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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Italy should take 1.9m more migrants - how many Guardian readers are there?

The following figures are from Eurostat - all for 2014. They show the %age of the 2014 population that was born abroad - no split between EU and non-EU countries. Apart from the outliers with statistically non-significant figures (and I remember Viviane Reding at the Royal Intitution trying to tell me how Luxembourgers maintained a strong national identity - it must only be by ignoring four in ten neighbours) of all the big players only Italy is not playing her part in making a new home for foreign-born peoples; to bring her to the 12% benchmark of UK, Germany, France and Spain she needs to settle another 1,912,400 non-Italian born migrants. Oh, and the Danes shouldn't be all holier-than-thou either; when there are another 110,000 Iraqis in Copenhagen they can sit at the same table.

No let me see. If there are say half a million Guardian readers eager to leave the UK in disgust, they only need to open to share their Tuscan villas with 1.4m Somalians and Eritreans to get the job done. 


Liechtenstein 23,424 37,369 63%
Luxembourg 237,848 562,958 42%
Switzerland 2,183,206 8,236,573 27%
Cyprus 191,587 847,008 23%
Estonia 265,363 1,313,271 20%
Austria 1,410,894 8,584,926 16%
Ireland 741,260 4,625,885 16%
Belgium 1,773,148 11,258,434 16%
Sweden 1,532,563 9,747,355 16%
Latvia 271,126 1,986,096 14%
Norway 704,440 5,165,802 14%
Croatia 568,678 4,225,316 13%
Spain 5,958,308 46,439,864 13%
United Kingdom 8,035,554 64,767,115 12%
Germany 9,817,994 81,174,000 12%
Greece 1,265,165 10,812,467 12%
Netherlands 1,953,436 16,900,726 12%
France 7,661,658 66,352,469 12%
Slovenia 235,310 2,062,874 11%
Iceland 37,116 329,100 11%
Denmark 569,596 5,659,715 10%
Italy 5,737,213 60,795,612 9%
Malta 40,157 429,344 9%
Portugal 859,065 10,374,822 8%
Finland 297,812 5,471,753 5%
Lithuania 137,417 2,921,262 5%
Hungary 447,029 9,849,000 5%
Czech Republic 396,156 10,538,275 4%
Slovakia 174,908 5,421,349 3%
Poland 620,308 38,005,614 2%
Bulgaria 109,239 7,202,198 2%
Romania 211,210 19,861,408 1%
Source: Eurostat tables tps00001 & tps00178 


Anonymous said...

Why can't countries in the EU stick to their own rules?? Asylum isn't some Grauniad notion; it actually has a rule book. The principal rules are simple. Rule 1. Countries that receive asylum seekers (aren't all migrants claiming to be asylum seekers??) must process the applications in that country. Rule 2. Asylum seekers must seek asylum in the first country in which they land - i.e. Italy or Greece or wherever their boat lands. This is not a feckin' pick & mix sweet shop! Oh, and I don't notice the BBC stating any knowledge of these rules on the various programs they transmit.


Fantana said...

More interesting figures would be not how many are 'born abroad' but how many are from non EC countries. A Belgian living in France will share almost all of the culture/history etc of the host country and is unlikely to be much of a problem. Many Scandinavians are from the country next door. He is usually disinclined to marry his educated daughter off to a peasant from his home village, blow up tube trains, lop off his daughter's genitals or wish society to be based on a religion which rejects post Enlightenment values etc etc.

Nigel Sedgwick said...

This 'born abroad' business strikes me as essentially a dodgy statistic.

A great many people are born abroad, and are of their national parentage and grandparentage for generations beyond count.

Several countries, especially those with global linkage of their economies, have citizens who live and work abroad for years, have children born abroad, and then all return to their native country.

Somehow, I think of those children of (for example) UK nationals but born outside the UK as themselves UK nationals (as indeed they mostly are). This is different from the way I think of those born in the UK of parents (and generations beyond count) who are/were nationals of foreign countries, especially if these children were born only a very modest number of years after their parents arrived in the UK - and/or their parents make little or no effort to integrate.

Where does this leave all the (immigration) statistics?

Best regards

G. Tingey said...

One small quibble
ALL religions reject post-enlightenment values, unfortunately ... when you get right down to it, at any rate.
That's the problem, that's why I'm an atheist.
[ Usual disclaimer - communism is a religion, remember? ]

hatfield girl said...

Anon @ 7.53

Italians fish them out of the water, land them, take them to reception centres where they:
refuse to give their names, nationalities, identifying characteristics (fingerprints etc.)

discover they are "entitled" to no goodies whatsoever (even if they have children born in Italy their children have no claim to Italian citizenship and cannot confer any "rights" via kinship).

Their skills are inadequate by any Italian measure in almost any field (even literally in the fields except for harvesting, temporary work in the cash-cropping South)

Italy has no use for them at all. Nor any wish to retain them, or right to detain them. What are we supposed to do? Of course they move on until they find either work or welfare.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, Communism is not a religion, it is a totalitarian political system. It copied, in the USSR for example, a few of the organisational aspects of the Christian religion, but was militantly atheist.

Your oft repeated view that religion is bad therefore anything bad is religion, is a circular argument, and thus has no merit.

Anonymous said...

Communism is not the only atheist religion: Buddhism is atheist too.

Don Cox