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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Will they PLEASE stop digging Blair up

It seems Labour can't leave Blair decently in the ground for five minutes without digging him up and moving his old Zombie bones in front of a mic. This time it was to tell us, with a level of insincerity that only the dead can manage, that he 100% supported Miliband. He also told his invited audience of Labour thugs and necromancers that democracy was quite overrated, the public could never be trusted to make the right decisions and that Saddam had a secret invisibility bomb stashed in the heart of London. 

Mr Blair was later reburied in the borders pending his exhumation for an interview with Paxman next week. 



cuffleyburgers said...

It is a mark of Blair's detachment from reality that he thinks his intervention will assist the Labour cause... at least I assume that's what he thinks.

One thing about Blair - you can never guess what he thinks by listening to what he says.

Congenital liar, and all round loathsome piece of shit, one of the few people whose death by some extremely painful and humiliating disease would be good news.

oldrightie said...

Given the bile the left direct against the late, great Lady T., their tolerance of this mega rich, faux socialist and son of Satan, tells us all we need to know about hypocrisy.

Bill Sticker said...

The rock he was under can't have been big enough.

John M said...

Publish. Chilcott. Now.

Anonymous said...

Well he started his career importuning in a public toilet (Charles Lynton, Bow Street Magistrates' Court 1983) and he's ended it with pretty much the same object in mind.

He'll no doubt cheat the hangman for a few years - they always protect their own, for a while.

Our best hope however is an Iraqi father who lost his family (George and Tony's Shock 'n' Awe 2003) will put a bullet through his braincase.


Michael said...

He's vain enough to disregard the fact that so many people think he is a congenital liar, that his endorsement of the nulab party, will help the hopeless Millitwonk, and his mate Balls.

A short listen to Bliar means a thousand votes for UKIP.

Bring it on!

Budgie said...

Blair is the glove puppet for big business to keep Britain enslaved to the EU.

Anonymous said...

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Matt 16:26

Hollow man, hollowed out but long ago was the core already blighted with a black desperate rot. A parable of the vanity of man, used like a puppet and of the vacuous emptiness of the left - it tells.

Have a close look at the photo R, he really is a broken man but with hindsight, actually he never was his own man, he was eunuchized - gelded many, many moons ago.
A faustian like pact with her, for she had looked into his soul and knew him well and what he was and is, he signed up and now cannot control even the timing of his toilet breaks.

A ghostly entity drifts across the world's stage, for he is just a hologram man doing the bidding of the corporate elite, the Kazakhs and Beelzebub, the she devil and as predicted dangled before a boy a vision of power and baubles, of untold riches 'they' could command by backing dubya 'in the footsteps of my father' unfinished military adventure in Iraq.

The bell is tolling Mr. Blair, as predicted.

mikebravo said...

The pig shit ignorant labour tribalists would still vote him back into office given half a chance.

G. Tingey said...

One hopes that resurrecting War Criminal Blair will lose Labour a few votes .....

Anonymous said...

To pinch a line from LOTR
"...when you hang from a gibbet for the sport of your own crows".Or his head on a spike above Traitor's Gate.Either option is acceptable.

DeeDee99 said...

I continue to hope that someone will arrest Blair and make him face a court of law.

If he can't be charged with War Crimes, he should at the very least be charged with Malfeasance in Public Office - for lying to Parliament and the British people.