Thursday, 30 July 2015

Calais - Proof that the Kermits have lost it

France's crack border force
If any proof were needed that the Kermits are a spent force and the Gloire of France is well over, Calais is it. The nation that once aspired to equal Britain now can't even control a thousand exhausted Africans. France is bankrupt, her economy is down the pan, she is being held up only by Germany and the gross peculation of EU agricultural funds on a massive scale (France has 7% of Europe's farms yet gets 40% of the CAP subsidy). 

It is as though the entire French government has just given up, with a Gallic shrug and a hand held out for a pourboire. No wonder 600,000 of the beggars have moved to England (the young women in particular lending London a welcome elegance and demonstrating to the locals how to lunch in a civilised manner). 

They may be good at cheese, ladies' handbags and fizzy wine but they can't manage themselves out of a paper bag any more.


Bernard said...

"... lending London a welcome elegance and demonstrating to the locals how to lunch in a civilised manner."
It has been many, many years since I encountered a 'real local' in London.
They are all out here in the 'sticks'.

Anonymous said...

Mon Dieu mon brave, if the English are stupid enough to keep all their eggs in one basket that is their problem. La Tunnel sous La Manche has got old and tatty and most of the kit is worn out. Sensible governments would have built a backup by now. Alors, please don't discuss the tunnel financing.... But no, their south eastern ferry routes have been reduced to a minimum, those English, the price of everything and the value of nothing. So, a little trouble and zut, all stop. And please don't annoy the French too much or they will close down the English customs offices in Calais and dump the problem on Dover. In addition to Champagne, cheese, handbags and couture the French also have brains and know when doing nothing is a good option.

Sackerson said...

Time to fill the tunnel?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Radders, it's not that the French can't control a thousand exhausted Africans (do you think it would really be a problem for the CRS?), it's that they don't want to.

The French have no interest at all in persuading these invaders to stay in France, they only wish to wave them on across the Channel as quickly as possible - and if they're largely left to get on with it, that is exactly what will happen.

For our part, we need to shut down the "pull factors" - mainly the open-ended welfare state but also the lax controls and absence of any real enforcement of our own laws - which make the UK the most attractive destination for millions of determined aliens.

Dadad said...

What's wrong with all these migrants ? They fled torture and persecution and now find themselves free, and safe, in France. It's not our problem; let the French look after them.

Anonymous said...

re: Dadad

As the other commentators have said - the French won't give them free housing, benefits, education, healthcare etc

The perception (largely true) ius that we will.

Of course the immigrants are going to want to come here, and of course the French aren't going to stop them....

Ed P said...

Britain is full - perhaps those successful in making it across La Manche could be relocate to the Falklands, where I understand there's plenty of room.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Wait a moment.....

We have a Border Agency? oh.... wait a minute... that was declared "not fit for purpose" - so we now have the snappily titled "UK Visas and Immigration".

What we have here is putrid cowardice on almost every level from our public employees.

I am very confident that more pensioners have had tobacco illegally confiscated than migrants caught.

The military could be brought in (RAF Regiment? they're doing bugger all) - after all the French Gendarmes are part of the French Army n'est-ce pas?

In all, a toe curlingly spineless display from "The Authorities" What's not do-able about vehicles checked (and giving truckers £100 for every one handed over) and then frog marching them (or carrying them) to a gate in the fence and ejecting them back into France?) Worst come to the worst recruiting all the licensed night club bouncers in the SE would be a start :-)

Eesh! - if Glasto can reduce fence hoppers to zero.....


G. Tingey said...

Another WANKER
You really "think" (No, you are just emoting) that closing the tunnel would do any good?
Or do you just hate railways?

One thing does need to be done - spread the message that IF they get here, they will get nothing ... the false perceptions is what is/are driving them here.
And the Froggies refusing to play by their own EU rules, of course.

Budgie said...

Sackerson, Since G Tingey is against it you can be sure that closing the chunnel is a good idea.

I suggest a three month closure, whether the French agree or not, to start with. The operator can be given the option of accepting a close down, or paying for all migrants in perpetuity that they let through, and damages to the UK for overcrowding. And serve them right.

The likelihood of Cameron doing anything as robust and sensible as this? Nil. He won't stand up for the UK like Thatcher did.

Sackerson said...

Budgie: I was about to thank GT for his balanced and courteous riposte, but your intervention may have extended the discussion.

Budgie said...

Oh dear.

Plantman said...

And they all mocked us when us Old Farts worried in the discussion stages that a Channel Tunnel would compromise our centuries old defence and security. Can I sue?

Anonymous said...

G Tingley: "Or do you just hate railways?"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If that wasn't a joke, even if it were not, it was very funny.

Anonymous said...

The refrain of, "our friends in the EU" and apart from sweet FA and sitting on the fence....... what is Brussels doing? No shit - and even less action and surprisingly they always side with the French Unions and Paris, terminally.

Action, we'll never take but should consider - apart from the obvious: leaving the EU. Shut Calais down, even if it clobbers Dover?

Shut Calais down? Why not, nigh on, it is now.

Thus, close the chunnel, for three or, six months. Maybe and send freight elsewhere "anywhere but Calais"; there's a new container port on the Thames waiting/gagging to take the business and [Boulogne?], Harwich, Felixstowe, Portsmouth/Le Havre, Hull, to Ostend, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, San Seb/Plymouth let them all take up the slack.

Fuck France and stuff to the EU, its union terrorism and their protectionist, insane, common agricultural policy - its design which protects Les paysan - French peasantry.

measured said...

The problem with the Franch is that they speak French. Quoi?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Amidst the invective and nonsense, GT makes one good point:

"spread the message that IF they get here, they will get nothing ... "

Hear! Hear!

G. Tingey said...

Thank you.
May I also remind all of you that the Froggies are not effecting their own laws, at all, because they can partially dump it on us, a la CAP.

The problem is NOT the tunnel - it is French domestic politics.