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Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Wrong Mans

The collapse of the anti-journalist trials inspired by Leveson, hacked-off and a bunch of wuzzie luvvies including the alleged actor Hugh Grant follows an equally high profile series of trials - somewhat hit and miss - in which celebrities from the 1970s were accused of groping. Neither have done any credit either to the police who investigated them or the politicised lawyers who took forward the prosecutions. They were and are political show trials, intended to offer red meat to the public to distract attention from our masters' failure in other directions. 

And their most grievous failure has been the failure to put their own on trial. It is now clear to the British public that the political class is also criminally corrupt in protecting its own from the law - whether for child abuse, theft, fraud or Blair crimes.

Whilst a rioter stealing a 30p bottle of water can get three years, an MP stealing ten times as much every day of the week is described as a 'trivial' offender and escapes justice. Queer rapists are pushed into ermine and the Lords. Files are lost or destroyed, Chief Constables suborned, witnesses threatened. No wonder we hold them all in such contempt. 

Posting may be patchy for a few days - reliant on a tablet.


Sackerson said...

It's unwise to antagonise the Fourth Estate, especially in the runup to a General Election.

The trend will be for the media to get special treatment in civil liberties terms, while the grip continues to tighten on the ordinary citizen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

" ... to distract attention from our masters' failure in other directions."

Perhaps these constant manifest failures are designed to distract attention from our masters' successes and continuing programmes of enslavement.

Keep taking the tablet ...


Mike Spilligan said...

I've been leafleting and canvassing for a political party for the last couple of weeks and I think there are few who are distracted by tabloid headlines - it's more like their bovine or ovine interest is what the next takeaway will be, who will pay and what's on telly.

Anonymous said...

What you're describing, Raedwald, is really quite serious - almost as serious as the lack of reaction from the plebian masses (re: Mike Spilligan's above post).

Voter turnout on 7th May will shame this democracy once again. Thus we will be ruled by a party with a mandate of 30 per cent or less.

Boiling frogs.


Michael said...

Oh, I dunno Steve, the UKIP vote is the big unknown still, despite the BBC and the Daily Mail etc!

The 'big' polling chaps really have very little to go on, and continuously piddle about with their Excel spreadsheets and pivot charts.

It's really laughable that anyone believes any poll these days, they've been so wrong on most occasions!

Of course, the bias of the BBC means that the more times voters shout at the screen, the more times a vote goes away from the two fattest parties!

Dean Ditchbank said...

Always believed we owe it to our masters to give them whatever pleasure they can derive from the bodies of a few cast off street children. A very minimal homage, a reasonable settlement

Our new Muzz masters demand many more under-aged bodies and much more tribute. But the tribute will also increase year on year, no negotiation.

Perhaps we did not give the old masters enough, for it looks like they have sold us to the new

Anonymous said...

Reliant on a tablet eh?

Yes, those Viagra can really mess up your typing.....

Anonymous said...

If the thick bastards could only travel round the country and realize the scale and magnitude of the demographic transition occurring in Britain - perhaps they might be persuaded to get off their indolent backsides and vote.

We are being swamped, it is a takeover funded by the Saudis and the UK authorities if strands are not totally complicit, then local government are trying to prove they are "totally complicit" - to be the case.
So when Dave, Tony[bliar] and Theresa attempt to dampen the anxiety by implying, "there is no existential threat to Britain from the salafist living in our midst". Then, it is odds on 1: 12million on - you can take it, that Dave and Theresa have either given up or, both are lying through their teeth.

Most of those that can read the runes - have gone

Of those that remain, those bright enough to perceive it - they are also removing themselves from these benighted islands asap.

It is the old, who fear the most, who dread the near future - as Britain changes before all our eyes - into North Pakistan and when the genocide and war begins - always the weakest get it first.

Oh they've sold us [Plebeians aka the Brits] on alright, the problem is - pretty soon the mooslimes will be coming for the paper shufflers that's before they've got their hands on the MPs....That is, if they still have the bottle/stupidity not to fuck off to a Pacific Island - even then eventually - it won't be far enough.

Stay and Kowtow or, die.