Sunday, 23 August 2015

Amnesty gives Austria only 2 stars for migrant facilities

The Austrian hospitality sector was left reeling this week after Amnesty International only awarded the little country 2 stars for its migrant facilities, based on an assessment of accommodation in the province of Lower Austria. The rating agency's criticisms included;
  • Lack of air-conditioning in temperatures of over 30deg
  • No professional counselling for migrants
  • Women have to use the same showers as the men (though at different times)
  • The Austrians were not cleaning the migrants' toilets rigorously enough
  • Austrian medics were concentrating in screening for parasites, infestations and infectious diseases and not providing more complex and longer term medical care for chronic conditions
  • Migrant children had inadequate access to social workers 
Head of Amnesty Austria, Heinz Patzelt, said "What we found is totally scandalous ... because human rights are being violated there massively for no reason".


Anonymous said...

Well if they are that upset about the migrants conditions why don't they volunteer to take a family home with them?

DeeDee99 said...

I'm sure the Austrian people are devastated at receiving such a critical report from an unelected, unaccountable member of the parasitic class.

john cheshire said...

For a long time now Amnesty International have been part of the problem rather than the solution. Their policy seems to be based on Israel hatred, muslim loving and destruction of Western civilisation.

Ed P said...

Amnesty were originally set up and concerned only with political prisoners. I supported them and even helped to run a local fund-raising group for them. But then they expanded their "remit" into all sorts of meddling, overlapping with many other pressure groups, and thus losing much of their core support.

I'm not surprised they think Austria's admirably Spartan containment facilities for coping with the influx is adjudged disappointing. That means Austria's got it right!

Anonymous said...

Two stars shows that Austria is way too lax. They should strive for zero.

The blatant way that children are waved at the cameras and forced to the front against police lines, fencing and closed barriers shows the cynical disregard of these people. They are safe, in Greece and Turkey, and are only trying to get to Europe for the freebies.

They are economic parasites who will bleed and breed this country dry if they get here, and they will eventually.

anon 2 said...

And ... really ... the least they could do is clean their own 'toilets.' Let Amnesty show them how.

Michael said...

It is a "Refugee Camp" (allegedly) not a Hotel for heaven's sakes! So where will the reviews be posted, an online site I hope? Perhaps or

Malcolm Stevas said...

I like the fact that in the surreal world of bien-pensant do-goodery it is now considered cruel & unusual for migrant children to be denied "inadequate access to social workers" - but then, one imagines social workers and typical Amnesty members are pretty much drawn from the same class, indeed completely interchangeable.

Wildgoose said...

Air conditioning for temperatures over 30 °C? Are you sure they wouldn't rather have heating stoves? The averagetemperature year-round in Ethiopia is 33.9 °C and Somalia gets apparent temperatures ranging between 57 °C and 63 °C during the afternoon hours.

Climate of Africa.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:12

They need to take a leaf out of the book of their plucky neighbours in Slovakia, who don't take "Moslems", because they have no mosques!