Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Labour leadership - how they voted for Blair's War

Just a quick post this morning, with news that Corbyn's lead has stretched to a seemingly certain level. Could this election finally be payback by all the Labour sympathisers for their party's support for Blair's War in 2003? The two votes on 18th March for ever after divided the party and its supporters into 'fors' and 'againsts' - here's how the candidates (or rather those who were MPs at the time) voted:-

Jeremy Corbyn AGAINST Blair's War
Liz Kendall N/A
Yvette Cooper FOR Blair's War
Andy Burnham FOR Blair's War
Deputy Leadership
Stella Creasy N/A
Angela Eagle FOR Blair's War
Caroline Flint FOR Blair's War
Ben Bradshaw FOR Blair's War
Tom Watson FOR Blair's War


DeeDee99 said...

Lots of noises on the anti-Corbyn side calling for the leadership election to be postponed. And Alistair Campbell - he of the sexed-up dossier and Blair's partner in crime over Iraq - says vote for anyone but Corbyn.

They're getting desperate .....

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the election is cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Like most of her party, Liz Kendall voted for the catastrophic attack on Libya.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I don't much care what happens to the Labour Party, but can they just decide not to hold the election, because the wrong person looks like winning?

Do they not have rules and a constitution?

Who do they think they are, the EU or something?

Stephen said...

Given that Kendall was working under Patricia 'cash for influence' Hewitt from 2001-07 I think we can hazard as guess as to how she might have voted were she an MP at the time. Apparently Corbyn voted against the whip 87 times between 2001-03. Amazing he's still in the party, really.

Anonymous said...

This is becoming as amusing as Dimbleby's face when the exit polls predicted a clear Tory majority.


G. Tingey said...

Well, my local MP is Ms Creasey.
She lives within 60 metres of my house, & is a very pleasant young lady (I've spoken to her several times) - I also know her mother (!) - as the latter is a fellow allotment-holder.
Once, I mentioned "the War Criminal, Blair" in conversation & she twitched violently, but kept her control.
She does have the virtue of being an exceptionally good local constituency MP - as recorded in her large majority, which is undoubtedly for her, not her party.

Corbyn may be mad, but, unlike the others ( in the "Leader" slot, that is ) he's honest - WYSIWYG, or something.

Raedwald said...

She'll get my vote for the Deputy Leadership, Greg. And I'll have Kendall as my second preference for the Leader, just to block the other two.