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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Scottish hatred and bigotry

There are many many Scots I know and have known who whilst in no way perfect beings are steadfast in their being part of the whole in exactly the same way that I am part of the whole. The whole of course is our United Kingdom. Scots are not a conquered race, an oppressed and subjugated minority or an economically persecuted cohort. They are not Palestinians in Israeli conquered territory, Sunni Moslems in Iraq or Catholics in Northern Ireland. They are equal partners, co-citizens in every way, and in reality get a bigger slice of the national cake than the rest of we Britons. So why have substantial numbers of Scots lost their civility and painted their arses with metaphorical woad in an outpouring of nasty, bigoted, racist and vicious anti-Englishness?

Two letters to the DT cover my concern:-
SIR – Having spent two of my tours in the Army stationed in Scotland, I have watched a militancy at first confined to the Scottish Socialist Party extend throughout the SNP. It is now manifested as intolerance of any cooperation between the British nations, which underpins the Union of the crowns.
Scotland is dying, without even the tears of its people, as an intolerance akin to sectarianism threatens the nation we knew. Gone now, it seems, among politicians north of the border, are the broad views of the Scottish Enlightenment and the global influences which they set in train.
In the last days of this election campaign, can concern for the common weal not overcome spite for imagined wrongs?
Lt-Col Nicholas Cooper (retd)
Barford Saint Martin, Wiltshire
SIR – I am a proud Scot and Unionist and am incensed at being branded a Quisling by Neil Hay, the SNP candidate for Edinburgh South.
The men in my family fought valiantly for Britain in two world wars and, with comrades in arms from England, Ireland and Wales, and the gallant Commonwealth forces, defeated the Nazi evil.
I also deeply resent Mr Hay’s comments that the elderly cannot even remember their own names. What I do remember well is that before the SNP came to prominence, the people of Scotland were united. No one was afraid to voice an opinion for fear of reprisals, even death threats, from those who held different views.
Our 300-year Union was the envy of much of the modern world and there was harmony, not acrimony, in proud Alba.
If Nicola Sturgeon was half the woman she boasts of being, Mr Hay would no longer be an SNP candidate.
Anne Catherine Ferguson
Easter Broomhouse, East Lothian 
It is the casual violence - the English beaten up on the streets just for being English whose broken and battered faces appear in the papers, or English homeowners forced from their homes by violence and death threats - casual violence not condemned by the SNP, and in many cases carried out by SNP supporters, that makes being English in Scotland today as uncomfortable as being Jewish in Nazi Germany in 1935.


GreatScot said...

I am afraid it is not just the English but anyone who opposes the nationalists. My own sister was verbally abused for having the audacity to challage the SNP during the lead up to the no vote.
I am proud to be Scottish, I am proud to be British I am utterly ashamed of the bullying bigots who will tear Britain apart given half a chance. This includes the English people falling into the Nationalists trap and turning on the scots.

Anonymous said...

If Scotland goes, which I believe it will, we are all made the poorer.

Imho, it was a catastrophe when Ireland went and I know, I have Irish blood running in my veins.

But as I've said before, it is ever so slightly hypocritical of me to want to leave the Brussels monster - by arguing that, small is beautiful. How then and in the same breath how can I deny the Scottish people their own freedom if they so desire it?

Though, I am askance, in my fugue of bewilderment I just cannot comprehend, penetrate the reasoning behind this weak headed Scottish faction of secessionists - because none of it is born of logic or commonsensible.

Now, as anti English violence becomes more widespread, how long before there are other martyrs? And why is it necessary when the SNP are winning the argument?

And then, though it's a complex relationship - very.

It's the Celtic curse, to blame all your problems on a very misplaced hated of the English.

Cumberland's butchers were mainly Hanoverian troops, though the clearances which are oft attributed mainly came after were to say the least done with not much leniency. It was a truly very, very sad episode and it did Parliament no favours but it should not be forgotten that Scots lairds, Clan Chieftains were part of the problem, wanted to farm sheep and not crofting.

But to use historical axe grinding and out of context references to bolster a thin gruel of lies and mendacity, within certain rabble rousing quarters is par for the course is it not?

Did I say hint mythological?

Incredible it may seem but the likes of that idiot alky - Mel Gibson, in his shite film of some uprising creating a martyr did much to seed some if not a lot of the outrage and resentment coming from the Irish-tinged plaid cloth heads.
Yeah I believe sectarianism goes both ways over the sea to Belfast and Dublin, mixed, blended and confused.

If you want to leave do it in a civilized manner, there are ways and correct procedures, violence is not necessary - is it?

Salmond and Sturgeon, need to get on top of this under current of violence and stop the insouciant charade of "I hear and know nothing". It comes easy of course, because the example set in Westminster is sadly a model not a prohibitor of unimpeachable rectitude. Good God, could Bliar ever tell 'em, he could lie barefaced to the Messiah, his wife told him how to.

Aye, telling lies but self styled 'Sandinista' with their Che Guevara Tshirts revolutionaries - love to ladle the Commie shit pot and the bbc praises them [Salmond and Sturgeon] just like it did the PLA and now Hamas... give pause - to reflect on that.

And I kid you not, 'if and when' the IMF will come calling soon enough.

rapscallion said...

In broad terms I completely agree with your comment. What I do not accept is that the Scots are being "racist". Being English, or Scots, or anything nationality is not a race. There is no Scottish "race". As I'm sure you know there are only really 3 distinct races; Caucasian, Negroid and Mongoloid. Most Scots (and English) come to that are caucasian. So lets knock this "racist" crap on they head.

As for the Scots themselves I'm in something of a quandary. Personally I think we are better together, despite my personal feelings. We have had this very successful union for 300 years, and between us created the greatest Empire the world has ever known.

What the Scots are doing is madness, you know it and I know it, but you know once the rabid rhetoric on the SNP takes hold in the minds of an uneducated people and ally it with ridiculous films like "Braveheart" then you end up with the situation we have today.

I spent a fair bit of time in Scotland as part of my Naval service. On a personal level I had no issue with them. Just like you and I, they are like people everywhere. Some good and some bad, but once they get onto the subject of Scottish independence then all rationalism goes out of the window. I even remember a crew member (of the submarine I was on) saying how "they" had been oppressed by the bloody English for 300 years and it was about time they threw off the yolk of our rule. Mad as f**k of course - but that view is held by and awful lot of Scots.

As you can well imagine, being English in Scotland is not fun. I can remember a Scottish "lady" saying to me when I wanted to buy some cigarettes from her shop that "I'm nae sairving ye, ye English bastart" Attitudes like that are not going to endear to them are they? Have stuff like that going on for several years does no favours and elicits an equal and opposite response. Sad to say, but I now loathe and hate them with a passion, they're all bug-eyed, beetle-browed tart throwbacks. But you know, I really shouldn't feel that way about my fellow Britons and I hold my head in shame for feeling such emotions, but hate begets hate and I'm just a mere human being.

And yet, despite my personal feelings, we should stay together. Even today when I hear the skirl of the Pipes, it stirs the blood and stiffens the spines. I'd rather have a Scot beside me in our fight than anybody else.

Nick Drew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick Drew said...

I share your dismay, Mr R, and echo the three comments above

when I served in the Army, in various places around the globe, being a Brit felt like a very tangible indentity, even though there were distinct flavours of 'Scottish Regiment' and 'Welsh Regiment' when one found oneself alongside them. And within my own nationally-recruited Corps, the Jocks were 'Jock A / B / C', the Irish 'Mick', the Liverpudlians 'Scouse' the north-easterners 'Geordie' ...

the SNP is clearly playing the old Sinn Fein game: "Our Hands Are Clean ((but it does us no harm for all to know our men of violence are lurking just around the corner - and you must treat with us bearing that in mind))"

the great and uplifting Scottish Enlightenment looks as distant and defiled as, well, the heydays of Irish culture - yes, it really is impossible to disagree with the parallel drawn by Anon @ 07:32 - or indeed Islamic enlightenment-culture, perhaps another relevant parallel

looking forward, here's the thing: these three cultural degradations - Irish-Celtic, Scottish-Celtic, Islamic - are developments driven by weakness and frustration in the face of Something Newer and Bigger and More Confident that is leaving a people languishing, frustrated and perplexed but, crucially, still a people, with an identity, still positively defined if no longer positively characterised, that they can readily fall back on

can one not see the same thing happening to the English? can one not envisage (for example) big rugby clubs one day serving the same broad purposes as Gaelic sports clubs? - uplifting and joyous social cohesion for all the family combined with well-organised and very tough manhood on permanent display

if you push a people too far into powerlessness and frustration, and if at the same time it is still a People ...

oldrightie said...

This unpleasant and nasty environment is typical of all socialist movements. A figurehead target is chosen then manipulated to fuel mob rule and ignorant, violent, unreasonable hatred. All done to place a cadre of people in power.

Hitler's chosen target for resentment was the Jewish people. Labour, everyone who is not of working class, poorly bred, unintelligent Jeremy Kyle trailer trash are used to breed envy and spite. To hear Labour and the Unions' mantra, you would think all below 30k a year income were angels and Samaritans. As if.

The SNP regard every English Tory voter as from Hades. An attitude of deeply ingrained and poor reasoning born of the same politics of envy such people are consumed by. Sturgeon a smiling assassin with little of decent humanity below the veneer embraced as perfect by the BBC and socialist punditry.

Mr Ecks said...

Scotland is rotten with socialism,a death cult that is all about hate. It is no surprise then to find supporters of socialism spreading hatred. It is what they are all about. The Scots have bought into the bogus promises of the left. If they get what they are asking for they will live to regret it--as have millions of others around this world. The SNP are obvious Stalinist twats and even their "nationalism" is bogus as they intend to sell Scotland back to the EU anyway--should they win. Some "independence".

john cheshire said...

Wasn't it the Scots who pushed for Union with England; after they'd bankrupted themselves with the Darien Project? England bails them out and is forever hated for doing so. Now, because the Scottish communists see it furthering their plan to destroy England, they want out. Aren't there any sensible Scots left who can neuter the fascist SNP?

Brightside Bob said...

I suspect this is just another cold, calculated step in the ongoing 'Long March Through the Institutions.'

The SNP are simply carrying out their orders as dictated to them by their EU handlers.

Namely: Break up the UK & (especially) destroy any credibility/identity the English have left.

Look at the events of the past few decades. 'We' all looked on in disbelief at the 'stupidity' of political correctness, etc. With the benefit of hindsight, it is now clear there was/is a master plan.

Demetrius said...

Look back at the family histories of many of the "English" there is a very high proportion who have Scots, Irish and Welsh lines of ancestry and often multiple lines. If anything it is the norm rather than being an exception.

Wildgoose said...

Sadly, these attitudes aren't new.

I was a student in the mid 1980s and remember visiting friends at Scottish Universities and being shocked at seeing pro-I.R.A. grafitti in the street. It helped drive home the point that the I.R.A. "mainland" campaign was nothing of the sort - they only bombed England, not their "Celtic cousins".

I married in 1993 and we had our honeymoon in Scotland where I was subjected to verbal abuse in the street for having an English accent.

My cousin moved to Scotland with her husband. They were subject to constant harassment by a tiny minority of people for "stealing Scottish jobs" or just for being English - and it was only a minority at that time, say 2%. But that is all that is required to create a hostile environment in which they found themselves waking up to discover that all their car tyres had been slashed, and so on. (When she became pregnant she insisted they move back to England because there was no way she would bring up children in such an environment).

However the real problems start when the people with these attitudes are given positions of power.

Andrew Neather's revelations that Labour deliberately stoked mass immigration in order to "rub the Right's nose in diversity" should be read with the understanding that by "Right" they really meant "English", the equivalence "English" = "Tory" having been Scottish Labour rhetoric for years.

And not just Scottish Labour. Charles Kennedy gave a speech to the Scottish Liberal Democrats in Dunfermline on 16th October 1999 enthusing about Devolution and saying that it was calling into question "the idea of England itself". You will note that the supporters of "Better Together" don't extend that support to a united England!

Devolution has given people with such attitudes power over England without MPs for England having equivalent countervailing powers over Scotland (and Wales and Northern Ireland). The Establishment is completely opposed to the creation of an English Parliament and a
truly federal system that could end these abuses. And so the Union is doomed - and the longer it takes dying the more poisonous relations will become. It's taken around a 100 years to get reasonable relations with the Republic of Ireland. The sooner we break up this lopsided so-called "Union" the sooner we will be able to build new relationships on our Islands based on co-operation to mutual benefit.

janets said...

Please don't tar all Scots with the same brush. I find the comments about the Scots hating the English to be quite odd. I'm English, Berkshire-born, lived in Kent for a while, then got a job in the Scottish Borders and moved up here 7 years ago. I've been met with nothing but kindness and politeness up here, absolutely no discrimination whatsoever for being English. In fact, when I first moved up and was having a bit of trouble with the accent, several times people actually moderated their accent and repeated themselves so I could understand, extremely courteous.

I suspect, however, that the Borders is very different to the central belt, which is where most of the population is concentrated and where most of the anti-English sentiment stories seem to come from. The Borderers are pretty laid back people, and close enough to England that there are plenty of cross-border connections. There's really no difference between north Northumberland and the Borders (except for Hawick, which is different to everywhere). If I recollect correctly, the Borders had the second highest no vote in the referendum, only beaten by the Orkney Islands.

Anonymous said...

Ah the glorious borders, tho' in times past twas a reivers den, a lawless region indeed. But incl' Dumfriesshire, Melrose, a walk in the park along the mighty Tweed and Jedburgh, truly a breathtakingly wonderful part of Britain and everybody misses it - on their way to the highlands.

♪ Better lo'ed ye canna be
Will ye no' come back again? ♫

Anonymous said...

Or, the rievers, oh dear me, must get to bed earlier.

Anonymous said...

Strange isn't it when the last three Prime Ministers have been ethnic Scots? Hardly a subject 'race'.

How dare these people drive a wedge between siblings and cousins living only a few hundred miles apart on an island smaller than some US states?

We are a common people with a common heritage. We are genetically not 'European', there is huge difference between the union of 'blood' on these isles and the imposed political union of the EU which has no demos and NO democracy!

Billy Marlene said...

The irony is that, without English patronage, the wannabee independent pin heads would be stuffed.

If all the Taffs and Jockanese employed by institutions such the BBC were sent home there would be plenty of opportunities for those who actually seem to like us English - the Portuguese, Poles, Latvians et al.

I had the misfortune to live in Anglesey for a few years. Just outside of Beaumaris, on the scenic tourist road to Penmon, there is a daubing on a stone wall 'English go home'. It has been there for as long as I can remember. Would take a few hours for the Council to erase but they won't will they! English hatred is in the DNA I am afraid.

One of my neighbour proudly flew the Welsh flag on his £750k house. Oh, but hang on - where did this 'Welshman' make his stash? Well, Londinium of course. Such hypocrisy can be seen all over the place.

I once paid a local builder £11k cash in advance because it was Christmas Eve and I thought it would be handy for him to pay his lads a bonus. 'You know what we call you English' he said. 'No' said I. 'Pobol Cacai' (shitty people) he replied.

Anyway, three months later I had sold my house (to a Japanese doctor FFS!) and moved my business back to England. The only person I felt sorry for was the poor chap running the Post Office - I spent about £20k pa in that little place.

Roll on English Democracy. Roll on an English Parliament. Let us regain control of what is ours.

G. Tingey said...

oldrightie & others.
The SNP is not socialist, though it likes to pretend to be so.
It is something much worse & a truly home-grown evil too.
It is Presbyterian.
Following on from the delightful Jean Calvin of Geneva, of course.
The snooping, the nannying, the interference, the mind-control
Truly scary & very unpleasant.

Wildgoose - yes.
A federated Union of the Isles would be such a good thing.
But, we are not going to get it, more's the pity.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Presbyterian? Yep, mostly... though they have suddenly discovered they like Glasgow's Catholic population, which is odd for those of us old enough to remember what they used to say about us.
Authoritarian? Absolutely. Nothing without the state, all within the state, all for the state. Just like Mussolini.
Nationalist? Clearly
Socialist? Yes, despite Tingey's odd belief they are not... They do love to spend other people's money, qnd they're not that enamoured of property rights.

Authoritarian national socialism with hatred of the 'other'. I'm sure we've seen that somewhere before.

You all think the Scottish Nazi Party hate the English, and you are of course all correct, despite their protestations to the contrary and guff about "civic nationalism", whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. But they don't hate you lot half as much as they hate other Scots who don't share their quasi-religious mania. I for one am pig sick of being called a quisling by these objectionable fascists.

Anonymous said...

I think most people would be united in their disdain for the jack booted little Hitlers on both sides of the border who would bring the country to the bring of economic catastrophe.
Moreover, like cutting off your nose to spite your face - those very same Fascists would then gleefully boot Britain over the edge into a mediaeval Caliphate-green serfdom [either or].
FFS - some people just don't understand and no amount of talking to them will change their tiny little minds - the left; Bolsheviks, Miliband, SWP, Hope not Hate, Unite, Unison, Common Purpose, Salmond, SCourge-on, all communists fuckwits are incapable of rational thought.

This ain't about England and Scotland: it's about economics and who gets to pull the strings.


Maybe, henceforward in ten to fifteen years time, the SNP will be no more. Buried, in a Scots Ben, under a mountain of hubris and gold diggers narcissism, of self aggrandizment, of a steam train of bloated political ambition run over and off the rails and finally it's engine blown up. It will be, unlamented and worse than that [to the political numpties aka the cattle herd], will be erased from the map and set with the UK goblin folklore [see list above].

cuffleyburgers said...

What Mr Wheatbix said... on the evidence, the SNP is undoubtedly a fascist party, and the press should be calling the loathsome mrs sturgeon out on this.

How the scots, which despite day to day frictions over the centuries have revealed themsewlves as fundamentally splendid folk, true britons in fact, have allowed themselves to be overrun by these grasping little shysters is a complete mystery.

And a tragedy, as it looks likely to lead to the break up of the UK, for me a sad state of affairs.

Perhaps it is the same collective hysteria that took them to Darien? And there would be an irony.

G. Tingey said...

Look up the temporary link between the SNP (then) & Adolf, approx 1934-37 ....