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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Welsh madness must be allowed to play out

Giving the Welsh - or rather, giving a bunch of deluded health fascists who earn their wedge by parasiting on Welsh taxes - control of their own Health Service is, overall, a good thing. Good for Localism, good for experimental democracy in the UK, good for the rest of us. Though not perhaps very good for the Welsh. The Labour controlled lunatics have already closed down half of Welsh A&E provision in favour of spending the money on healthy eating advisers and smoking cessation workshops. So now if you get glassed in Neath on a Saturday night you get a leaflet about carrots rather than an ambulance. And now of course they want a total ban on e-cigarettes in public on the grounds that this makes smoking real cigarettes normative behaviour.

You see, it won't take that many Welshmen bleeding to death in the streets clutching leaflets about carrots before they look across the border at English practice and ask whether sewing people up wouldn't be a better use of their taxes in their own nation. And the e-cig thing will prove likewise when it becomes clear that kids in ban-free Shrewsbury are no more likely to grow to be smokers than those across the border in Welshpool. 

Remember the Welsh also had a thing about alcohol prohibition; decades of restrictive drinking laws didn't produce a mililitre of sobriety more than in permissive England. So let them get on with it; they'll either vote the fools out, or live with the misery.


Anonymous said...

I went to Anglesey, Beaumaris, actually all over the Island, it was shut. Tried to get a pint in North Wales, unfriendly bunch so they are, Bangor and all.

Go to South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, the Mumbles and Gower - great bunch of lads and lasses.

Having said that, this moronic Puritanical streak and it's not just Wales is it? My Da used to say that, Puritans can't have fun - they won't allow themselves to indulge and the problem with them is that because of their inhibitions - no fucker else will be allowed to indulge - either. Thus it follows, to a man and bloody woman of them - whatever they try to ban, be it debauchery and sodomizing and all [any] types of sinful pursuits. So, whether you agree with it or not - be in no doubt that, [a bit like the Wahabbi Arabs really] behind closed doors - Puritans/Arabs love being fucked up the arse and while drinking single malt and smoking a cigar.

Human nature and its propensity for hypocrisy: as boundless as are the stars in the firmament and if they can legislate for it - they will.

Anonymous said...

Are the Welsh, (or as the BBC would call them 'Wales people'), that smart? They did vote to give the assembly more powers to make more laws after all.

Won't we have the SNP effect; the 'good' stuff comes from the SNP and the 'bad' stuff from 'Westminster'?

Poor people everywhere never seem to make the connection that all socialists aim to keep them poor and the thrive on discontent, (while conservatism thrives on contentment).

F***W*T TW****R said...

The Pigs of Amlwch.

F***W*T TW****R said...

The Pigs of Amlwch.

Raedwald said...

Well, we've had binge-drinking Chimpanzees in the paper this morning, so why not pigs that smoke?

In fact there seems to be a long history of this on Angelsey, as the history website states "In Slaters directory of business in Amlwch in 1844 Morgan & Jones is described as a tobacco manufacturer in the pig market"

Presumably the piglets saw their dam sucking away contentedly on a Briar pipe while suckling ...

James Higham said...

It's the damage they do in the interim, whilst playing it out - that's the worry.

Anonymous said...

Unlike in NHS England, the Welsh have decided against a reserve fund to cover the cost of the more expensive cancer drugs. So Welsh patients can't get them. Consultants have now started advising their patients to move to England if possible, in order to access their drugs from the English budget. And that is what's happening, people are relocating into England for as long as it takes to get their course of drug therapy.
I don't blame the patients for doing whatever they have to do to survive. But I do find NHS Wales institutionally dishonest and venal for exploiting the situation. And I fear this mischief will spread into other expensive procedures, for example fertility treatments, HIV, etc. It's just another form of health tourism.

john cheshire said...

I think that eventually we will have to introduce individual health insurance with the NHS only there for emergency treatment. All other matters, no insurance, no treatment.

G. Tingey said...

Well fuck right off, then.

There is a problem with the NHS - both I & "the Boss" have experienced it in the past year.
Communication failure, everywhere, at the basic levels.
Resulting in huge amounts of wasted time (& therefore money) & duplicated, repeated, wasted effort (see above)... multiply that up for everyone & you've wasted billions.

Budgie said...

There is too much managerialism in the NHS and it is self-perpetuating. Every time there is management failure the cry goes up for more management to sort it out. Like poor communication - let's have more communicators and more managers to manage the communicators. Wonderful.

Then there is box ticking for the medical staff invented by government and management, hence the leaflets about carrots, and QOF in general.