Friday, 10 July 2015

Greek crisis proposals in full

I had a feeling the way this would go when watching the footage of the European Parliament session. As Tsipras listened carefully to Belgian socialist firebrand Guy Verhofstadt you could see the solidarity on his face; the 'Hof' told him to reform more, to open markets, downsize the public sector, end the privileges of the shipowners, the military, the Islands, the Orthodox church. And above all, Verhofstadt urged, he must end political corruption in Greece - corruption in which Syriza was a fully playing party, corruption that saw public positions awarded to party members, and parties continuing to get loans and cash from banks that were bankrupt. I imagine it was the sort of lecture the PM of the Polish Socialist Soviet Republic used to get when visiting Moscow.  

As Farage spoke, on the other hand, urging Tsipras towards Grexit, his Hellenic face set in the granite obstinacy of the far left. You saw Tsipras the socialist demagogue, not Tsipras the saviour of the Greek people. It was clear then that Tsipras' loyalty to the EU monster would outweigh his responsibility to the Greek people - from his face it was clear that he would sell Greece down the river for one of Verhofstadt's toothy grins. 

And so it seems this morning as details emerge of even more austerity in return for no real reduction in Greece's unsustainable debt burden; Hollande's technocrats have found a way of kicking the Greek can down a road for another kilometer or two, keeping the Federasts, the global Corporates and the US political-industrial complex happy. The only people who may not be happy are the poor sods of ordinary Greeks - who always have to pay in the end.


Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - yes indeed the man on the Piraeus omnibus will pay, but so will the long suffering taxpayers of Northern Europe and especially Germany who have made their views known .

The are on the hook for hundreds of billions and are far from gruntled.

At some point they woll wake up and at that point things could get interesting. The German government unlike all the others in the EU including Imsad to say Westminster, seems to take its responsibilities towards its citizens a little more seriously.

Once an Out movement gets going there, which can only be encouraged by this episode then all bets are off.

DeeDee99 said...

Tsipras campaigned on a ticket of keeping Greece in the Euro and obtaining debt relief. He's a Marxist (or ex Marxist, I forget) which is someone who basically believes in collectivism. He hasn't the strength right attitude to leave the "safety" of the collective.

Farage was right - but as usual, the EU will ignore him. But I doubt if Alternative fur Deutschland will and expect that more and more Germans will listen to AfD and vote accordingly.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Depressing, but entirely predictable.

We'll just have to wait for the next time, I suppose - it won't be long.

Anonymous said...

Greece, its spineless political class and hangers on - caves in?

Wot again?

Tsipiras, sold his country down the river - so, what have the last six months been all about - exactly nothing was achieved, just sweet fuck all.

He led his people up the garden path, and SOON another Greek election beckons, the Socialists failed again - same old, same old: bring on Golden Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute; have I missed something here? An unelected EU official lecturing a member state on corruption and privilege?

Did you hear the joke about two trains heading towards each other on the same track? It ends -

"I'll go and get my brother"
"Why get your brother?"
"Coz he's never seen a train crash before"

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I thought that Tsipras was looking a bit sheepish and unimpressed by Nigel yesterday...

It can't have escaped his notice that people like him eventually get their comeuppance via the real people surely...

Can it?

Remember Ceausescu? No? The Romanians don't seem to either!

Oh gawd.....

It is so depressing how these people keep getting away with it....

Budgie said...

I saw that EU parliament video - Farage looked shot, and Tsipras looked truculent. But the person who was not there, Barak Obama, was the organ grinder who was playing the EZ tune (probably because he doesn't know the difference between the EZ and the EU).

Anonymous said...

It's not just that the Bubbles borrowed heavily with no intention of repaying it, but they are also recipients of EU largesse, which doesn't call for repayment. Note that Krauts and Brits (and maybe from time to time others) subsidize this largesse. They don't want out, because then they wouldn't just face the problems with their borrowing, but would have to lose their EU dole as well.

Budgie said...

My apologies, Raedwald, I have already put this comment on C@W:

Well, it is looking decidedly dodgy for Greece's attempts to stay in the euro. The options look like Grexit, or become a province of Greater Germany.

Of course the euro itself will not collapse, imminently or otherwise, but it is looking increasingly likely that I was wrong to predict that Greece would remain in the euro. We will see. This is playing out like Machiavelli's Italy, or some of the popes' politickings. What fun, if you like interesting times.

If Grexit is forced, the EZ may even be considered to be that bit stronger, more resolute and more self assured. And surely Grexit will be seen as a warning to others like the PIIS.

Anonymous said...

I thought the EU was a verson of the third Reich but using lawyers not tanks. It seems to have a lot of lebensraum need in it.