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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MPs with lighter links to their parties

You may have noticed far more candidates for parliament this time around are playing down their Party links. Oh sure they've got the tribal colours, but their message to their electors is about their self rather than their Party. Thus Caroline Lucas is standing as Caroline Lucas (Green Party), and in Nick Clegg's constituency
Coppard, an attractive and apparently gifted campaigner, is running as a local candidate in a seat that has been lacking in representation because the incumbent MP has been off doing other things. Take a look at Coppard’s website. It’s very revealing. Miliband isn’t mentioned once on the home page and the word “Labour” only appears at the very bottom. You might argue that Coppard’s campaign is very similar to a traditional Lib Dem campaign: loudly local and all about the candidate rather than the party. Are the people of Hallam essentially switching from one kind of liberal to another?
The Tories already had trouble with their 2010 intake - perhaps the least-whipable cohort in the Party's history. It may be that candidates recognise the public dissatisfaction with the Big Three and are being tactical, or that they are genuinely independently minded in the mould of Sir Patrick Cormack of "It's country, constituency, party. In that order". It will take their actual performance in the house to tell, but must surely be another nail in the coffin of the old, stale Parties.  


Anonymous said...

Independent MP's?

Whatever next, thinking MP's?

MP's actually beholden to their electorate and it follows saying stuff to the party machine. To quote RED ED "Hell - yes" to that.
It would be a start of a very necessary separation of powers. God only knows, here in the UK: the executive needs to be sundered from all and any linkage to the legislature.
Then, an annual plebiscite on all expenditures = people power.

john cheshire said...

When MPs adopt the Harrogate Agenda then I'll start to believe they place their electorates interest before everything else.

Mike Spilligan said...

Yes, the public are dissatisfied with the present undemocratic processes and are beginning to realise this rather late in the day. I saw a "Joe Soap for Mayor" poster the other day and it took a lot of searching to confirm that it was published by the LibDems - just a tiny underfed bird in one corner.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I look forward to a "pragmatic parliament" in which the more sensible wings of the Tory and Labour rumps work together to outvote the loonies (aka the SNP) and do what needs to be done for the country.

Well one can hope...

Anonymous said...

The 'system' will smooth the awkward personalities, you know the free thinkers that used to populate the mother of all parliaments, making it unique.

Now we have 'modern Britain' where too much thinking leads to non-compliance. The 'system' doesn't want people with wrong thoughts.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

No comment about the ex-google exec parachuted into rural Worcestershire to take the place of the respected Peter Luff.
No connection with his rural constituency, spent a good chunk of his life in Los Angeles... what's that about?

Anonymous said...

Caroline Lucas? What, she of the Monster Raving Green Ecoloonery Party?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I live in Clegg's constituency. I've met Coppard. He's personable but unfortunately he runs the council's low carbon claptrap. A classic public sector apparatchik who twitters on about austerity; he hasn't a clue.

Budgie said...

Our local ecoloon wants to "phase out fossil fuel based energy generation and nuclear power" which I gather is Green party policy. Presumably that is what CAROLINE LUCAS* also stands for. They are beyond parody.

*Green party.

Wildgoose said...

Hey Sebastian! I live in Greenhill, just a few hundred yards outside Sheffield Hallam constituency, in Sheffield Heeley.

We ought to have a drink together some time to have a good chunter about the half-wits running the country. :-)

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Jeez - I thought I was the only sensible bloke in South Yorkshire. It turns out there are 2 of us.