Monday, 7 September 2015

Burnham calls for 100,000 Syrian migrants

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Not to be left behind in furious campaigning to see who is beaten least by Jeremy Corbyn in the last days of the race, Andy Burnham was quick this morning to trump Yvette Cooper. Cooper has increased her former bid for 10,000 migrants to 50,000 - and not to be left behind, Andy Burnham called this lunchtime to increase this to 100,000. Liz Kendall has yet to bid, but is expected to call for a quarter of a million Syrians when she speaks to the press later today.

The only leadership contender not to call for large numbers is, erm, Corbyn. He is also the only candidate standing who voted against Blair's War in 2003 - the event that started the instability in Iraq that has led to the present crisis. Burnham and Cooper voted enthusiastically in favour.


Anonymous said...

Syrian poker...

A great game for all ages.

Two or more players.

£several billion from MB Games.

mikebravo said...

I expect that Mrs Cooper/Balls will be putting a couple of families up in the expenses paid spare houses that she owns. Or not!

Ed P said...

These disgusting politicians are showing their true colours - holding no real views or values, just trying to out-smarm each other for votes. Only Corbyn has integrity it seems.

Dr Evil said...

And so Burnham proves to everyone that he is indeed a complete TWAT!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone, at all, require proof?

Thunderbirds are missing a puppet, Eric Honecker a secretary, Hampstead Heath Barbie house a doll....... and the politburo are missing their Guy Burgess wannabe - Corbynovski.

Burnham - Staffordshire trust Burnham, he knew what was going on and cocked a deaf un, that's how much he thinks of the proles.

Labour-SWP: all of 'em those duplicitous Socialist bastards hate the British people.

G. Tingey said...

Dr Evil
No, actually - they are mad, not bad.
But still "dangerous to know" I'm afraid