Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Corbyn supports war crimes trial for Blair

The Labour leadership election is the gift that just continues to give. Jeremy Corbyn now says he will support putting Bloody Blair in the dock for war crimes if the evidence from Chilcot supports it. 

Not just Blair, Jeremy; at a minimum it needs to be those occupying the senior relevant offices of state at the time - Irvine, Hoon and Straw as well. Irvine is now reported to have retreated into whisky and self-recrimination, Hoon is a disgraced cheat and putative thief who was humiliated by a TV setup and Straw has reinvented himself, now pretending that he didn't even know Blair, let alone serve as his Foreign Secretary. No reason why they should not stand alongside Blair in the dock.


DeeDee99 said...

I don't support Labour; I'm not a left-winger. But so far Corbyn:

1. Is definitely EU sceptic .... possibly an outer
2. Is opposed to HS2
3. Is in favour of holding Bliar to account for Iraq

The rest of the candidates are just the usual bland, status quo Establishment stooges.

If I HAD to vote for one of them, it would be Corbyn.

Sceptical Steve said...

DD99, your logic is impeccable, but I sense that you'd simply see a replay of the Alexis Tsipras phenomenon in Greece, i.e.
1.Corbyn gets elected
2.Corbyn starts by taking a principled stand on the basis of his electoral mandate
3.The Suits have a quiet word to remind him which side his bread's really buttered.
4. Corbyn gradually morphs into the sort of professional politician the electorate thought they'd dumped.

Mike Spilligan said...

I've long ago realised that, for all party-aligned politicians, it's not what they say, it's what they omit to say that really matters

mikebravo said...

Corbyn also appears to really annoy and frighten Dan Hodges which is a added bonus.

vertue119 said...

When I was at school, our Debating Society had simple 'for or against' motions. Each side was argued without compromise.

This is what we need in the House. An opposition leader, albeit titular, who has the commitment to present alternatives - however loonie and distasteful they may appear to some.

I shall be voting Corbyn.

formertory said...

I suspect Corbyn, as Leader of the Opposition, may give Shiny Dave more trouble than he's expecting. I have no doubt that at the Despatch Box Shiny Dave will on regular and frequent occasions roll Corbyn into a snotty little rag and slam-dunk him in the waste paper basket; but the danger is that compared with Cameron, Corbyn sounds so damned reasonable that the Client State-dependent and ignorant will cluster round the underdog in increasing numbers.

I think Corbyn is as mad as a hatter but would far rather spend an hour over a pie and a pint with him than with Shiny Dave. I used to feel the same about Wedgie Benn too; revolting hypocrite, but shades of a down-to-earth nice guy in there as well. I've never voted Labour in my life and little would entice me to do so.

FrankS said...

Add Mandelson and Alistair Cambell to the list.

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of the above comments.

Indeed, Corbyn should not be, never be, underestimated, his appearance belies a very dark core and his overt lack of empathy with a flint eyed dedication to all of the power mad micro management totalitarianism that the big brother state entails. All UK Marxists are glib liars and hate with a frenzy their fellow Britons who do not conform to their spavined vision. Leninist liars, dissimulation trips off the tongue of one, this left wing weasel in easy mellifluously honeyed tones and many will buy the threadbare and economically illiterate wares he vends.

I am filled with foreboding albeit tinged with the merest breath of relief, that, at long last the cloak of the legitimacy of the left has been cast aside. Now that, the social democrat bit will be severed from the host, cut out and left bleeding [couldn't resist that one]. Thus, the left finally will coalesce into what it actually is, a Communist party devoted to the gangbangers "where the state runs everything" and probably a dearth and lack of bog rolls, the ideology and doctrinaires of the SWP: as equals brothers and sisters of perpetual political, economic and moral deviancy.

I also think, that though some will vote for their [SWPs] Utopian idealism and agitate to be dressed up in a Marxist straitjacket. Aye, there are some pretty dull people out there and two generations of Anthony Crosland's education reforms hasn't helped that [sums, reading, maybe some cognitive processing] much either.

Though and only God knows! if Corbyn is elected and then by some godawful calamity he goes on to be somehow levered up to be PM, I shall open a book on how long it will take before the IMF is called to bail Britain out, providing there is still something a vestigial remnant - to BE bailed out.

Think it is black now? something evil this way comes looking like a Fifties ex beatnik and pipe smoking dog eared critical theorist - erm but that is what he always wanted to be and so he remains.

James Higham said...

This is all rather jolly, is it not? And Heath too, though they should do him for the EU first, upon exhumation.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but notice the wording.....'If the evidence from Chilcot' supports it.

Where is this Chilcot report of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

Corbyn is a socialist, antithectical to the nation (English, Scots, Welsh, Irish.. in fact any) and by extention nationhood. Going over what Corbyn has said his worldview is that humans are without exception all political actors. He, being a politician, would be in charge and you shall therfore except whatever he confers as your utility in this life. Only a socialist could come up with the term 'year zero' - and if you've ever wondered why so many of them support Islamism look at how both draw lines, and say: "nothing good happened before this..".

If ever fully realised a socialist world would be a world without one scrap of diversity: the global society, peopled by a coffee-coloured mass of indeterminate origin. The corporatists and globalists will love it, which is why they support it:

“We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered.” — Rupert Murdoch 24 Feb, 2009


Cuffleyburgers said...

Steve - what the fuck is wrong with being coffee coloured? There's plenty wrong with being a socialist of course.

Bill Quango MP said...

Just think... the UK came close to joining the Euro. And even closer to having Tony Blair as President of the European Union.

Gordon Brown instrumental in preventing both.
The UK was saved by one jealous, inadequate, man's, loathing and spite.

John M said...

I expect that the desperate, bovine Andy Burnham will also announce his support for this in two days' time once his pollsters have looked at the numbers

Cuffleyburgers said...

Steve - for the record I am coffee coloured. I have blue eys and my parents too.

I live in Italy and hate to see the pasty white burnt pink by the sun tourists who hail from beloved blighty. I myself in winter am more grey rather than coffee stained or more probably in my case whisky stained.

A wise man Whose opinion you may despise because of the colour his parents' skin said "judge not a man by the colour of his skin, rather by the contents of his heart".

I cleave extremely strongly to that and I suspect most libertarians also.

Some readers of this blog may not consider themselves libertarians and that's fair enough. In that case you want to control my life, so you are a fascist bastard.

No probs.

Anonymous said...

Cuffleyburgers said @ 16:28

'Steve - what the fuck is wrong with being coffee coloured?'

Nothing. My point was that given the prevailing political ideology/business plan that insists on churning the human race for its own good, you'll eventually end up with an intolerable sameness that belies nature. All of a like is not a good place to travel to.


Anonymous said...

Cuffleyburgers said @ 19:37

'In that case you want to control my life, so you are a fascist bastard.'

I'm a ethno-nationalist and therefore apolitical, which means I have no interest in fascism, or any other political school of thought.


Span Ows said...

Hoon is a disgraced cheat and putative thief who was humiliated by a TV setup and Straw has reinvented himself...

Straw was caught in a 'sting' too...recently.