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Friday, 1 May 2015

Miliband destroyed by QT audience

It was the dawning shock and panic that crept into Red Ed's face last night as he realised that he was taking fatal punches from the balanced BBC audience that made it a Cognac moment for me. They didn't just belt him once, they kept landing killer blows - and the more he refused to admit any Labour culpability in destroying the UK's economy by borrowing, the more vicious the audience pummelling. 

I suspect the unresolved row over the BBC's biased leftie audience for the previous election QT may have prompted some due diligence amongst the programme's producers. That matter is far from over - not least of which my own very precise FOI requests for specific communications between programme makers and ICM. Which will go all the way to the Information Commissioner if the BBC refuses to hand them over. 

Cameron and Clegg both also took hits from a gloves-off audience whose general disrespect towards these giants of the political class reflected the attitude we all know in real life. They weren't above accusing the politicians of lying - and Dimbleby wisely kept quiet. 

All in all the best yet of the televised offerings - and a benchmark against which to compare future offers.


DeeDee99 said...

Yes. The audience was far more balanced than normal. Ironic that it was Farage who was responsible for making the BBC behave impartially over the audience - yet he was barred from participating.

I'm sure the BBC was delighted about that.

Anonymous said...

If the people of this country have any nous, they will have seen that the only politician that makes any sense, is the one that was given his own show.

As you say Raedwald, there is now no doubt, if there was any before, that the warm up acts that were on earlier, do not have the mental capacity to run the UK...

...Probably why they have delegated that responsibility to a foreign body.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, it was good to see and hear our incumbent and prospective 'dear leaders' given some audience battering, this sort of thing used to be somewhat of a regular occurrence for politicians in the past, now they are over protected and mollycoddled by a posse of fuckwit spinners and 'advisers'.
Certainly, Dimblebore gave the audience more or less free rein.

Dimbleby's mute performance, was most welcome and I thought how good it was NOT to hear the constant interruptions from what is supposed to be an objective, ie neutral chair - reference QT.

Later on however, and in total contrast to Dimbleby's performance did you catch - have a chance to watch Nigel Farage?

It was in a similar format ie political leader, in Mr. Nigel Farage, with chair and bbc idiot, and live audience but this time with a Brummie flavour.

Back to normal for al-beeb.

Whenever, Mr. Farage was engaging in genuine debate and immediately when he was scoring direct hits, raining fire on the evident idiocies prevalent to the Brussels beholden political consensus [liblavcon] in jumped Coburn trying to interfere with Nigel's flow and prevent him communicating effectively the points he was making.

Coburn, self anointed, ingratiatingly sits, so she believes comfortably among the North London set. The Bohemian louche and luvvies, in the metropolitan chatterati. Self altered, she is a feminazi and fire breathing dragon of some screaming left wing bias and utterly ignorant in the social graces being born of lower status, which they don't impart any longer.

Coburn doing her damnedest, wanted to steer the programme her way Nigel, imperious but well mannered did manage to make some headway and especially with a Sikh lad who made me proud to be British. It should not be forgotten, the Hindus and Sikhs who now live here in the UK - will be our friends and allies in the forthcoming struggle with the Islamists.

So, Dimbleby did he right thing [that must be a first] - is he at long last listening to the criticism? The other night, did Nigel make him [Dimblebore] think - that also would be a welcome diversion from his usual form.

Whereas, Coburn did the heckling mostly all by herself, it was so redolent, a repetition of those SWP-UNITE dingbats, usually though sometimes it's difficult to tell...wimin harridan nutters you see on QT. These Bolshevik loonies and whom always get to ask a question, "I work in social services, NHS, blah, blah - I wanna talk about the cuts" - you know the type.
And just like all the Briton hating left - narcissistic and full of their own BS dogmas plus, anything which can damage Britain - the left will ally themselves with.
Jo Coburn, is fully signed up to all of that. Finally, who needs Pol Pot when Ed Miliband scots fish head..are in the wings, and is the bbc subtext.

I say...

Fuck the bbc, its way past its sell by date, fuck to the EU and fuck to LabourToryLiberal lala land.

Span Ows said...

Sadly it just highlights how good QT COULD have been all these years.

Anonymous said...

Span Ows said @ 08:33

'Sadly it just highlights how good QT COULD have been all these years'

Ain't that the truth.

For what its worth I phoned the BBC (03700 100 222) to complain about the absence of Nigel Farage in the debate - him being leader the first new party in a 100 years to win an election.


Dave_G said...

For a brilliant example of 'boot on other foot' try to catch a re-run of Daily Politics (1st May) where Andrew Neil gets his ass handed to him on a plate by the BNP representative who takes him to pieces over the BBC and establishment bias!

Classic TV in the making.

John M said...

And this morning all the talk in the press was of how those members of the public had roasted the the smug politicians, and held thier feet to the fire.

And to that I say shame on the lot of you. If that is the story then that is more of a sad reflection of the poor and sycophantic quality of political journalism today that members of the public have to hold these people to account and ask the right questions themselves.