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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Human fallout from the Islamic Civil War

To politicians, leader writers and rent-a-gobs I would say just take a step back and look at the events of the past decade with some perspective. And please re-read your history of the 30 years war in Europe. Then it was broadly a fight between two Christian factions, Catholics and Protestants, but with alliances of convenience that saw Catholics fighting with Protestant forces and vice versa, nobility fighting with the armed bishops and every petty lord out to land-grab, rape, pillage and spoil. The long drawn-out fight, with scores of small gains and losses, changes of prominence, as fluid as mercury, petered out only when there were too few left alive to fight and too little food to preserve even the survivors. 

The centuries-old conflict between Shia and Sunni Moslems has broken out into factional war across the globe, wherever they are gathered. Yes, even in the UK - where Douglas Murray has noted attacks on Shia mosques by Sunni Islamists. Behind the fanatical and primitive Sunnis are the powerful oil states led by the corrupt and despotic hereditary tyranny of Saudi Arabia; leading the Shia are the zealots of Persia. One side throws queers from high buildings, the other hangs them from construction cranes. In terms of savagery and barbarism there's really not a lot to choose between them. The old Sykes-Picot nations of the middle east mostly contain mixes of Shia and Sunni with other tribal or ethnic allegiances; Kurds are Kurdish first, Moslem second. 

For anyone naive enough to think that the migrant problem will end if we just sort Syria out, forget it. The fighting will just spring up elsewhere and produce a new stream of migrants. Two things are needed to halt the tsunami of migrants at source; the prospect of prosperity at home (butter not guns) and a quiescence to the civil war. Until the civil war draws to a close, we will always be under pressure from migrants fleeing its effects. 

Nuking Mecca and Medina would probably be more effective in ending the flood of migrants than anything else - and if we're not prepared to do that, we need to shut the gates and let them fight it out. We haven't shed tears for the thousands of three and four year-olds slaughtered in Iraq since 2003 by car bombs, suicide bombers and gang-bangers; perhaps the press photos of their remains, generally a few small body parts and large smears of blood and viscera, didn't make it to the front page.  


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

And if we can't do any of that we can at least destroy Islam in the west by laughing it off the page - flying donkeys? - give us a break!

DeeDee99 said...

We are nurturing and importing the Muslim civil war into Europe. Decades of immigration into the UK and other European countries has proved beyond doubt that they do not want to integrate and will not integrate.

Instead they live in their tribal and religious enclaves and nurse their victim mentality and grievance culture.

I am sick of hearing and reading the propaganda about the tide of migrants flooding into Europe. They are NOT refugees: even the Syrians among them have crossed several safe countries in search of "a better life" in the EU. By rejecting sanctuary in safe, Muslim, Turkey (which is an associate member of the EU) they have proved that they are economic migrants.

John Dub said...

"I am sick of hearing and reading the propaganda about the tide of migrants flooding into Europe."

The BBC are wanking themselves into a fury with the virtue signalling and 24 hour coverage of dead babies on beaches.

As the great James Delingpole wrote - Dead Children are not an argument:

Anonymous said...

I can't really fault your direction of travel there R.
And not least because other than flooding the region with two, better three or four hundred thousand western [US+UK] troops.....'we' can have no influence nor effect but to let them [both mad mullahs and Wahhabists] get on with their little local difficulty, I just wish that, Iran v the House of Saud - they'd get on with it.

The problem for Europe is, war in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Sinai, Libya, Yemen..complicated by Islam's internecine war stretches from east and west from beyond the Hindu Kush, to the shores of the Atlantic and southwards and the detritus washes up on 'our' shores. Plus, as you say, we are beginning to see the first exchanges between brother Sunni and Shia - here, in Britain.

In days of Empire, Britain would fuel it [Sunni v Shia] abroad but dampen by using extreme prejudice all outbreaks here.....Yes, but times are so different now and what have we done to inculcate and propagandize - subject the children to those pernicious Cultural Marxist ideologies, so that they believe them so vehemently that, they hate everything Britain stands for.

What have we done?

I know why:

[quote]"Today’s liberal intellectuals, who pride
themselves on scientific method and being “broadminded”, are the most narrow-minded, self-righteous and hate-filled bigots in the history of humanity. No primitive tribe worshippingwith its witch-doctor was ever more vicious in its hatred and suppression of heretics thantoday’s Marxist intellectuals, anti-racists and liberals.” George Lincoln Rockwell. [/quote]

Our politicians decreed it, they rounded them up and sent our search parties" 'we' - actually "they", allowed mass immigration.
Then, the authorities allowed Cultural Marxism to dictate and decry - destroy any policy which would make these new arrivals - somehow be obedient to the British flag and to attend and accord with British law, ethics, sensibilities: our way of life. Marxist doctrinaires of academia fashioned this, teaching Unions facilitated and shaped British school children to hate their own people and nation - Seymour just an exemplar, more articulate [probably an Irish Republican] among many hundreds of thousands of useless idiots.

Tories and Labour are responsible, Red Ken[Livingston] is next to Blue Ken [Clarke] they ascribe to the same ideology but arrive in different taxis of the same company. Liberal bastards, have been and from a great height shitting on Britons since before Lenin lived in Liverpool. and because of them, we will all reap the imminent and pestilential whirlwind, an Apocalypse - its outriders, the wolves of the cult of death breeding among us and already: we are lost.

oldrightie said...

Sadly such blogs and comments are a rare find. The grip of the dictatorship of enforced guilt and faux bleeding hearts, holds sway. Both the BBC arses and as Ishmael calls them, "Skymadeupfilth" Sky "news" are beholden for riches and bribes from the EUSSR.

The picture of a drowned toddler, if genuine and not, as could easily be the case, a deliberate, staged photo op, the questions to be asked of the parents putting their child in harms way is ignored. Claims of such young children walking thousands of miles also goes unchallenged. The logistics of such a trek hugely dangerous.

hatfield girl said...

The simplification of the migrant reporting is hiding the diversity of the people who are migrating and their diverse objectives. Further, some migrants are much more acceptable than others.

The sub-Saharan Africans are the least likely to be accepted in the country they first land, and the most difficult to place in reception centres in Italy; they are also refused entry at various frontiers - French, Swiss, Austrian - and returned to Italy, where they have to be billeted by the Prefects on unwilling towns and cities.

Next most unwelcome are the 'Pakistanis' (as they are called by the Italian press) whose presence in Italy is, temporarily, increasing rapidly as they are passed through the Balkan states and Austria that should be keeping them; they want to get to Italy because here they get easier documentation and regularisation that enables their rapid transit to their large, settled communities in, particularly, the UK.

Then the Syrians who want Germany or bust because they have been told they can settle there by Merkel, so they are just passing through; though settlement in Germany confers settlement rights elsewhere in central Europe and the Hungarians, for instance, are very unhappy with this, which is why they are holding them up and trying to apply exclusionary rules. Once they are let through Hungary might well close its borders to the west as well as trying to in the east.

Finally there are the Albanians and former Yugoslavs still not in the EU. No-one minds those, they've been migrating in and out of the EU for decades.

Among the Italians there seem to be two attitudes: no-one can be left to drown if the Italians can help it as that would diminish their [the Italians] status; economic migrants have no reason to be here and are gaming Italian response to boats in peril on the Med. Which goes some way to explaining the sub-Saharan Africans' unsympathetic profile and the reluctance to help them further.

Brightside Bob said...

I don't believe the following is preposterous:

Suppose, at the outbreak of hostilities in 1939 (or as soon as the gravity of the situation became clear), a vast number of our healthy & fit young men swarmed onto ships bound for the USA (or another safe country) - claiming asylum?

Imagine the outrage - abandoning their wives, children, parents, grandparents and THEIR COUNTRY?

Anonymous said...

Brave post Raedwald, especially so with the climate of fear (Islam is the religion of peace and if you don't agree we'll make life difficult for you and your family) created and enforced by the political class and their change agents.

Guaranteed this'll end very badly as the volatile spillovers fuel more fires in Europe and yes, the British Isles. Predictable if you extrapolate from what has been happening into what can happen. We could be seeing the beginning of end of at least one civilization.


hatfield girl said...

F'rinstance, a Norwegian rescue boat has just, this Thursday morning, landed 781 migrants at the port of Cagliari. They were picked up off the Libyan coast.

Disembarked were:
595 men; 175 women; 11 minors; 6 cadavers.

400 of those transferred to the first aid reception areas are Nigerian citizens; 100 are Gambian citizens; there no citizens of any north African state. After they had been fed, clothed, medically checked and rested they have been embarked on a ferry to Genova. What the Genovese are going to do with 400 Nigerians and 100 Gambians is not recorded.

Cuffleyburgers said...

If they were picked up off the Libyan coast they shouldhave been dumped back there.

The policy of ferrying them all to Italy is quite literally stupid beyond belief.

Who can possibly think that is a good idea? And wtf are they doing in a position of responsibility?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What Culleyburgers said.

Weekend Yachtsman said...