Saturday, 30 May 2015

Next jobs for the FBI ....

After doing such a splendid job in Switzerland with THIFA and its crooks (one bent bastard to go) I wonder can we interest the FBI in, erm, correcting some other shortcomings in European criminal investigation?

- Crooked bankers; The US holds the integrity of financial institutions in a quasi-religious respect and has been quick to jail its own crooked bankers to preserve market integrity. They could do worse than being given a free hand to prosecute ours

- Establishment Kiddie Fiddlers; Yes, we know it went on in the '70s and '80s and that the political class is protecting its own. Get the FBI in to dawn-raid creeps like the loathsome creature who has just discovered he suffers from Saunders Disease, and his ermine-clad paedo jerk buddies

- Blair; Slightly difficult this one, but remember that Blair lied to the American people as well as to the British people and Parliament. A swift rendition to Guantanamo and a few months doing bunny-jumps in an orange romper suit would soften the old zombie up.

Any more?


Anonymous said...

The EU has been running a Fifa type organisation for a good while now.
Let the G-men have a look over that octopus of corruption.

G. Tingey said...

Cameron for Treason?
Not US jurisdiction, unfotunately

Demetrius said...

The funding of the SNP?

Anonymous said...

How about a McCarthy style investigation of the infiltration of the UK by Common Purpose?

Mr Ecks said...

The FBI are lying scum right at the heart of the nascent American police state. They are notoriously deceitful. incompetent and just plain criminals in monkeysuits themselves. Right from the start they have been liars and conmen. Witness the scandal of hundreds convicted by their science-free forensic tests and much worse. Their main activity is feeding the bogus terrorism mania by boosting up Internet mouth fighters into puny bomb "plotters" in order to keep the Federal Tyranny's "We must take your freedoms to fight Terror" bullshit rolling.

If you want Bliar smashed do it yourself.If we are wise we want nothing to do with the verminous "G-Men". *

* The famous term "G-Men" is itself bogus bullshit handed to the media. A small time crook called Kelly hooked up with a scummy female who was all hot and bothered about having a famous crim as a boyfriend/spouse. So she went around telling everybody she was the moll of "Machine Gun Kelly" and getting him involved in heavy crime such as kidnapping which was far out of his league. When the FBI caught up with him he was supposed to have uttered the famous line "Don't shoot G-Men" (Government Men). The FBI made sure this fabricated piece of horseshit was repeated all over America. In fact he was sitting staring at his feet in a depressed manner when the Federal idiots burst in and his actual words were reported as "I'm glad you're here". I give you der FBI--liars, bullshiters and conmen.

Nick Drew said...

quick to jail its own crooked bankers

that's an interesting perception - and it hasn't been true since 2008

prior to that, the likes of Bernie Ebbers (Worldcom), Jeff Skilling plus a cast of dozens (Enron), and Bernie Madoff (eponymous) were cerainly banged up

but you'll labour in vain to find anyone at or even near the top who languishes in the chokey from the 2008 banking fallout - too big to fail, too big to jail

like you, I rejoice over the FIFA thing, hoping for the IOC to follow: but I don't hold my breath for the banksters to receive justice

DeeDee99 said...

I would love to see the FBI deal with OUR corrupt bankers. The fact that not one senior banker has been jailed as a result of the various frauds the banks have been found to have committed in the past few years is a national disgrace. No connection to the fact they fund the Conservative Party, of course.

The den of corruption in Brussels and Strasbourg is also ripe for a thorough investigation - and a few high-profile prosecutions.

Then there's the Department for International Development. They could start with Andrew Mitchell.

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
Well said!

The entire fake "security" scam, imprisoning all of us.
Yes, there are real terroists out there & they are criminal nutters with a Dark Ages mind-set.
That is no reason to make suspects of us all.
Edward Snowden actually did us a service, I'm sorry to say.

Burgers said...

Not sure about outsourcing justice to the g men - however banging up blair would certainly be nice. I would like our expensively bloody useless pigs to get down and dirty with crooked bankers, their cronies in london and brussels, and proven kiddy diddlers.

Anonymous said...

And an additional joy, they get real sentences in the US not just a slap on the wrist and 'on your way' to the next lucrative position.