Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Corbyn, Watson use food bank

Jez Corbyn (lower VIth) and Tom 'podge' Watson were caught yesterday using a local food bank. They have been pictured accepting bags of essential Islington staples (polenta, foccacia, ham, oloves, little bottles of wine) from the food charity TrusstafarianTrust, which sources much of its supplies from Waitrose and donations from Notting Hill, Highgate and Hampstead.  

One Islington housewife described the local food banks as 'brill', saying "They're brill, yah? It's a sustainable recycling of near-end-of life - i.e. fresh - food to people who appreciate fine dining". At school picking-up time, the road outside the food bank is jammed with top-end vehicles as mums stop-by to stock up. 

Corbyn is said to belong to a wealthy group of Monarchy-deniers amongst the school's prefects. 


Mike Spilligan said...

Surely, Watson is "the Owl of the Remove"?

Brightside Bob said...

Slightly o/t:

It's a pity Corbyn isn't a confirmed EUsceptic.
Even I would cheer him at PMQs if Cameron chided him over not singing the National Anthem and Corbyns response was: "I'm not the one willingly surrendering the sovereignty of Her Majesty's Country to a foreign power."