Friday, 5 June 2015

Ελλάς and Россия

Or Greece and Russia, if you like.
  • Both have funny alphabets
  • Both have Orthodoxy as the main faith
  • Both like a tipple
  • Neither society is far removed from peasant structures
  • Both have more glorious pasts than presents
  • Neither is very wealthy
  • Both are quite, erm, resistant to baking gay cakes
  • The load-carrying capacity over rough ground of a greek grandmother and russian nanny is about equivalent at 200kg
  • Both peoples are a bit weird and scary when drunk
So of course Greece is turning to Putin for help; red blooded Greeks have more in common with Russians than with the effete quiche-nibblers of the Berlaymont.
(NB Meltemian please don't jump down my throat ...)


Anonymous said...

I understand that there may be quite a lot of oil in the Eastern Mediterranean which may account for the friendship between these two countries.

James Higham said...

Both have mafias which occasionally take each other out, lol.

Demetrius said...

Be careful what you wish for. We could have a another Crimean War on our hands if the EU is involved.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Demetrius is right, would that be a bad thing? After all, the previous Crimean War led to dramatic changes in hospitals, with cleanliness and sanitation being high on the list of priorities. Something that the 'envy of the world' NHS could do with being reminded about!

meltemian said...

Don't worry...I agree with your every word.

meltmian said...

Blimey! Blogger has even told me (in Greek) that my comment has been saved and will be displayed shortly.
I'm impressed.

Mike Spilligan said...

"Neither is very wealthy": That depends on how the benchmark is established as I understand (verification or other welcomed) that Russia's international debts are about NIL. If true, that would put it way better than most countries with "western" type economies.
As a regular visitor to Russia, the thing I always notice is how much like ours the Russian sense of humour is - and largely based on "all life being six-to-five against". (Damon Runyon - I don't suppose he's read now.)