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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Model complains that workmen whistled at her. Eventually.

Pippy Bananna, 24, whose 'Facebook' page is dedicated to to over 1,200 'selfie' photographs in various stages of undress, issued a press release through her agent yesterday complaining that she had been wolf-whistled by builders. News media were advised that Pippy would be available for a photoshoot close to the site wearing a bikini if the weather was good. A CD of many shots of Ms Bananna's cleavage accompanied the release. 

Mr Fred Teabag, roofer, 47, working on the site commented "This weird woman has been hanging around the site entrance for about a week now not wearing much at all. It was bloody freezing yesterday so Charlie offered her his duffel coat - he's got four teenage girls, see - but this funny little bloke in bleached wig leapt out screaming 'isn't she worth a whistle, boys? Look at those puppies!'. He kept going on about it until Claude, our gay chippie, gave her a single note, a falling G minor I think. They were quite happy after that and went off."

Ms Bananna's screen credits include valet vacuum girl in DVD release 'Modding the Mondeo' and as dead girl #3 in an episode of 'Casualty'. Her single, released last year, reached 12,543 in the UK charts.


Anonymous said...

Very clever,and probably not too far from the truth.

Horny Thologist said...

Is Pippy by chance married to a Labour MP as a sideline?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the police have taken four men into custody for fingerprinting and DNA samples and the Government is looking to make wolf whistling a racist crime ('women' being a race of course) and are suggesting a minimum sentence of 18 months plus a fine of £5,000.

(sorry, the above is a PREDICTION not a statement)

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Anon 1153: reality has overtaken you. The fuzz are indeed "questioning" the alleged perpetrators.

Meanwhile, as reported yesterday, if your parked car is trashed by a drunk driver who then simply leaves the scene, they are not interested because apparently no crime has been committed.