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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Gordon Brown - Labour's biggest failure

Reading the Indie this morning, the thought rose unbidden "Dear God, is the man so utterly stupid he can't even steal office biros?". Brown had bought 250 refills for his felt tip pen - the one he used to use to stab the back of the seats in his Prime Ministerial Rover - just prior to standing down from Parliament last month. So Brown the stupid gets caught out stealing office biros whilst Bloody Blair accumulates a £20m fortune. Brown envisages a future for himself occupying a chair in a prestigious east coast university in the US, explaining how he saved the world in 2008 and how no-one at home recognises his genius. We will have to wait and see what he ends up with. Perhaps the Imperial College of Business and Law, 2a Catford Broadway (Above the Nail Shop) may offer him the Vice-Chancellorship. Who knows. 

What is more certain is that Brown's stupidity, crassness and mentalism has helped Labour lose two general elections. People won't forget the Tsunami of borrowed cash he threw at public services to no lasting effect; his first wave of BSF schools, the ones for which architects were encouraged to be creative rather than careful, are now degrading rapidly and I'm waiting for the first to be demolished. GPs are still enjoying their £120k salaries with no weekends thanks. Health authorities are locked into PPI contracts to clean and service facilities they can no longer afford to staff with clinical staff. Stupidity. All Brown's utter, deep, pernicious, pig-headed stupidity. 

May he rot.


Sceptical Steve said...

Delighted to see you're back on scintillating form R. I think this post sums things up admirably!

DeeDee99 said...

Yup. And the Prime Mentalist had the nerve yesterday in The Guardian to blame the current Government for the likely break-up of the United Kingdom because it's trying to put at least some fairness back into our so-called democracy for the English.

The warped devolution settlement he and Blair put in place which made the Scottish pigs far more equal than English ones has nothing whatsoever to do with it, apparently.

I'm amazed his wife - who seems like a fairly level-headed woman - allows him to humiliate himself like this.

Anonymous said...

If B-Lair had played more attention to the home front instead of wanting to preen and brown-nose on the foreign stage.
Then the Prime Mentalist would have been out on his arse long before he could install himself into No. 10.

So it's still B-Lair I want in my cross-hairs first.

Anonymous said...

Broon's constituency - Kirkcaldy. The best description of Kirkcaldy was...

Kirkcaldy is a 'community' in the same way a prison island for the criminally insane is also a 'community' not to mention is also the final resting place of Satan.

It is situated along the rusted trolly ridden coastline of the county of Fife in the post apocalyptic wasteland of Scotland.

Local past times include heroin, alcoholism, pregnancy, begging and aggressive homophobia and racism, STD trading parties (or as the locals like to call it "goin oot clubbin lod" .

These valued traditions are fiercely defended by its core community, much in the same way 2 homeless men will fight to the death over a piss stained cardboard box.

For the most part the people of Kirkcaldy are contorted and inbred psychopaths who sound like pirates and smell of cigars and damp socks.

Perhaps the one thing that unites all of the people of Kirkcaldy is their utter disgust for Glenrothes. Which is the nearest town and can best be described as 'Kirkcaldy but with lot's of round-a-bouts'.

Perfectly suited then.

Coney Island

Mr Ecks said...

The Bottler is a travesty of a human being who has mostly spent the years since 2010 travelling the world speaking at £36 grand a time(I might listen to one of the cunts speeches for that amount of cash but to pay him for them).... Despite only looking in on the HoC occasionally he has been on his full salary at the same time he has been working his own business as a speaker and jobhunting. Fucking MPs eh? Is there any other job where you can turn up 10% of the time, pick up your wages in full and spend the rest of your paid time working your own business? Stealing £700 of felt-tips is nothing to this freeloader.

The only bright spot is that £36000 per speech is pathetic at the top level of political evil. Major--the Grey Twat himself- was getting £30000 twenty years ago and Bliar wouldn't get out of bed for less than £120000. So 36 grand shows exactly the high level of esteem The Bottler is held in by his fans.

Wildgoose said...

Plus there's the fact that he signed the "Scottish Claim of Right", a public oath to always put Scotland's interests first, which indeed he did, even as the Prime Minister of the UK - which is why England's dockyards are closed whilst Scottish dockyards are fed with unbreakable Government contracts.

His last action before becoming PM was to cut the money allocated to the English NHS whilst ensuring there was no equivalent Barnett consequential cut for the Scottish NHS.

And his attitude to Gillian Duffy ("she's a racist") just shows the mentality to whom everybody else is always a racist but never them, even when they clearly are.

He's scum

Before Brown insisted that Blair carry out the lopsided Devolution in Scotland's favour I was proud to be British. No more. Thanks to the years of anti-English abuse by him and his compatriots I am now English and want England to be free of our "Celtic" parasites.

G. Tingey said...

It may be that what you all say is true.
Gordie Broon did one very important thing right ...
He kept us out of the Euro.
Otherwise we'd be in an even bigger pile of shit, wouldn't we?