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Monday, 31 August 2015

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Anonymous said...

Q. I wonder, how many exist? Plus, as soon as one disappears.......another takes its place, these Mickey Mouse degree shops. Does anyone notice any more and 'Theresa shit for brains' and all others in the Home office/HMG, do they actually care?

No, I guess that, there is no need to answer that.

And on a meme, another 'harvest' blight:

I'm pretty sure, no, absolutely convinced that, our local GP and from down Lagos way, obtained his 'medical degree'...certificate, from just this sort of august educational institution.

What with. the NHS and it's totally purblind adherence to all of the code of anti discrimination edicts [I shan't call them laws] and equality-diversity BS, such an entrant would always be unquestionably accepted, it reinforces your faith in the NHS so much so, does it not?
The fella is bulletproof, though most fortunately he's probably too incompetent to do much damage and it's always a blood test if he's in doubt after a long consultation with his computer[ NHS hundred questions diagnostics, triage for amateurs + Nigerian, Sudanese, Ghanaian, IndoPak quack practitioners].

Education, has it gone down the chute?

Thus, even with bona fide, erm accredited educational, think most London Unis or, as were ex Polys and up and down the country in old CFE colleges which are now refurbished and made out to be arty farty - all science out of the 'equation' grandiloquent Unis. This is, a wet dreamscape for town hall councillors wishing metropolitan status for their non entity towns and boosting their individual credential, pompous illusions of 'men, women of consequence' - and on borrowed money eventually the taxpayer coughs.....natch.
Inevitably, with these dumbing down factories, the degrees they now dispense are not worth the bog roll that they're printed on.
End product, what gives them away - most of these [graduating] degree level kids are functionally illiterate and usually, innumerate into the bargain. Blame not the children, but look to the system [therein the culpability of Westminster - Tory and Lavs] and focus on the appalling inadequacies of the teachers.

And that is, another story.

MartinW said...

For a fleeting moment, I was taken in. The problem is that it is all so feasible these days.

Cascadian said...

Affiliated with Oxford University, PPE degrees our speciality.

Alumni will assist with recruitment in HM Government.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The officers and crews of most of the shipping* around our coasts are similarly qualified.

At least, I assume that's why you see so many Panamanian ensigns on vessels that would never venture more than about ten miles offshore.

Either that or its some sort of tax scam.

* Some - but not all - of the reputable ferry and cruise lines are honourable exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Google 'University of Bums on Seats' if you would prefer to be amused than saddened.

Fantana said...

Don't panic. James Brokenshire, the immigration minister, is working on it:-

"But with nearly 100,000 non-EU students remaining in the UK at the end of their courses there is much more to do," the minister said.