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Friday, 4 September 2015

How many Syrian refugees has Israel taken?

Um, absolutely none. They are turned away. 


English Pensioner said...

You might mention Saudi Arabia, the biggest and richest country in the region; then there are the other Gulf States, what about them? Have they taken any?
I don't know your source, but I understood that Israel had taken some Jews and Christians who were living safely in Syria under Assad's rule. They have also taken Jews from some African countries.

Anonymous said...

Hardly surprising since they [Israeli intelligence] have spent decades igniting wars between rival Arab factions. Russia's entry in the war against ISIS this week will hopefully clear the fog - and it may reveal exactly who is fighting who and for what.

Make no mistake, the US and UK are up to their necks in regime change antics. Totally illegal with horrible repercussions such as those seen at news-stands yesterday.


Raedwald said...

EP - the list is restricted to those states that immediately border Syria

cascadian said...

United nations data-political agenda at work. As English pensioner notes why restrict this to bordering countries?
I would be interested in how many refugees the phony palestinian state (much beloved by UN) has assisted as well as the arab states.
No matter, the mass population movements are causing tragedy, and I have much sympathy for any real refugee willing to work hard to improve his/her lot in a new country.
Let me propose a funding solution - since there is demonstrably zero global warming in the last 17 years, every country suspends climate change funding and transfers the funds to refugees. Let the luvvies argue against that.

Lee said...

How many Syrians are trying to get to Israel?

Dave_G said...

Who can blame Israel? They obviously recognise the threat the Syrians (Muslim contingent anyway) pose to their own society - pity our Government doesn't acknowledge the same.

However, Muslim states have no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Surely all those leaving Syria for Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon etc are genuine refugees. Once you leave the safe haven of a fellow Muslim country for the E.U. as the father of the poor dead child pictured on the front of the Independant this week, you are no longer a refugee but an economic migrant, and surely all those en masse to Germany, should be processed as such.

DeeDee99 said...

Israel probably considers that it has enough problems with Israel-hating Muslims. And it wouldn't be very easy to identify genuine Christians from the hordes.