Tuesday, 15 September 2015

EU backtracks on migrants - UK counsel prevails

There is one body even more inept at foreign policy than our own government, and that is the EU. Germany will not be able to escape from Merkel's insane open-door declaration for many years, but yesterday the remainder of the EU, led by the eastern bloc, began to inject some common sense into the madness. 

Juncker's risible 'big idea' of quotas dismissed as unworkable; allocation would only apply to the initial, settlement phase, after which, as EU citizens, migrants can move to wherever they want - including the UK. Perverse incentive that ecourages migrants to enter the EU illegally rather than remaining in their own countries

The valid UK point, that refugees should be taken from the camps in Palestine and Jordan, is now prevailing over Merkel's idiot notion of merely opening Europe's borders to people smugglers.

Dark Syrians
Like Spartacus, everyone is Syrian - even coal-black negroes from the Sudan. Migrants throw away their papers (unless they are Syrian passports) to make it extremely difficult to weed economic migrants from refugees. The point is finally sinking in with the EU's unelected officials, who must imagine that all the dark faces washing dishes in their favourite Brussels restaurants are 'Syrian'. 

Detention camps
Forcibly holding economic migrants in wire-fenced camps is better than allowing them to wander through Europe leaving a trail of shit, litter and petty thefts behind them. Merkel not saying anything stupid that encourages them to come in the first place is even better, but now that she's opened her dumb mouth the EU needs concentration camps to deal with the result. Well done, Angela.  

'Dark Syrians' head for Europe


Anonymous said...

I'd also note that the refugee resettlement scheme run by Barnabas (currently resettling Christian refugees from Lebanon to Poland) seems amazing value at £2000 per head. It's maybe 10%-20% of the cost of resettling them in high income countries.

At that sort of cost, the money that has been coming from governments and NGOs to support refugees would be enough to resettle them all.

Cuffleyburgers said...

It has been obvous for months that a holding camp, or a series thereof where these people are placed pending the outcome of their asylum application is the only fair and practical solution.

If their application is successful, fine; if not then they can (and must) easily be deported. Those without papers can be held until they get fed up after which they can choose to go home or to stay there. Simples.

I am sure I am not alone in noting that in all the photos and video we have seen of this human catastrophe, apart from the river of humanity is a sea of rubbish and crap - they are hardly making a convincing case that they will be an adornment to their new home...

DeeDee99 said...

The default assumption should be that any "refugee" travelling without a family (wife, children, elderly parents) is an economic migrant and they should be fast-tracked back to where they came from.

Around 85% of the "refugees" are young, unaccompanied men. They are not fleeing violence and war: they are seeking economic opportunities and, as we have already seen, are likely to turn violent themselves when they don't get what they want.

They have to be controlled and returned. We cannot - must not - allow a generation of angry young (and often violent) men to settle in Europe.

Merkel's "come one, come all" was the most demented policy the EU has ever instigated, surpassing even the Euro-calamity.

Anonymous said...

[...] Merkel's "come one, come all" was the most demented policy the EU has ever instigated, surpassing even the Euro-calamity. /quote

Couldn't agree more.

Merkel, that communist agitprop capo, hero of the people is an out of control foam flecked social engineer and very dangerous woman. Just when are, the German people going to give her the order of the boot?

Though, it seems to me, that, the sausage eaters have gone from one extreme to the other and collectively speaking - at it's heart....isn't that always the German problem?

Dan said...

OK, here's an idea for you: these economic migrants want jobs, and are mostly young, fit males without much in the way of skills. We don't really want them in Europe, and their labour isn't needed either as we have a small surfeit of unskilled numpties here already.

So, why don't we sort them out with proper jobs?

Syria, Iraq and so on are in the grip of an insurgency. To put this down, we need boots on the ground, preferably people we don't really care about. So why don't we simple offer failed asylum seekers a straight choice: deportation or conscription?

Those we conscript get basic army training and equipment, and are sent out as a peacekeeping force to the rebel areas of Syria (a suitable show of force having been made in Assad's direction to remind him to keep his nose out of the matter). We would need to send some of our own troops with these conscripts, to lead and discipline them; we would also need not to be squeamish about enforcing discipline up to and including executions of deserters and traitors.

Doing this gives us a large and expendable force which can be used to get rid of ISIL. It also sends out a very clear message to the migrating Africans that going to Europe is a very bad idea, since doing so gets you put into a low-paid army for a standard thirty year stretch.

With a bit of luck they'll go off in Russia's direction instead, and get to join the Russian Army instead.

Tony (Somerset) said...

One of the many things that puzzle me about all this is, given that migrants walk hundreds of miles and communicate with each other by social media; - How do they manage to keep their phones charged ?

Anonymous said...

As my late father in law, who served with the British army in Nigeria, would say, those black faces are from Nigger-area. Totally non-PC, but he's passed on and didn't catch up with modern levels of offence-taking.

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "... wander through Europe leaving a trail of shit, litter and petty thefts behind them ...".

I can corroborate this. Recently abroad, a close relative had his (British registered) vehicle surrounded by Friday people (on their way from Germany back to Turkey). In the morning it was apparent that his vehicle had been pissed on during the night and was surrounded by shit and litter. The perpetrators own Mercedes and BMWs were pristine.

It is a sad thought, and I do not want to type-cast any human being, but this all appears to be an invasion by barbarians who hate us (Europeans) and our civilisation.

Mr Ecks said...

These camps that "our" 20 thou--courtesy of Dickless Blueballs--are coming from are exclusively muslim. Because any Syrian christian trying to seek entry there would likely be murdered by the islamics.

We should not take so much as one of them. Help and money can be sent to them where they are.