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Monday, 8 June 2015

EU Referendum - Can you see what it is yet?

With the 'democratic' process hardly underway,
  • Cameron wants to ignore Electoral Commission advice that the referendum should be held on a different day to the local elections on 5th May 2016
  • Cameron wants to enable the EU Commission to spend without restriction in campaigning in support of the 'In' side
  • Cameron has barred ministers from campaigning for an 'out' vote on pain of being sacked from government
As revolting old letch Rolf Harris might have asked, can you see what it is yet?


Anonymous said...

A referendum in 2016 is still very unlikely, esp. with Lib Dems & Labour holding things up in the House of Lords, but overall your analysis is spot on. It's a stitch up, and unfortunately "Conservatives for Britain" (CfB) are playing along.

Anonymous said...

It's the usual broken promise - that's what it is.

Coney Island

Mr Ecks said...

Rolf Harris is innocent .

And Camorgueron isn't.

Bill Quango MP said...

To be fair, Cameron never said anything except that there would be a referendum.

he never pretended he was in favour of leaving the EU. Or of seeking to discover whether UK membership is a positive or a negative thing.
He never said if 'I don't get XYZ from Brussels, I'm leading the UK out."

All along, he said, you can have a vote.

And that's what we are going to get. A vote. And nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Bill Quango MP said @ 11:47

'And that's what we are going to get. A vote. And nothing more.'

Otherwise known as 'going through the motions', Bill. Ask yourself why they don't want a cost-benefit analysis done on our membership?

With Dave the Dissembler at the wheel the road goes past the turning to Sovereignty-upon-Thames and straight on to a country called Europe.


John M said...

It's just more of the same from a Political Class which has colluded for two generations to avoid and rig the big question.

Back in 1992, John Major reassured the public that a referendum was not required because the changes were insignificant, and then signed the Maastrict Treaty.

The in 2001 Tony Blair reassured the public that the changes were insignificant and did not require a refeerndum, and then signed the Nice Treaty.

Later on in Blair's administration, hurt by accusations that he had signed Nice without a proper public debate, Tony Blair then conjured up his fabled "red lines", before completely ignoring them and negotiating away our EU contribution rebate in exchange for the scrapping of the CAP, which of course never happened.

Once we'd got rid of Blair we then had the pathetic sight of Gordon Brown, who decided that the red lines had never really meant anything either and despite telling the public that treaty change was not realluy a treaty change, went over and signed Lisbon without an electoral mandate. In fact he went in through the back door the next morning and signed it thinking we wouldn't see him, but we did.

And now we have Cameron, that lying bastard that he is, who has kicked the EU question down the road for 5 years and now is clear all those promises of renegotiation which were so suspiciously undefined and opaque that they could have meant anything. He is now going to campaign, cajole and threaten anyone necessary to get a yes vote, before the negotiations have even started.

I just hope that sufficient members of the electorate will consider this whole issue on the basis of thier reading of the facts, as it seems to me that our entire Political Class has spent the last 30 years obsfucating, avoiding and lying about thier clear intentions to keep signing up for further integration without any kind of mandate whatsoever.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing Cameron will achieve with this is a further degredation in the respect and regard that the population have for the whole festering lot in Westminster and the Political Parties.

What a bunch of shits these people are.

Anonymous said...

John M, you sum it up perfectly!

Cascadian said...

I wonder why the camoron is misunderstood so often?

Why would the USA consider UK to be freeloaders when it comes to defence?

Why would the worlds reporters all misunderstand this PR expert's position on the EU vote?

Why would his ministers misunderstand their right to vote their conscience?

Could it be he is deluded, out of his depth, or a common-or-garden liar who will say anything? Heir to bLiar! Voters who decamped from UKIP to vote for this charlatan deserve to share his discomfort.

DeeDee99 said...

The only difference between Heath and Cameron is age and what they like to do with boys.

Budgie said...

Well said JohnM and Cascadian. By the way the establishment has started again - saying that the City of London will be decimated, or exculcated, or wiped from the face of the planet, if we leave the EU. Just like they did about the euro. Funny that.