Thursday, 6 August 2015

RIP The scourge of Labour's Gulag apologists

Stalin's starvation of the Ukraine in 1932/1933 killed somewhere between six and eight million people; the facts were known at the time, published in the Times from an unimpeachable corespondent who had witnessed Stalin's holocaust at first hand. Yet so blinded to the evil of communism was Labour's iconic hero Nye Bevan that he continued to push for British trade deals with Stalin's empire. 

You'd think any decent politician would have condemned Russia to the rafters from the floor of the house - but not Bevan. Hansard from 1933 reports a debate on measures to restrict trade with Russia following an incident in which two British engineers had been arrested by Stalin's OGPU; the many Russians who had met them were all summarily shot. Bevan replied;
I believe that the main architect of the troubles which will come in the future will be the Foreign Secretary and his chauvinistic and jingoistic followers in the House of Commons who for years have sought an opportunity of declaring war against the one nation, which, despite all the difficulties, is still showing that it is possible to have a world order in which people can live with more security than we have here. The dictatorship which has existed would have been relaxed had it not been for opposition from without. When you have a classless society you can abolish dictatorships, because it will not then be necessary to rest privilege upon the shoulders of an oppressed people.
The 'one nation, which, despite all the difficulties, is still showing that it is possible to have a world order in which people can live with more security than we have here' was of course Stalin's Russia.

And it wasn't only the Labour idiots of the 30s that supported totalitarian and fascistic social control; from Bernard Shaw with his wishes for a 'humane gas' to kill the poor and mentally afflicted in a chilling foretaste of Hitler's T4 euthanasia programme, to Virginia Wolff, heroine of a new BBC series, who, after passing a line of the profoundly mentally ill, wrote "Imbeciles - every one of them a miserable, ineffective, shuffling, idiotic creature. It was perfectly horrible. They should certainly be killed."

And those other heroes of the left, the 'historian' Eric Hobsbawm and his chum Ralph Milliband, also tried to deny Stalin's horrendous crimes. 

The man who laid them all bare was Robert Conquest. Obits in the Times and Telegraph, but a good piece in the Mail HERE. RIP. 


oldrightie said...

The luvvie lefties possess in spades and are the epitome of the Biblical reference, "O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not."

Kids Company might well prove that yet again.

As for Russia, it's a stabilising influence against the West's corporate dominance, today. A dominance killing close to as many as Stalin ever did. Just in more subtle, profitable ways. Including provoking illegal wars to swell arms manufactures'profits.

I mourn the loss of conservatism and its big C counterpart. The world is far worse off without it.

Anonymous said...

Good piece Raedwald. Telling it like it is the best way to deal with socialists and the hard of learning - though to be honest with most of them its like talking to a barking dog.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"When you have a classless society you can abolish dictatorships"

Ah yes, the state will wither away once the socialist paradise is attained.

How did that work out, again?

G. Tingey said...

Meanwhile, Anthony Beevor's books are being withdrawn from the shelves in Putin's Russia.

Budgie said...

In the 1970s it just wasn't fashionable to accept Robert Conquest's views (or those of Solzhenitsyn either). The BBC treated the USA and USSR as equals, despite the evidence, and used Guardian journalists as much then as now.

The unions were infiltrated by assorted Marxists, Leninists, Maoists, Trotskyists and so on, and were the second power in the land. It felt like we were moving inexorably into the Soviet Socialist orbit.

Careering to this hellish destination was halted, thankfully, by the election of Mrs Thatcher's government. She simply refused to have the unions round to No.10 for beer and sandwiches. It was unheard of. And of course with the help of Ronald Reagan helped to expose the USSR for what it was, leading to its visible downfall from 1989.

Conquest, Solzhenitsyn, Thatcher, Reagan, imperfect human beings but heroes all.

G. Tingey said...

If you lived in a Central American state, the USA was indistinguishable from the USSR ( if you were living in, say Poland ..... )
However, the USA ONLY did it in that area, or only openly there, at least, whereas the USSR did it everywhere .....

Err. the USSR was spent into the ground & neither Thatcher nor Rocket Ronnie had much to do with it.
The whole "system" collapsed under its own weight, I'm glad to say.

P.S Before you go off bang, I've worked with an escapee from the Gulag - who had also been in ein Konzentratzionslaager in his youth - according to him, there really wan't much to choose between them.