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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why Bent Blatter won't go

Of course Blatter won't go in advance of tomorrow's 'election' of FIFA President; he's already paid or promised millions for votes to buy the election - he's not going to waste his investment. Blatter has a long history of buying FIFA 'elections' since his very first bent office-taking and now owns many of the micro-votes - i.e. votes from the tiny nations or pseudo-nations. His personal record of corruption is second to none.

The man has more front than Blair. Unless he's banged up, I expect him to go right down to the wire tomorrow.


BarrySi said...

On the assumption he is the ultimate target of this action, you may not have to wait too long to break out your favourite tipple in celebration - Here's hoping

Anonymous said...

His, Herr Septic Blather's recent backing of Hamas, um the Palestine football association and their trumped up attempts to exclude Israel from FIFA. Blather hit pay dirt again - it is a cynical sleight to divide and curry favour with the pan Arab-North African-Islamic vote, at the very least he fears Prince Ali's challenge for the top post.

However, in the end more accurately - at the top in football federations around the developing world and .....particularly in France, Italy and Germany big money counts in football administration. Arch villain and 'free gifts and girls' paymaster bar none, old Septic is a venal man and with deep pockets - there is only one currency insofar as FIFA is concerned, all Arabs know it well - Baksheesh.

Bet on septic, he's the man with the money and power.

G. Tingey said...

And like Blair, he's likely to get away with it .....