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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How one sometimes yearns for Chinese injustice ...

Just the sound of that whining, entitled NHS official's voice on the radio was enough to send me to the Gin bottle a moment ago. Doesn't matter what the foul-up is, how many people have been killed with neglect, abandoned, mutilated, had their lives shortened or quality of life ruined, it's always the same bloody whining apologetic NHS voice ... tonight on the improper release of HIV records

Spokesgit: "Our concern is to improve the quality of service to the people we serve ..."

Radio reporter: "Have you found who was responsible?"

Spokesgit: "Lessons have been learned and we will be implementing changes to help prevent a re-occurence"

Radio reporter: "Will anyone be sacked?"

Spokesgit: "Our focus is on the care we provide to patients and clients and ensuring we achieve high standards; lessons have been learned ..."

Jeez, sometimes one years for the injustice of a Chinese court, a pistol round through the back of the head five minutes after the hearing and the cost of the round deducted from the whining spokesgit's pocket change.


John miller said...

You have to have been proven to be a serial killer before you stand a chance of even being put up for disciplinary action.

oldrightie said...

Not even, Mr Miller, if Mid-Staffs is an example.

mikebravo said...

No need to deduct the cost of the 9mm. I will gladly pay.