing it too but with pensioners - GP appointments for over-75s, triple-lock pensions, no reduction of freebies. I'd just like one of the bastards to be honest, and have some qualities of a statesman.

Happy to wager a modest sum that Lab + SNP in power will first and foremost move towards reducing the voting age to 16 as a reinforcement to their voting base. Personally, I think there's merit in raising the voting age - say to 30, when voters might actually have seen something and understood something of life instead of being full of emotions, hormones and acne.

DeeDee99 said...

If Cameron showed half the determination and conviction Miliband has put on show, he'd be home and dry.

Instead we've got Miliband offering further legal protection for the RoP - as if they aren't already effectively immune from prosecution unless their crime is so heinous it can be ignored - and pandering to the moron Brand who was no doubt continually promoted by the BBC over the past year for precisely that reason.

Anonymous said...

This nation, is financially bust but bust in many more ways than is obvious.

I loathe Miliband, nigh on as much as I despise Blair, so much so it is difficult to differentiate between the two and who is actually worse - though the more I ponder, it has to be Miliband.
Blair, catered for the corporate elite, Miliband carries on the foundational work of his father and plodders of the long march of the critical theorists - Marxist cronies the cultural Marxists and Common Purpose and therein paves the way for the Islamists.

Yet, I don't think the country is ready for its medicine - and the cold wind of common sense linked to realpolitik, equable, objective and rational governance and all things retrenchment. It could be that, Miliband is the virus that will kill the patient [Britain] off.

Or, Britain, it maybe needs a further application of extreme left wing idiocy in the form of a Miliband government.
I was of the opinion that, Macruin should have been allowed to bugger on and carry on shafting the nation.

What we got instead, was a coagulation of the labour party by another name, nothing much happened except another 4 million aliens came through the front door.

For me, there is not much to choose from, Camerons social democrats are just about preferable but there's not much in it.

It may be that, the pollsters are out by a mile and that UKIP perchance just may make major inroads.

However, the establishment will close ranks anyway and be under no illusions, for the Brussels monster dictates and has been running UK politics for many a year.
As it [the EU] surely does in the rest of the Empire and under Angela's steady gaze from the stern and very unlovely Reichskanzler, German industry demands it.

Thus and just like that happy circumstance in Sweden, no doubt under instruction from Brussels and the EUropean elite, the sensible party [Sweden Democrats] were sidelined by a coalition of the damned.
A precendent is set whereby even if the people don't want it, they get it by diktat - THAT is how Brussels works the puppet national Parliaments or diets.

So that, even if UKIP do have a successful GE the Lavs+RED-tories will deny UKIP influence and most probably thereby disenfranchising 4-6 million UKIP voters and 8 million Tory voters in the process. The only lot who will be dancing, the Brussels politburo, the UK client state, al bbc and Miliband's scum party and not to forget the Banks and corporate paymasters.

Stitched up, will the Kippers and Tories too be.

john cheshire said...

If the Labour party had any honour, it would have purged itself of everyone associated with their 13 year reign of terror,impoverishment, lies, theft, war and general misery. The names balls,cooper, milliband, hodge, blears,Jowell and the rest should not be there as prospective candidates, if not facing charges of malfeasance. But one characteristic of commies is they have no honour. Furthermore, what affliction affects 30% of our country's population that causes them to keep voting for these people; how much more must they be abused before they come to their senses?

English Pensioner said...

It's time these people who rant on about Islamophobia and all the other phobias looked up the meaning of the word "phobia" in a dictionary.
A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear of something, but unlike my wife's arachnophobia which most would claim is completely irrational, I would argue that our fear of Islam is in no way irrational and that I could fully justify my position. It is not a phobia to be very afraid of an organisation which advocates chopping off the heads of those who disagree with their beliefs.

Ayrsoul said...

My socialistaphobia is not irrational either.

Anonymous said...

No idea what Islam-o-phobia means, perhaps a dictionary will help:

Islam n. the religion of the Muslims - ok, understood

o n. the fifteenth letter of the alphabet - yes

phobia an extreme or irrational fear of something - sounds reasonable

Put together you have Muslims, a letter and fear.

Still don't get it. Was Miliband taking the piss?


Billy Marlene said...

By far the worst election campaign in my memory.

Involving Brand! Jeez, there is more credibiity in Bart Simpson.

And as for Cameron 'pumping up'. How embarrassing with those pasty spaghetti arms trailing out of hastily rolled up shirtsleeves. How patronising, how condescending. Good job the 'factory' audience were probably hand picked and slipped something to keep their gobs shut.

Then the final insult - 'Labour will dig deep into your pay packets'. WTF is he on about - how many of his chosen 'working class' audience actually receive a 'pay packet'? Does Lord Snooty think that the masses don't have bank accounts to receive their salaries, not 'pay', not 'wages' but salaries.

I am beginning to feel that anyone, Osborn, Boris or May could do a more honest job.

G. Tingey said...

Well, as a confirmed atheist I'm automatically islamophobic aren't I?

It's a religion, it's shite, like all religions & I don't respect it, any more than any other religion.
Now prosecute me, if you dare, law or no law .....