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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why is the State renting houses?

What on earth is the State doing renting houses? We find it absurd that Sweden's government has a monopoly on retail alcohol sales ("Here's my ration card Comrade; I'd like a litre of Class 1(b) State Beer, please" "Certainly, Comrade. Please attend the compulsory safety video screening and take this token to the issue desk. That will be £19.50 please") and find it risible in a North Korean way that the State should try to sell groceries, clothes or provide haircuts (Here's my ration card, Comrade; I'd like a haircut please" " Certainly, Comrade; would that be a Kim or a Kim style? Or perhaps a Kim style? Take this token to the butcher and here's your pudding basin. That will be a goat, please") but we think it's fine for the following to be regularly the case;

"Hello Comrade I'd like to rent a flat, please"
"Certainly, Comrade: do you fall into one or more of the following privileged State classes:- foreign born, irresponsible slut, alcoholic, social nuisance, fiscally incapable, victim of capitalist hegemony, victim of male hegemony, drug producer?"
"No, Comrade, I'm just a Worker"
"The wait will be fourteen years. Would you like a glass of State Beer whilst you wait? How about a haircut?"

The sooner the State - and that includes the Housing Associations sector - is pushed out of housing provision, the more efficiently markets will meet housing demand. 


Michael said...

And don't forget 'pepper-potting', (the government/council diktat which says that developers must intersperse these dwellings among the nice ones which are actually being paid for).

The old financial appraisal always looks glum when the chance of living next to the types you mention hits the sale value by several points...

Weekend Yachtsman said...

If it comes to that, what on earth is the State doing running schools?

After all, experience over the last half a century or so doesn't suggest that they're any good at it.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Hmm. The state controls the supply of land through planning regs. Get rid of housing associations etc and evil private landlords like me will be able to jack up our rents while continuing to refuse benefits claimants (which I do).

Anonymous said...

The state will always control supply as long as it controls the planning process.

Anonymous said...

State interference in ANYTHING has been and always will be a total fiscal and management disaster.

But this is how they want it to be - they won't ever give the private sector a chance to prove their worth as to do so would show Government up for the utter incompetents we all really know it is.

Hiding their incompetence in full view - that's the way to do it.

James Higham said...

Yes but what's the roadmap to achieving them being pushed out?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

What's truly exasperating is that the state is in the process of re-branding these things as "charitee" - housing association "not for profit" and "Community Intereste Companies" being stuffed to the gunwales with feckless halfwits and clipboard wielding buzzword speaking jobsworths

... I just looked at my local Wiltshire Wildlife Trust - more than half their £3.5 million a year spend comes directlyfrom TAX - something that I believe stretches the very definition of obscene.

Cull the Badgers said...

Nor should the State be providing television/radio news, entertainment and sports coverage, as here in the UK via the BBC and its compulsory licence.