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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sacrificing one's colleagues for the sake of the party

The Labour leadership election is the gift that continues to give; the weekend saw the Corbyn alternatives calling on each-other to quit for the sake of the party, demonstrating once again that true socialism means sacrificing anyone for the sake of the party except oneself. The masks have slipped, revealing Burnham to be a dull and unimaginative placeman, Cooper a bitch with a face like a sack of rivets and Kendall a calculating opportunist. Only Saint Jeremy rises above the petty squabbling with an air of serene innocence. 

The old Mentalist emerged to plead with the party to preserve his legacy of economic incompetence, political inadequacy and bigotry by voting for the incompetent, the spiteful and the inadequate; the dour old son of the manse urged the party to eschew populism in favour of dull, uninspired pseudo-worthiness as exciting as a Sunday in Llandrindod-Wells in 1933. Having bottled the only election he even stood a faint chance of winning, no doubt the party gave the old Mentalist's counsel due regard. 

And on the radio today the historic Welsh windbag demonstrated that age and senility had not robbed him of the ability to talk for eight minutes and say precisely nothing. It is actually almost impossible to recall a single word he said, let alone ascribe some meaning to it all. If the bloke was ever hauled in front of an expenses-nabbing tribunal he'd walk free; the most rigorous cross examination could not elicit a scruple of meaning from his blather.  

And we've still got three weeks to go ...

(Apols for the lateness of this post - the interweb died overnight and a rather useful little chap in India had to rouse a BT engineer from his pit at 5.15 this morning to attend to our local junction box)


G. Tingey said...

And yet, it is also a disaster.
A government without any effective opposition is a very dangerous thing, no matter what it's supposed merits.
The loonies & extremists & one-issue factionalists, who exist in all political parties thus get their opportunity to take over (at least in part)

I will let you compile your own lists of unopposed things callmeDave's lot could easily do & dump us all in the shit as a result - I'm sure you have them .....

DeeDee99 said...

On the assumption that Corbyn is going to win, I am quite looking forward to the reaction of the Party Grandees to the knowledge that the serfs and peasants ignored their pearls of wisdom.

John miller said...

What I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is that the whole farce is quitissentially Socialist.

In order to be seen to be inclusive, an ancient Marxist is put forward. When he starts to become popular, everyone panics. "Shit!" They cry, "I didn't want him to become leader, it was merely an empty grand gesture to show my impeccable Socialist credentials!"

Burn ham says anything anyone wants to hear. The Titfield three collectively trot out banal, wooly aspirations, saying that they would make everything nice for everyone. The Trot trots out economic insanity, supported by power hungry hangers on, merrily telling him that, yes, you can create money out of thin air and yes, giving a bunch of dodgy builders your pension fund will ensure that Utopa is just round the corner.

Then they politely ask each other to fuck off and die.

The final stage will have the maudlin 3 claiming magical powers and the dark powers revealing that Corbyn is crack cocaine addict and head of a paedophiles ring of which Sir Jim was Club Secretary.

Dave_G said...

Don't under estimate the stupidity of the electorate. After all they allowed the Tories to win.

oldrightie said...

Nope, the electorae allowed Labour to lose. Hardly stupid.

Billy Marlene said...

I think Burnham is playing the long game. Having realised he has shot a rather limp bolt and not wishing to be consigned to the back benches in a threesome with Muntcake and Slavette he will claim to be the right hand of Corbyn until all the fuss is over then, in mid 2018, will engineer another leadership contest pitching himself as the one who can get the party back into power. All he has to worry about then is the likes of Kinnock jnr and the inevitable band of Eurocronies screaming for the blood of Old Labour.

Cascadian said...

I am looking forward to a Corbyn win and mass confusion in liebour, the conmen will get so comfortable that they will further ignore their base, making it safe for the base conservative voters to defect to UKIP en mass knowing liebour is not a threat.

Result, two major parties destroyed in one election.

You have had seventy years of decline another decade won't make a difference. Just hope I live to see it.

Anonymous said...

In the fraternal spirit of perpetual comradeship brother Corbyn will continue to shit and from a great height on all the rump of the ZaNulav Cultural Marxists.
Verily, for we all know that, Blair couldn't make up his mind - mouth or craphole, plus his mucker Prudence MacMental was a haggis munching loony, no matter for they spoke unto the proles.............
Alack but they gave Jezza their gold seal of approval as only they can, doublespeak means a lot to the Islington champagne Socialist tossers.

The lavs forge on, piling up the pallets of their own funeral, it's going to be a great burn...more help needed? Now then, where can we hire that petrol tanker?

Anonymous said...

I always thought Corbyn minor to be an affable sort of chap, even from the days when he sported a hippy hair-do... and went on "marches" (ooh they love a good march do lefties!).

I do not have any time for socialism, but I always thought he had a heart, and hopefully his EU position will strengthen the hand of the naysayers.

But even better, is Corbyn major (Piers), who is fiercely anti-global warming/climate change crapani (not a "denier") and is also a damn good weather forecaster into the bargain.

These are people, whether one likes their politics or their views or not, are actually credible, because it is apparent that they are sincere, even if they are sometimes wrong.

As for the other lot, I really hope that they are finally done for, and then hopefully like the dominoes in "V", the same will happen to "twoterms" and his like in the Tory party.

Budgie said...

DeeDee99 said: "On the assumption that Corbyn is going to win, I am quite looking forward to the reaction of the Party Grandees to the knowledge that the serfs and peasants ignored their pearls of wisdom."

I expect they (the grandees) will just jump on the bandwagon. Don't you?

Budgie said...

Corbyn is featured in a series of Daily Mail articles about his contacts with Holocaust deniers, anti-Israel fanatics and semi-terrorists. Now given the Mail's usual hyperbole and inaccuracy there must be some doubt. But since there are photographs of Corbyn with these nasty people, and there has been more than one piece, Corbyn has some serious questions to answer.

Corbyn was not the PM or the Queen so did not have to associate with such people for reasons of state. He has of course given the usual politicians answers (he was "unaware" etc) but that only reinforces that he isn't a joke, nor is he a gift to the Tories, nor is he "plain speaking", nor does he have a "heart". He seems to be very much in the mould of the extreme socialists of the past. If he becomes PM (which I think he will because CMD and Boy George are so useless) he will seal the fate of our country.