Saturday, 27 June 2015

Destroying Radical Islamism with every sneeze

The numbers are still coming in, but it seems that Brits and Germans may form the majority of the victims of the Tunisian Islamist dogs. If ever confirmation were needed that we are at war with radical Islamists, this must be it. I'm afraid that there is only one solution for members of a fanatical cult so careless of human life - and that is to eliminate them like vermin. However, it's also the aim of the Islamist dogs to foment religious war even with those who can pass the Prime Minister's Islamist Test (below) - so a general violent reaction against Moslems in the UK is certainly not the answer.

Incidentally, I saw my first Islamic face-veil in Klagenfurt in southern Austria this week. Normally Austria is fairly hostile territory for Moslem migrants, so it was fairly brave of this young woman to endure the frankly unfriendly stares she was attracting. As we passed eachother I did without thinking what is ingrained in me to do always in this part of Europe; make eye contact, and give an eye-smile with the greeting "Grüß Gott!" before the hostility in her own eyes showed clearly how unwelcome this traditional Christian greeting was. Well, tough. If she wants a society in which the people are now afraid to say 'Bless You!" to a Moslem sneezer she needs to move to the UK. The Austrians will keep their obligatory greeting and good luck to them.


Anonymous said...

No. It is time we were rid of all of them and no matter what the cost.

Coney Island

Cuffleyburgers said...

Tragic event, rather like the average coach crash...

I think it is a huge mistake to blow this out of all proportion. By all means a full on international police and secret service investigation to find the perpetrators and their organisation, leading hopefully to their unfortunate death while trying to escape... But the idea tht we at war with these people and efforts to put it on the same level if systemic threAt as Nazi Germany or the USSR is dangerously misguided.

We survived IRA, the Blitz, Napoleon with our heads held high and our dignity and values intact.

A few loose cannon ragheads cannot be put on a par with that.

We're not at war they're just a few arseholes who need dealt with.

And to the wider spirits on this blog and elsewhere who appear to advocate wholesale internment, genocide or repatriation I say - get a fucking grip.

Anonymous said...

@ Cuffleyburgers

We may have survived the IRA but would we have survived them if the same proportion of the British public had been Irish as we now have with our Moslem neighbours?

The events of yesterday are a "wake up & smell the coffee" moment for us all.

Mr Ecks said...

We didn't have 4 million potential Nazi activists living in the UK back then Cuffy--and more being allowed in all the time.

First we must smash the left (which includes BluLabour). This mess is their doing.

Anonymous said...

"An emergency Cobra meeting chaired by the prime minister is due to take place later to look at the UK's response to the attacks." BBC News

Once again we will be reminded that Islam is a religion of peace.

So that's alright; carrying on with the beheadings, drownings and grooming. Just ignore the moanings of the kaffirs.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Sorry Ecks you talking bollocks, for once.

This hysterical reaction is exacly what the terrorist bastards want.

By giving in to your emotions like a 14 year old girl and talking about overturning all that is precious in our society just because a bunch of rnegade ragheads have committed a disgusting atrocity, you are playing to their script. If you can't see that you are an idiot.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

It is an elementary precaution to stop further muslim immigration. It is not 'emotional' or 'bollocks'. If a pack of dogs has some which are rabid you don't let them in the house.

Raedwald said...

Cuffleyburgers - I agree we shouldn't be provoked into general anti-Muslim action; this is exactly what the Terrs want, as you say. Those Muslims already in the UK should be supported in becoming fully compliant with the standards the PM has so clearly set - and rid themselves and their families of any beliefs incompatible with their status here.

Any who cannot comply should be encouraged to give up their British citizenship and join ISIS, where I am sure they will be happier.

And any new Muslim immigrants must demonstrate without doubt that they are free from the disease of Islamism. Radical Islamists *are* rabid dogs and must be excluded just as rigorously.

Ed P said...

It's no secret that ISIS are smuggling potential terrorists into Europe/the UK along with the Mediterraean boat people. Our security services appear to be playing catch-up - this was an obvious (& openly discussed on many Arabic channels) way of embedding terrorist cells: any intelligence service worth funding (i.e., not MIx and their Euro equivalents), would have pre-empted it. Perhaps that's unfair: They probably wanted to pre-empt the inplants but were constrained by some EU law bollocks.
Engaging with Muslim groups is vitally necessary, but so far this has been entrusted to engaging with Muslim "councils" & Muslim "community leaders", both of which paths have been shown to be ineffective and sometimes counter-productive.
It is very necessary; almost, but not quite yet essential, that if we are to avoid future civil disturbances, there must be ordinary white english people taking an active role in understanding the intentions of the incomers, and being prepared to take appropriate actions. Hopefully violence can be avoided if prescient action is taken soon.

The big debate behind the news is, "Is there moderate Islam?" It's impossible to answer, as every individual is different, so try:
"Are there moderate Englishmen?"
When called upon to serve for their country, Englishmen have shown for hundreds of years that they have unsuspected strengths and depths of resolution and will face an enemy larger than themselves and will not flinch under the most severe onslaught.
We, and English culture with its tolerance for others but refusal to be overwhelmed by other notions, will prevail. We'll have to dump quislings such as Cameron, but it's achievable.

G. Tingey said...

muslims are as diverse as christians
Like christians they are all loonies
Like christians at least 90% & probably over 95% are completely harmless, except to their own brain cells.
Then there's the rest.
It is that rest who must be dealt with.

Cuffleyburgers - well said.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Tingey the ignorant cunt shows up again shouting FUCKWIT. Doesn't the dog have any fucking manners at all? He squeals like a child when given like measure.