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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Even Germany needs to lock the gates

Germany's unconditional offer to house Syrian refugees is a bold and humanitarian move. Syrians, however, are in the minority of those striving to reach Germany; 44% are from the Balkans, and another substantial cohort are from Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. If the tsunami of migrants were just Syrians, things would be much easier. And even for Germany, the numbers don't work. 

Turning Germany into a nation of immigration such as the UK has become faces Merkel with judging what the limit is without Germans feeling so alienated and deprived of their identity that they install a far-right government to forcibly remove the migrants. Oh yes, be in no doubt that the powers know that there is a tipping point - and they must keep overall immigration within it to prevent losing control. So Merkel will have a figure - probably somewhere north of a million - that is 'safe' enough for Germans to accept, albeit with some grumbling and some fringe protests. 

Der Spiegel's soft left take on the crisis also recognises this 
The coexistence of hundreds of thousands of Arab and African Muslims -- in addition to the millions of Turks and people of Turkish origin already living here -- will test the limits of German tolerance. The country will again debate whether headscarves should be allowed in government workplaces, whether girls should be required to take co-educational swimming classes, whether minarets can be as high as church steeples and how loud the muezzins can conduct their calls to prayer. But this is a test that German society can, indeed must, endure.

If, fearing the wrath of voters, politicians duck uncomfortable truths, the hatred will spread and the public will lose faith in politics. Essentially, what Germany is confronted with is a double integration process: that of refugees who are coming to Germany and that of Germans who no longer feel they are a part of their own country. The only way societal cohesion in this new Germany can be guaranteed is if both of these groups are carried along as the country moves forward.
And of course Farage is right. The migrant wave is of biblical proportions and the numbers of potential migrants are far in excess of the number that not only Germany but anywhere else in Europe can accommodate without violent power change and forced deporatations. So Germany, too, must find a way of closing the gate once the million or so have arrived. This is inevitable if stability is to be preserved. So take Merkel's public words with a pinch of salt - she knows a limit must be enforced at some time shortly in the future, and certainly within a year.

I know Keleti pályaudvar, which with Nyugati pályaudvar is one of the two still attractive 19th century rail terminals in Budapest. Neither has yet been 'modernised' with EU money, and round the back of both are still shell and bullet scars in the masonry from the Red Army's fight to capture the city early in 1945. Round the side of the station is a structure more symbolic of the new globalism - a vast glass and steel shopping mall. Arena Plaza, complete with Zara, Subway, H&M and all the rest of the Euro trash - including a substantial Tesco. I'm just waiting to spot the first press photo featuring a Sudanese economic migrant in Budapest clutching a Tesco carrier bag ...


Anonymous said...

I don't find it amusing in the slightest.

Viewing newspapers and TV cub reporters, filming the barefaced looks and the air of entitlement, which witnesses these migrants loudly demanding to be transited and then settled, rehoused [indeed!] in Germany [and elsewhere].
It is, rather vexing, it leads one to muse and wonder and as has happened in the camps around Calais, are our UK smugglers, UAF/Left wing charidees working among this human tide and informing them of their 'rights' read ENTITLEMENTS?

Furthermore, this 1951 convention on human rights and it's addenda, ie the Dublin accord - who the fuck signed these into law, are we in some way indemnified and if so, how? Therefore, isn't it way past time to revisit these grand promises because they are just that, too beneficently grand and written for times past and when the world was a much different place?

Meanwhile, what with mass immigration, and as we forlornly attend, waiting for those noble and enlightened leaders of 'le grand projet' to 'get it' over there.

Over here, our own inundation goes on apace, put at upwards of nigh on 700,000 who came in most recently. As the soft heads of the left, along with that insouciant air only those on the left can exhibit [it's not our fucking money hoorah!] discuss letting in "a few more - 10 per each 'UK' read ENGLISH council" and with the subtext "it's OK we'll make YOU the taxpayer liable"......... did someone call it democracy?

And "our", therein meaning forcing the UK taxpayers to cough up at €35,000 per capita for asylum entrants - EU prices you understand. Damn it, the left telling us of our supposed responsibilities towards this mass movement of peoples from the Levant, already aren't we doing enough?
Is it too hard for them, to comprehend that, we are getting fed up to the back teeth of being reminded of "our" so called responsibilities, which are imposed on us by diktat by the fuqwits inhabiting our proxy Parliament acting on behest of the Brussels mafia?

Who dropped the original bollock, was it Tony in Iraq or, Dave in Libya and as with the US did post capitulation in Vietnam, can't we call and draw down an end to it?

When is, someone going to say "stop" and inject an air of reality into this never ending open door policy?
Moreover, does no one, ever think on, to the inevitable end result and to draw the conclusion, that if, we succumb to letting every Abdul, Jisyra, Taqquiya, Ummah, Nasir and Raheem and dhimmitude into the UK and thence after they've turned this country [and western Europe] into a third world Moslem fly blown hole, economic basket case a given - where the fuck do they all go to next?

Finally, what about the [idiots] those poor bloody UK indigenous islanders - who generously gave them [immigrants] shelter and a helping the first place?

Or, don't they count?

What do you think?

G. Tingey said...

There is, actually a very simple answer to all of these problems.
Which is to render the poor refugees' home countries livable places.
Unfortunately, that would require joint military action & at least one unpleasant, but necessary choice.
So the UN, meaning NATO+Russia ... take over Libyia, Syria, parts of Iraq etc ....
Any person found fighting for Da'esh is given a choice of atheism or the firing squad.
The DIFFICULT bits are:
One: Bashar al-Assad is given a "Free Pass" out, on condition that he really does go away & shut up .... [ Yes, nasty, but a price worth paying for peace & the destruction of Da'esh
Two: The Turks are firmly told to lay off the PKK & a conference is called on the cobstruction of a state of Kurdistan.
Yes, also probably nasty, but - see above.

Meanwhile, nothing will be done.

English Pensioner said...

It is reported that there is now a market in forged Syrian passports in Turkey. Arab speakers from other countries buying them are doing so because the believe refugees from Syria fleeing the war are likely to be allowed to settle permanently in the EU.
There's always someone who can make a profit out of a crisis.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

G Tingey is right for once.

We must address the "push" factors - the failed States of the Middle East need to be able to accommodate their populations in a civilised manner - but answers on a postcard as to how that can be done: every attempt on the West's part to solve anything in that region just makes things worse.

We must also address the "pull" factors - ie the perception of free everything for everybody, no questions asked, if only they can get to Britain somehow, anyhow. Once the word gets around that actually UK is rather a difficult place to get freebies from, and the officials are awkward, and the forms are a nightmare (and can only be completed in English, no assistance provided), and the benefits when obtained are meagre and time-limited... well, things might look at bit different.

Meanwhile to those numpties who say we should take 10 migrant families in each town, I would answer "and what about next week's influx?".

Budgie said...

After WW2 the leftwing cynical atheist propagandists remained in power (in Labour) and set about de-constructing the UK, particularly England. First they equated patriotism to nationalism then nationalism to Nazis. Still today any half-educated man who displays the England or UK flag is considered beneath contempt.

Then they sneered at the Church of England: first it was too old fashioned to bother with; then Jesus was not Christ but a militant communist revolutionary; and all the while the work of "modern" philosophers, who split rationalism from belief, were promoted. Atheism was made King because it is easier to sway people who have no anchor, into the latest fad or propaganda.

Next the glue of the family was attacked on every front: taxation, "equality", medically (the pill), morally (because "good" simply means what our political masters say it is at the moment, see atheism above). Homosexuality, we are instructed, is equally valid to heterosexuality, despite the fact that a purely homosexual society can only die out.

Finally, so far at least, our masters have deemed it appropriate that our noses should be rubbed in "diversity", in order to destroy the last vestiges of civil cohesion.

Our masters do not believe in us the people, indeed they seem to hate us, and would elect another if it were possible. Yet they don't even seem to believe in themselves either. We are a nation that is racing to the abyss of not wanting to exist any more, although we won't admit it. So, if we keep this up, we won't. Unless, of course, we believe that doing the same things will result in a different outcome next time.

Cuffleyburgers said...

I very much doubt the average fritz is terribly pleased they will be welcoming 800000 new migrants.

Even the Turks who despite being there for decades have not integrated well so far as I am aware.

For the first time in decades, the peoples of Europe are united on a single issue, and that is they want none of this biblical flood, and are furious with their political class who by their weasel words and evasions, and monstrous lies, are enabling it.

Hopefully in the medium or long term this will do great damage to the "Project". In the meanwhile it is causing irreparable damage to European countries, their people and indeed the refugees themselves who will end up being hated and resented for generations probably.

All in all a typical days work for the EU commission then.

visc said...

WY: I saw Yvette Cooper's call for each town to take 10 migrant families - I wouldnt worry too much about that we can implement that - as most of the migrants are single men of standard economic migrant age, they are not eligible for this most futile gesture of geture politics.

Cuffleyburgers said...

so 10 families this year, and then? 15 next year? and so on ad infinitum.

What we actually need is for the government to design and then implement a sensible policy of managed immigration and tell Juncker the Drunker to p.f.o.

Anonymous said...

...and wrt the 10 families nonsense, I thought that Douglas Carswell hit the nail on the head when he said that this was a sideshow when compared to the fact that the 800,000 resettled in Germany will then legitimately be able to come to the UK anyway.

Cascadian said...

The best solution by far, is offered by ZeroHedge

I cannot help but think that the camoron is getting off lightly, after his (and sarkozy) crazy destabilisation of Libya and Syria.

There is a price to be paid when europe destroys countries, time to reach for the wallet.